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This is the article.

Joe Biden got in a spot of hot water last week over a heroic war story he has been telling on the campaign trail. An extensive Washington Post investigation found the following: “it appears as though the former vice president has jumbled elements of at least three actual events into one story of bravery, compassion and regret that never happened.” Biden denied doing anything wrong, telling the Post and Courier that “the central point is it was absolutely accurate what I said.”

But the facts of what happened in Afghanistan are in one important sense beside the point. They raise a question: Is Joe Biden mentally unsound? He certainly gives a strong impression of having lost a step or three over the years — and a narrative that his mind is in trouble has already taken shape. If Biden is nominated, his possibly-failing brain will be the Hillary Clinton emails story of 2016 all over again.

There are 2 videos that show Joe’s decline at the above link.

To be fair, this isn’t entirely an age thing. Biden has been notoriously gaffe-prone for his entire career. He is also notorious for making up dramatic stories, or exaggerating real ones, especially when they inflate his resume. When he ran for president in 1987 he repeatedly lied about marching for civil rights, even after his aides tried to get him to stop. He’s a guy who loves to talk, and doesn’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.

But as Hamilton Nolan details at Splinter after attending several Biden rallies, he’s also clearly losing some of his verbal fluency. It “is impossible not to notice that Joe is getting old. Any reporter who doesn’t note this is not telling you the whole truth about what they witness,” he writes. “Biden is not senile, or unable to function, but the signs of the slow creep of cognitive decline are too visible to ignore.” Even some attempts to do damage control — like reassurances from Biden’s brain surgeon who saved him from two aneurysms 31 years ago that he is in fine shape — are less than convincing.


Thanks WindDancer13. You’ve made it so clear how the MSM is desperate for a candidate that doesn’t ruffle their customer’s feathers or wallets. Short sighted and unsustainable……

I’d appreciate your view on this 2015 article written by two professors and published by The Nation:
“What Kind of Mayor Was Bernie Sanders”

You quoted talking head Skinner re: Warren:
“She actually is starting to draw moderates. She doesn’t feel like a Bernie (Sanders). She doesn’t feel like she’s out to blow things up,” Skinner said”

They are desperate to portray Sanders as someone out of touch with reality.
And to do that they lie and distort and misrepresent…..irresponsible….

Later in your piece there’s a bizarre comment by another talking head about Biden being most electable. They talked that way about Hillary Clinton too.
They have their heads where the sun don’t shine. IMO?

Based on this article Sanders is opposite how he’s portrayed. The truth is he’s a very talented chief executive who stays true to his values and works effectively to accomplish terrific things, standing up for vulnerable people while working with everyone to get stuff done that benefits everyone.
He’s pragmatic not ideological as the chief executive.

But as you point out they are hacks and propagandists not journalists.

I know and know of lifelong conservative Republicans who like and trust Bernie Sanders. They voted to defeat Clinton in 2016. One of them voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary not that he agreed with Bernie’s policies but because he trusted him to tell him the truth.

Thanks for your critique. I’d like hear ideas here on how important you think the article I linked to might be to help straighten out the national election narrative.
And if it might shine some light on who Senator Sanders really is, how we might be able to “spread the word” ?


thanks! nice critique.

warren is looking like a yuuuge problem. wonder if she will try to distance herself in the debate this time.


It appears as if Warren is already acting like Harris.


T and R, WD13!! Excellent thought-provoking read. 🙂