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Yikes! pb4, accidentally posted an OT before I saw yours. 🙄


Just deleted it successfully. I am learning my way around here cyber wise. T and R!! ☮️😊👍

Don midwest
Don midwest

your health

families health

global health from pandemic

are in the balance

CDC does another back flip and now requires masks

I have mentioned Ivermectin among a bunch of drugs for prevention, treatment and even treatment for long term covid

Tom Hartmann yesterday evening finally had a tweet mentionioned breakthrough Covid-19 and breakthrough cases can spread Covid. On his show he says that Delta is the culprit.

I sent a couple of tweets to him about FLCCC and the result is that I was blocked

Now that the sacred, GOD, economy is in the balance, school is about to open, and there is still no treatment and only preventative measure is vaccination, the one size fits all is breaking down and now masks are back. I am following the guidelines.

But, they could only give Emergency Waver for the vaccines because there was NO treatment already in hand. This is part of the suppression of the science and the experience of the front line doctors treating patients. Doctors must use a combination of therapies depending on the case and evidence is being suppressed.

I do not follow Joe Rogan. I have watched the Bernie interview, Mathew Walker on sleep and now these two men on Covid.

You have to sign up with an email to view the show on Spotify

Dr. Pierre Kory is an ICU and lung specialist who is an expert on the use of the drug ivermectin to treat COVID-19. Bret Weinstein is an evolutionary biologist, visiting fellow at Princeton, host of the DarkHorse podcast, and co-author (with his wife, Heather Heying) of the forthcoming “A Hunter-Gatherer’s Guide to the 21st Century.”


Under normal circumstances kids in school are great super spreaders of the flu due to various reasons. So i ask this are the kids going to bring delta to schools due to stupid anti vax parents or are kids going to bring it home. We’ve all seen schools shut down due to flu outbreaks.

Don midwest
Don midwest

I am so flakey that I don’t know if I posted this before. It leads into a story by an award winning NYT reporter who caught the bug of Covid treatment and the only place that he could publish his article was a regional spot. I apologize if I posted this before.

It starts off with a woman who had to get a judge to intervene to get Ivermectin while she was in the hospital.


Don midwest
Don midwest

more on drugs

the goal of the country is profits for drug companies

Aducanumab: The Drug That Breaks Medicare?

only $56K/year and not clear it works

watching the videos about Covid the last couple of days, made clear, something I had heard before but didn’t hit home

a new drug may not be any big deal. I have known they move a few molecules around and get the
same result and make more money from the patent

with Covid, they downplayed known treatments to get profits

who cares if a few hundred thousand people die and many have long term effects

Just think

if we fuck up something like this and there is a solution, how can governments do the right things about the earth?

from the article

In my previous posts, I haven’t talked too much about the price set for aducanumab. Since I think it should not have been approved on current evidence regardless of price, the approval has been my focus. But of course the price is an issue, especially given that there is a HUGE pool of potential patients and that most are probably Medicare age, meaning that this drug can have huge impacts on Medicare costs.

Before and after approval, there was speculation that this “potentially zillion-dollar moneymaker” (as Sharon Begley called itin October 2019) might be the most lucrative drug ever. Last November it was noted that if it brought in even a fraction of potential patients, it could still realistically be a $60 billion/year drug, changing Biogen’s revenue picture dramatically.

Taking a high-side estimate of $110 billion/year, Nicholas Bagley and Rachel Sachs speculated in The Atlantic that Aduhelm could be the drug that breaks Medicare, given that that cost exceeds total current Part D medication expenses of $90 billion dollars.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Omaha Doctor Sees Tremendous Success with Ivermectin as Early Treatment Against COVID-19

No Bad Stories
In fact, Dr. Safranek shared that not one COVID-19 patient that he has treated with ivermectin and other regimens have ended up on a ventilator or dead. He reports out of about 200 patients, only one ended up hospitalized, making this a very high success.

The Survival of Carol Burrell
Here in the Midwest plains, Doctor Safranek had an 80-year old Omaha woman who survived two bouts of COVID-19, the second via a breakthrough infection. That is, she got infected even after being fully vaccinated. When she came to the doctor and he treated her with the anti-parasite, FDA-approved drug, she informed, “I was better the next day, not well but better.” She continued that while on the ivermectin regimen, “Each day, I got better, and now I am over it.”

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