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HomeUncategorizedFAIR: ‘Some Pundits Think the Solution to Right-Wing Populism Is Less Democracy’
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I saw something similar on a bloomberg op-ed type article. Democracy is still radical. Brexit, regardless of its merits or lack thereof, scared them.

Raggedy Ann

Elite response: “Self-awareness? WTF is THAT???”

Penelope Pnortney
Penelope Pnortney

If they’re not whining and wringing their hands, then you’re not demanding enough.

The good news is that the populist ‘uprisings’ (my term) are significantly un-nerving the neoliberals.


Sounds like more of a response to Brexit, to me. I’m actually one of those who didn’t think Brexit was a horrible thing, other than it hit my 401K pretty strongly at first. It’s more than just about immigration. Many felt the EU was more for the FTSE 1000 than for entrepreneurship and nothing was getting done to support the start ups or small business.

I think it will sort itself out, but the recession is likely to happen in 2017 and we have to brace against that too


I applauded Brexit. I spent 15 years in Germany, and was there for the poorly planned reunification and resulting … difficulties. I saw the beginning stages of the EU. And I know that it was not the PEOPLE that wanted it, but the power elites and bankers. The EU is largely the result of American Empire and our neoliberal system being exported all over the world. I don’t blame them, I applaud them. And I’m waiting to see who’s next. Betting on France.

Meanwhile, the PTB over there are practicing the same scare-mongering that is being done here. A pox on all of them and their houses!