Skip to toolbar blasts Obama promoting TPP on Fallon then Pushed by the Comcast Propaganda Machine
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I’m trying imagine a President Sanders going on Fallon and doing a commercial for the TPP. The thing that talk shows hated about having him on was that it forced them to actually talk abut the media being owned by the 1%, etc.

Colbert’s treatment of him has been interesting to watch. Worth an article of its own someday and I’ll probably write it at some point. One of the great things about the BNR is theres a day by day account of what happened, and who said what. I could literally write the book on Sanders… had I the desire to write a book.


Isn’t the owner of TOP one of the founders of Vox?

That $200 million investment might be a major factor explaining how quickly the site went downhill, and how avidly Kos pushes the corporate line.


This election has given us the public spectacle of how much our media has become pure propaganda machines for their corporate masters and their politicians. The AP was just the latest and most egregious.

Self-interest is powerful and they knew that Bernie–as president–would put an end to their evil manipulation and force them to provide real news. I believe that was their number one reason to stop him.


And if Clinton is our next President, she will also push for it.