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HomeOpen ThreadFalse Alarm in Hawaii–Very Scary!
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Wasn’t that awful!


Meanwhile scores of people were terrorized.

I heard reports of people crying in their basements desperately trying to get a hold of loved ones. I saw footage of people running as fast as they could to shelters. 🙁


Waitaminute, your first post?

TIP JAR for @orlbucfan‘s first post!



Way to go Orl


Way to go, orlbucfan! I have a friend in Hawaii and it was very scary, for sure~!


Kudos for your first post, too!


The attached pic shows how it felt for those in Hawaii yesterday.

This was my phone when I woke up just now. I’m in Honolulu, #Hawaii and my family is on the North Shore. They were hiding in the garage. My mom and sister were crying. It was a false alarm, but betting a lot of people are shaken. @KPRC2



Thanks for the post orl! Sorry I didnt see your ‘how to post’ question until now! I’ll make it my mission in life to get a ‘posting faq’ up today.

In regards to Hawaii… its a sad example of the times and the lack of real leadership. Also, it shows the total lack of any real preparations/emergency shelters, etc.


I can’t remember who asked. Iv’e been thinking of doing a post on my kit. rehab. The question I have, is about sizing photos. They all seem to be to small.


Hawaii alert: Employee who sent missile warning reassigned

The 38-minute delay in issuing the correction made it worse, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said.

The error occurred when, during a drill after a shift change, an employee made the wrong selection from a drop-down computer menu, picking the real-life missile alert instead of the test option, officials at Hawaii’s Emergency Management Agency (EMA) said.

To prevent a repeat, two employees are now required to activate the alert system – one to issue the warning and another to confirm it, they said.

The agency also now has a way of issuing an immediate false-alarm notice in the event of a mistake, they added.


Yea! Obf–or maybe Obiwan!