HomeUncategorizedFalse claim that 3 million voted illegally was funded by Oxycontin drug kingpin Sackler’s foundation
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Don midwest
Don midwest

Just heard about them a few months ago.

Another billionaire out of the closet, the religious closet of money, like the priests, they prey on people. Evil seems to have few bounds

Seems that more and more of them are not afraid to show their colors

What ever happened to tar and feathers?

Only 60K die per year from opiod overdose. Is that about 2x car accidents.

Where are the MADD, the mothers against drunk driving

wait, that was the poor slob — these are rich bastards. A different standard holds for themn


Read an excellent book called Dreamland. It describes how the heroin merchants are profiting big-time off the opiod addiction epidemic. I highly recommend it. T and R, Subir!!

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