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Maholo to you, too, dear mags. Thanks for starting this. I was going to but the smell from somewhere has finally convinced me that an animal larger than a mouse has died somewhere down under, and I finally found a nice guy that collects specimens for the UofO and he’s coming over tonight to find the little stinker. I’m afraid I will cry. I got everything ready for him. Still have to cancel the Saturday guy if he gets here and finds it.

That plus communicating with the fam i nanny for, taking care of a lot of money things, etc. etc. I just never made it back.

So thanks again and happy days and may we all have the health care we need and the resources to keep ourselves as happy and healthy as we can! Go Ing!


How We Got Donald Trump: American Paths Chosen and Not (1989-2018)

didn’t want to lose this one by Bacevich (he’s busy writing–hmmm maybe the super duper moon?)

Just got a message–the specimen collector is on his way–yay!!!!


Especially after that moon! Lots of energies swirling around.

A funny one

a more serious astrological one, with a link to a ritual at the end.


It was only a rat. Poor girl. She even offered to come back if the smell doesn’t go away. Sweet kid, er, almost a PhD.


We have (had?) a skunk living under our garage (which started its life as a carriage house). Definitely a smell in there, but at least it’s a live animal smell Prior to the skunk taking up a residence, a groundhog made its home there., and at first we thought we might be smelling dead groundhog.


how sweet of you to let it stay. probably keeps lots of other critters out. :O)

remember Flowers?


T and R, mags!! You guys/gals are a bunch of characters! πŸ™‚ No wonder I enjoy being a member of the Bernie Birdie flock. LOL.

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