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joe from Lowell
joe from Lowell

“There are young people registering voters and bringing us stacks [of registrations] that are a foot deep.”

Perfect political identity test right there: you read that sentence and you either think “Yay, that’s great!” Or you think “Uh-oh, there’s something untoward happening.”


Thanks for staying with election integrity. Along with campaign finance, it is soooooo important. Was it Stalin that said something like, It’s not who votes, it’s who counts the votes. So true.


The judge also said [FL Secretary of State] Detzner’s actions amounted to an “undeclared war” on the right to vote in Florida, the largest swing state in the presidential election.

Thank heavens for an honest judge who cares about democracy!

And what of those who did manage to register and get their form into a mailbox mail before evacuating? “Who knows what happened to that mailbox?,” Smith observes. Those forms “might not even be processed at all, because it’s lost. We don’t know. These individuals will have no recourse if they finally get back online and see that they’re not registered, if that registration application doesn’t get to the Supervisor’s office.”

What a good point! The hurricane could have an enormous impact on registration, not only because of limitations on the time to register before the deadline.

Our right to vote is the most critical and important part of living in what is supposed to be a representative democracy. Thank you so much for making sure we’re aware of what’s happening, @cademocrat!

Don midwest
Don midwest

The political parties have ignored election integrity and elections have been stolen and people stripped from rolls.

Now a demagogue like Trump can raise the issue. And who can answer?

Got called to watch polls here in Central OH. I did that in 2004 with extremely long lines and people standing in line, but while that reduced the vote, the additional hack was done with voting machines and the tabulation run out of state on Republican computers. And the democrats didn’t raise the issue. Like Gore in FL in 2000.

Maintain power under the cover of what we used to be …..

CA democrat, you probably probably provided the link to

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