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November 1980: the curse of Raygun the Fascist Gun in the West begins….. 🙁 T and R, LD!!

Don midwest
Don midwest

note to Polar Bear

I just found your notification in my email about Dr. Vive twitter handle and named
Dr. Genevieve Guenther.

She heads a climate activism effort based in NYC

She mentioned Bruno which is why you sent it.

Smart comments – good contact



Don midwest
Don midwest

say what, old stuff?

time passes and this time has passed

well, maybe not

maybe that speech in 1980 is about today

according to Bruno Latour the best date for now is the year 1610

there had been a flowering of openness before then in the Late Renaissance and then religious wars happened, the state was invented and science became the source of truth by reporting facts from a Nature that was a stage within which politics was worked out

recently we have heard about the millions, 45, 56, some number of millions of indigenous people who died when they were colonized

in other words, it was an expansive time, a land grab — one that continues in some form

but Latour points out that once again the land is the main issue but rather than extensive, it is intensive. We now we have to learn to be with the land (more generally, the critical zone which is a few kilometers down and a few kilometers up and all live has always been in the critical zone). Science is necessary to bring forth all the processes and challenges and humans have to invent collectives necessary to cope with Gaia

Yesterday I was reading an essay by Bruno on time and thought about writing something and linking the essay. This comment just one part of the essay.

What is facing us? Gaia

I am older than many of you but in my youth I was running off to the future, the globe. Now we are in retreat, back to the earth.

when in Rwanda a couple of weeks ago with most of the populations subsistence farming, I thought is this the past or the future?

America has been a utopia for some time and like other Utopian projects in the past, there comes a time …..

well, I have done it again.

Back in Oct there was a long article about him in the NYT

The next evening in NYC he gave a performance of INSIDE. We have always been inside the critical zone. People from a French Natures conference went to the event.

There was a review of that event.

In the final phrase of his dazzling “anti-TED talk” “Inside,” which I saw at the Linney Courtyard Theater on West 42nd St Friday night, Bruno Latour named his vision for the future as something that might “merit the term Renaissance.” I was surprised enough that I had to ask the person next to me, an eco-modernist from City College, if I’d heard the R-word correctly. Has the man who denied modernity gone over to the side of Rebirth?

Much of “Inside” critiques traditional ways of thinking that Latour wants us to move beyond.

Bruno Latour “Inside” (plus French Natures!)

The lecture had been given in Europe for some months and I saw the version from Europe which includes one linked on his web page. I found this one looking for the article which I linked above.

As an aside, there are only 88 views of this so far. Some videos can get hundreds of thousands of views while …

Suggest you use CC for closed captions option at the bottom.


I hope he sees this and comes out more strongly against Venezuela. Those that put up with him do not like him more for the soft pedal. And the rest of us rely on his strength and consistency.

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