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Thank you NVPainter.


Kuwait starts up its first solar power plant

Algeria invests $120bn in renewable energy

First Solar commissions Middle East’s largest solar plant (in Jordan)

Africa unplugged

Off-grid solar is spreading at an electrifying pace. An industry that barely existed a few years ago is now thought to be providing power to perhaps 600,000 households in Africa.

It feels like we’re ruining our land, air and water for a dying industry.


Thanks NVP! An eye opener and good reminder!


California did pass SB185 in 2015, and many groups are working hard to get Calpers/Calsters to divest from fracking/oil investments as well. We will get there. But faster would be better for certain.

My retirement is through Calpers. Promise to call them to divest and support those pushing divestment. I will most certainly bring it up at the next union meeting.

Here is a link, for what it’s worth. I have friends that still bank with Wells Fargo. I am sure they have no idea. I’ll get on that right now.

Thanks for the post.