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Thx Benny I too am one of those Indy FDR Dem socialist Berners and very content to be one. I’m done voting for neolibs so the Dem party had better get their collective head out of their corporate donors asses and start listening to middle America again. If they dont the Dems get killed in 2018 and 20 it will be all over as the Repubs will have enough power to change the constitution thru the amendment process and they wont be stopped. I could see a 6-2 Repub supreme court if the Dems lose in 2020 real easy.


A good rant Benny, You bring up many good points. Let us know if TYT responds.


As far as TYT are concerned I like the new hires but am not all that impressed with the regular panel.


The main show (outside of a segment here or there, or a good cenk rant) is entirely fluff, sensationalism, clickbait material etc. A lot of the time it has something to do with some faux outrage over some silly but trivial thing a republican has done or said, instead of spending the time breaking down the more important issues. TYT Politics is what keeps me going back and I hope they invest in that crew as their investigative work is some of the best in the business (though the newer two guys can go and I wouldn’t care less). Jordan’s one on one interviews are always a must watch as he finds such articulate, intelligent people to talk to who also happen to be ‘average people’.

Thanks for the Benny, I know we’ve made occasional comments here and there on the issue, but glad you put it all together and stated it so well. HA Goodman I am mixed on, and ultimately think he enjoys stirring up trouble a bit too much with allies, but I respect his strong defense of his beliefs and political viewpoints. I would really like for TYT to work out a way to get Tim Black to join them. I don’t always agree with him but think he would make a valuable member of the team who can offer up things that others might be a bit shy to say out loud.

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