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That’s not the only weird thing going on, but this time with Beto:


Endorsement of Sean Maloney in NY AG race.


Well they are both members of the New Dem coalition. I wonder what answer he would give if asked to compare his fundraising with Maloney’s
Beto is great for Texas, maybe not so much for NY

As for Gillum, disappointing, but not so unexpected for the general election in Florida


Actually, the more I think about this the more pissed off I have become. A big part of Beto’s appeal to me is his fundraising from small donors. Maloney is the poster boy for raising money from corporations, banks, and Wall Street. Does Beto give a crap about what that represents? Can’t see that he does if he endorsed Wall Street lackey Maloney. Bad move on his part.


wow. had no idesa Beto is with the New Dem Coalition. His platform is not! Both of them–for shame!!!! grrrrrrr.


Just received this email from Zephyr. So Maloney is using both the Wall Street money he collected for the AG race and the Wall Street money he collected for his House race. And if Maloney wins, that means there will be no set Dem candidate for our district and a greater chance for a Republican victory. Great endorsement Beto! ???

This week, we found out that we outraised all of our opponents at the last deadline. Despite their corporate money and their billionaire donors, people like you came together to show the strength of our grassroots campaign.

But now, one of our opponents is making an unprecedented move to try to buy this election for himself. At the last minute, he transferred almost $1.5 million from his federal committee — money that was intended to go toward his congressional race — to spend on this race.

That is unacceptable. So I am suing him because we cannot ignore this violation of the law, but with just days left, we also have to prepare for the worst case scenario.


Unlike Robert Reich, I guess Beto doesn’t understand the “all-encompassing, corrupting influence of money in politics.”


Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich on Thursday endorsed Democratic candidate for attorney general Zephyr Teachout.

The endorsement from Reich, also a former assistant U.S. solicitor general, comes a week before the Sept. 13 four-way primary for the open seat.

“I’m supporting Zephyr Teachout for New York’s Attorney General because her expertise in fighting political corruption is appropriate to the tragic time we find ourselves in,” Reich said. “I’m confident she’ll recruit some of the best lawyers in the country, and restore integrity and pride to this office.”

Teachout faces Leecia Eve, New York City Public Advocate Letitia James and Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney in the primary.

“Robert Reich understands the all-encompassing, corrupting influence of money in politics and the modern day robber barons who are trying to degrade our democracy,” Teachout said. “As Attorney General I’ll be the regulator of last resort against the Trump administration’s attacks on consumer financial protections, because New Yorkers can’t afford another financial crisis.”


Maloney also called Zephyr unhinged


That is when three of the candidates — Letitia James, the New York City public advocate; Sean Patrick Maloney, New York’s first openly gay congressman; and Leecia Eve, a former top aide to Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and Hillary Clinton — began ferociously criticizing Zephyr Teachout.

The attacks continued a pattern that began at last week’s debate, furthering the perception that Ms. Teachout, a law professor who rose to prominence with her 2014 primary challenge to Mr. Cuomo, was the putative front-runner, although Ms. James has led the most recent polls


Another point of contention in the debate came over money.

Heading into the final week of the race, Mr. Maloney has a pile of cash available, including $3.1 million that he had raised for his simultaneous congressional race.

Mr. Maloney transferred $1.4 million of that money into the account for his attorney general campaign, according to the most recent campaign finance report, and now has just under $500,000 on hand, the same amount as Ms. Teachout.

Ms. Teachout filed a suit against Mr. Maloney saying the transfer violated the donation limit. Mr. Maloney said the judge dismissed the suit in nine minutes, and then corrected himself, noting it had been actually assigned a court date.

Ms. Teachout, in one of her strongest replies of the night, struck back.

“As a lawyer, you should know the difference between a case being thrown out and going forward,” Ms. Teachout said.

But Mr. Maloney snapped back, “You are not going to sue your way to a victory.”


Mr. Maloney keeps showing his (twit)ter azz, Ms. Teachout will do more than sue her way to victory. She’ll win it the old-fashioned way–by votes! Looks like she’s in serious striking distance to do so or why all these attacks?



President Donald Trump on Thursday offered praise for a Republican congressman who last year pleaded guilty to assaulting a reporter. The comments were made during a rally before his supporters in Montana in which the president also railed against the media’s coverage of his administration.

Representative Greg Gianforte of Montana was sentenced to community service and anger management in June of last year after he pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor assault of Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs. Jacobs had recorded his encounter with Gianforte, who was accused of body slamming the reporter and breaking his glasses.

“I grabbed his wrist,” Gianforte said the day he was sentenced. “A scuffle ensued, and he was injured, as I understand it.”

The assault occurred the day before Gianforte would win his spot in the House of Representatives.

That special election was last year with Rob Quist and Greg Gianforte. Had it not been for early voting, I think this mishap would have turned the tide for Quist.


Orange Dimwitted Blob: once a stupid ahole, always a stupid ahole! Sigh. This is how bad this country has fallen!



Embedded within the aspirations of Democratic candidates aiming to return to both congressional and state-level power this November, there exists a rumbling — a boisterous challenge of progressive change, seeking to upend business-as-usual in Washington and beyond.

Think of it like this: there is a blue wave, within a blue wave, that’s gathering energy. It’s being led by young people of color who are both uninhibited in their rebuke of Trump and the GOP, but equally eager to pose a generational and racial challenge to the older, tradition-laden, and white Democratic establishment.

As the roster of candidates for the upcoming midterm elections develops into sharper focus, it’s increasingly obvious that Democratic primary voters are showing a fairly strong predilection for candidates who represent a future-facing image of their party. Consider, for example, the headliners among a history-making collection of Democratic primary winners, which include congressional primary winners Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York and Ayanna Pressley in Massachusetts, and gubernatorial hopefuls Stacey Abrams in Georgia, Ben Jealous in Maryland, and Andrew Gillum in Florida.

And those are only the marquee names on the ticket. Deeper down the ballots across the nation, non-traditional candidates — that is to say, not white men — are developing political strategies, organizing campaigns, raising buckets of money with the single-minded purpose of winning elections this year and pushing Democrats more to the left, much like the way the right-tilting Tea Party influenced the GOP back in 2010.


Alicia Baker from Indianapolis is giving her testimony as to why Kavanaugh should not be confirmed. She says that although she is a Christian, she doesn’t believe that companies should be allowed to deny birth control on religious grounds. She is deeply concerned that he would overturn ACA.

If there is a tweet later about the testimony, I’ll post it. It’s quite passionate.


Won’t matter. Whiteface will be confirmed.


Wow. Another one you would think would have strong compassion and want justice for the oppessed doing the opposite.

Shame on you, Andrew Gillum.


Democrats Can Block the Kavanaugh Nomination If They Want To

They could still win every vote they want to win — 50 Republicans and one Democrat does constitute a quorum — but the price would be high. No single Republican senator could stray far from the chamber on days the Senate was in session — she could not go home, fundraise outside of DC or lunch with lobbyists away from the Capitol. Business as usual would end, and only votes Republicans deemed crucial could pass. The life of a Republican senator would drastically change.

This isn’t just a threat to disrupt the Kavanaugh vote. If Democrats do only that, they will lose. This is a threat to disrupt the Senate itself, and the life of each Republican senator, for the rest of the year — unless Republicans table the nomination until the next Senate is seated.

That’s quite a trade. Would they take it just to confirm Brett Kavanaugh? Perhaps, but that’s not certain. Republicans may well balk if Democrats hold strong. A former top Democratic aide, recommending something similar, says that withholding unanimous consent would “grind the Senate to a halt” just by itself. Couple that with mass Democratic absence and the tables are turned — it’s Republicans who are in a bind.


Won’t happen. Not with Manchin and the other GOPuke Lites. Manchin isn’t even a Lite.


Manchin IS an R running a DINO all that’s left is for him to do is swear allegiance to Trumpcorp


A few thoughts…

Not all the progs are going to be fully progressive on every issue, especially those in redish states. Some will be positioning themselves for the general while others will actually end up being warped by the system. The establishment is still in charge and we have to accept it will still have sway even on those of good intention, but that sway doesn’t mean they will become full centralist and unworthy of our support.

This is a revolution in slow motion and there will be hiccups along the way, but lets not let getting only 75% a loaf get in the way of getting any loaf at all. There will be candidates that we end up feeling aren’t progressive enough and they can be upgraded again later down the line, but that doesn’t mean they already aren’t a huge upgrade.

Personally life and health come first, so anyone who supports M4A is a good first round candidate, though maybe in 4 years we have enough complete progs we can be even pickier, but lets not let great be the enemy of good this early on.


Well this mailer I received this afternoon clinches it! I’ll be heading out to vote for Cuomo next week. NOT!!


jcb: I know Cuomo is a RW t*rd, but he can’t touch Sick Rott or Ron Orange Dimwitted Blob Fan DeSantis! Good luck to you and all our NY brethren. BTW, Teachout will win. 🙂