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Thanks! I’ll put some COVID related stuff here


With millions of older Americans eligible for COVID-19 vaccines and limited supplies, many continue to describe a frantic and frustrating search to secure a shot, beset by uncertainty and difficulty.

The efforts to vaccinate people who are 65 and older have strained under the enormous demand that has overwhelmed cumbersome, inconsistent scheduling systems.

The struggle represents a shift from the first wave of vaccinations — health care workers in health care settings — which went comparatively smoothly. Now, in most places, elderly people are pitted against each other competing on an unstable technological playing field for limited shots.

“You can’t have the vaccine distribution be a race between elderly people typing and younger people typing,” says Jeremy Novich, a clinical psychologist in New York City, who has begun a group to help people navigate the technology to get appointments. “That’s not a race, that’s just cruel.”

While the demand is an encouraging sign of public trust in the vaccines, the challenges facing seniors also speak to the country’s fragmented approach that has left many confused and enlisting family members to hunt down appointments.





NY not alone with vaccine distribution problems.


Massachusetts is scrambling to vaccinate as many people as possible against the coronavirus, but limited supply and logistical challenges have hampered the pace of the rollout. The state is lagging behind many other states, including its neighbors in New England.

Many seniors have found it hard to navigate a maze of online sign-up pages. In Sharma’s experience, it’s been like dodging one crisis after another.

“It’s an incredible thing we get to help with,” she says. “But every day I’m prepared for a new obstacle.”




right now, i can’t forgive trump for forcing us to go through this “herd immunity” experience and feeling someone die from coved every 6 minutes in LA.

right now, i can’t forgive the dnc and the msm for denying the true heir to fdr that we need right now.


T and R, NYCVG!! 🙂


TGIF everyone!

Personally, I totally understand anyone having a concern about the $2,000 becoming $1,400.

A few things:

– Biden totally was all down with, “$2,000 to everyone if we win Georgia!”, to the point where he was still saying that, IIRC, while some people were already receiving $600 in their bank accounts from the previous deal.

– I saw it as a political misstep knowing that many people would use the new # of $1,400 as a political weapon. That part upset me as yet another example of the Democratic party being inept.

– I knew the best we’d get was $1,400 as soon as I heard Bernie, quite awhile ago, calmly assert on tv that he was working towards $1,400 (he paid for that on social media).

– Another concern was the what-seemed-like self-injure, of removing a bargaining chip. If Dems were already talking about $1,400 then, many surmised, the Republicans would fight for, and most likely get, something less. We’ve seen that wimping out by Dems too many times in the past.

– Also, many people, including myself, could really use the $. For some people that missing chunk, the $600 each, might be somewhat insignificant, but to many that money can help a lot. It could mean the difference between getting dental work done or not.

That said, if the final $ amount ends up being $1,400? I think most people would, albeit in some cases grudgingly, be very happy to receive it.


p.s. I miss you all. Been working a lot. I hope you are doing very well.


miss you too mags. people posting on the OT, too, still. and you know they are lowering the eligibility, too, most likely. smh


I’m hearing that their stupid means testing might even leave out nurses now, smdh

Means testing sucks.


huge misstep imho

Can’t wait to see what my teamsters Facebook groups look like when they learn the guy half of them already hate isn’t giving us any money for working 12hr days through a year-long national emergency

Don midwest
Don midwest

secret group scared shitless that American government experiment would fail

The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election

for sure this effort helped defeat Trump

the showing of the dem party showed that they would failed without support from groups like this, election work in GA, Bernie, etc., etc.

but bringing together AFL/CIO and Chamber of Commerce would have been impossible from the street demonstrations.

Don midwest
Don midwest

this interview of Michael Mann was the most hopeful piece I have heard on the climate for some time

he is prof of Env Science at Penn State and the hockey stick guy

his new book “The New Climate War” . I will order it soon.

Points out the various propaganda ways the oil companies discourage activism

and how the robber barons make things worse to further discourage us — e.g., methane

didn’t realize that recent climate science has pointed out healing if we greatly reduce CO2 in atmosphere

not to get glaciers back, but other beneficial changes

this is an interview

Michael Mann, THE NEW CLIMATE WAR & John Nichols on Covid9 relief

first hour is Mann

Don midwest
Don midwest

analysis of film before march to capital which shows Trump incited insurrection

here is the article on his analysis
Movie at the Ellipse: A Study in Fascist Propaganda
Scholars on the Nazis and anti-Semitism have seen this before

On January 6, Trump supporters gathered at a rally at Washington DC’s Ellipse Park, regaled by various figures from Trump world, including Donald Trump Jr. and Rudy Giuliani. Directly following Giuliani’s speech, the organizers played a video. To a scholar of fascist propaganda, well-versed in the history of the National Socialist’s pioneering use of videos in political propaganda, it was clear, watching it, what dangers it portended. In it, we see themes and tactics that history warns pose a violent threat to liberal democracy. Given the aims of fascist propaganda – to incite and mobilize – the events that followed were predictable.

Before decoding what the video presents, it is important to take a step back and discuss the structure of fascist ideology and how it can mobilize its most strident supporters to take violent actions.