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Russia and China say to the USA,

About time.


Big hair strikes again! Too much!🎶😊


In today’s installment of Andrew Yang in NYC,

Interesting look without his usual overcoat and scarf.


T and R, pb4, and the rest of the usual excellent TPW suspects!! ☮️😊👍


This MAY, let me emphasize, May, again be very good news. or, as POTUS would say, a BFD.

Iran and USa sending emissaries to Vienna on Tuesday in preliminary talks to restore the Nuclear Deal.

In my view, in old hippie lingo, the USA has copped. relented. backed down. owned up to our failings.

We broke it and now seem willing to talk about fixing it.

Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

LOL. Your old hippie lingo speaks to me, NYCVG.


And to this old head.☮️😊


I hope you’re right, NYCVG.


Spending Provisions in the American Jobs Plan

10-Year Estimate

Invest in Transportation Infrastructure $621 billion
Invest in Electric Vehicles (EV), including consumer rebates to purchase EVs, grants and incentives to build 500,000 new charging stations, and replacing and electrifying federal vehicle fleet $174 billion
Modernize bridges, highways, roads, and main streets in critical need of repair $115 billion
Modernize public transit $85 billion
Improve passenger and freight rail service $80 billion
Improve infrastructure resilience by safeguarding critical infrastructure and services, defending vulnerable communities, and maximizing resilience of land and water resources $50 billion
Improve airports $25 billion
Establish dedicated fund for beneficial projects to regional or national economy $25 billion
Improve road safety and establish Safe Streets for All program $20 billion
Establish program to reconnect neighborhoods and ensure new projects increase opportunity $20 billion
Improve ports and waterways $17 billion
Other spending $10 billion

Invest in Domestic Manufacturing, Research & Development, and Job Training Initiatives $590 billion
Provide additional funding for domestic manufacturing, investing in capital access programs, supporting modernizing supply chains, and creating a new financing program to support debt and equity investments $52 billion
Provide additional funding to the National Science Foundation $50 billion
Establish Department of Commerce office to monitor domestic industrial capacity and to fund investments in the production of critical goods $50 billion
Provide funding for semiconductor manufacturing and research $50 billion
Provide funding for workforce development infrastructure and worker protection $48 billion
Support clean energy manufacturing with federal procurement $46 billion
Provide funding to upgrade research infrastructure in laboratories $40 billion
Establish Dislocated Workers Program and invest in sector-based training $40 billion
Provide additional funding for climate change research and development $35 billion
Provide funding for community-based small business incubators and innovation hubs $31 billion
Provide additional funding for research and development to spur innovation and job creation $30 billion
Protect against future pandemics through medical countermeasures $30 billion
Establish regional innovation hubs and Community Revitalization Fund $20 billion
Create centers of excellence that serve as research incubators for HBCUs and MSIs $15 billion
Provide additional funding to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) $14 billion
Provide funding for workforce development in underserved communities $12 billion
Provide funding for research and development at HBCUs and other MSIs $10 billion
Provide funding for enforcement of workforce protections $10 billion
Establish Rural Partnership Program $5 billion
Other manufacturing investments $2 billion

Expand Home Care Services and Provide Additional Support for Care Workers $400 billion
Expand access to long-term, home and community-based care services under Medicaid and extend the Money Follows the Person program $400 billion

Clean Energy Tax Credits ~$400 billion

Improve Housing Stock, Modernize Schools and Child Care Facilities, and Upgrade VA Hospitals and Federal Buildings $328 billion
Build over a million energy efficient housing units and eliminate certain zoning & land use policies $126 billion
Provide direct grants to upgrade and build new public schools, with an additional $50 billion leveraged through bonds $50 billion
Provide funding to improve public housing system $40 billion
Establish Clean Energy & Sustainability Accelerator $27 billion
Establish Child Care Growth and Innovation Fund and provide tax credits to encourage businesses to build child care facilities $25 billion
Incentivize the building or rehabilitation of over 500,000 homes for low- and middle-income homebuyers with a Neighborhood Homes Investment Act (NHIA) tax credit $20 billion
Modernize VA hospitals and clinics $18 billion
Improve community college facilities and technology $12 billion
Modernize federal buildings through bipartisan Federal Capital Revolving Fund $10 billion

Invest in Broadband, Electrical Grid, and Clean Drinking Water $311 billion
Provide funding to build high-speed broadband, reduce the cost of broadband internet service, and promote transparency and competition $100 billion
Invest in power infrastructure $100 billion
Upgrade and modernize drinking water supplies through grants and low-cost flexible loans to states, Tribes, territories, and disadvantaged communities $56 billion
Replace all lead pipes and service lines $45 billion
Provide funding to monitor PFAS substances in drinking water and invest in rural small water systems & household well & wastewater systems $10 billion

Total ~$2.65 trillion

Source: Committee For a Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB)

CRFB also “estimates the net increase in the deficit would be approximately $900 billion. The plan appears deficit-neutral over 15 years and it would reduce deficits over the long-term.” How is this possible?

To offset the nearly $2.7 trillion of new proposals, the American Jobs Plan includes a number of tax increases on corporations. The plan would raise the corporate rate, raise the minimum tax rate on the foreign income of U.S. corporations, and impose a new corporate minimum tax, among other changes. We find these provisions would fully offset the bill’s cost within the next 15 years, enough to pay for the new investments being proposed, albeit over a longer time period than the spending itself.


MLB pulls All-Star Game out of Georgia over voting reform law

Major League Baseball (MLB) announced Friday that it is pulling its All-Star Game for the 2021 season out of Georgia in protest of the state’s new voting restrictions signed into law last month.

Robert Manfred, the MLB commissioner, said in a statement the decision was made after conversations with teams and players and that moving the July 13 game out of the Peach State is “the best way to demonstrate our values as a sport.” The MLB draft will also be moved out of Georgia.

“Major League Baseball fundamentally supports voting rights for all Americans and opposes restrictions to the ballot box,” Manfred said.

Georgia and Republicans including Gov. Brian Kemp face mounting backlash over the elections reform law, which Democrats call a veiled attempt at voter suppression.

The measure, among other restrictions, puts limits on ballot drop boxes and when they can used, minimizes the period in which a Georgia resident can apply for a mail-in ballot, institutes photo ID requirements for absentee voting and bans giving out food or drink within 150 feet of polling places, including to those waiting in line to vote.

Prominent groups including the American Civil Liberties Union, Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights and New Georgia Project have all filed lawsuits against the package, which President Biden recently called “Jim Crow on steroids.”

Manfred noted the MLB’s 2020 partnership with the Civic Alliance to “encourage baseball fans and communities throughout our country to perform their civic duty and actively participate in the voting process.”

“Fair access to voting continues to have our game’s unwavering support,” he said.


Without knowing any of the behind-the-scenes stories, I’m impressed.


“veiled attempt,” my fanny. More like blatant, in-your-face.



If the shoe was on the other foot, Republicans would be screaming that Democrats were trying to destroy Democracy. I wish Democrats would stop being so polite.


Haaland to create unit to investigate missing and murdered Native Americans

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, the U.S.’s first Indigenous cabinet secretary, will create a unit within the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) to investigate missing and murdered Native Americans, the department announced Thursday evening.

There are some 1,500 American Indian and Alaska natives in the National Crime Information Center’s database of missing persons, while about 2,700 murders and nonnegligent homicides have been reported to the federal Uniform Crime Reporting program.

Native American women in particular are the victims of murder at over 10 times the national average, according to the Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women. Homicides are the No. 3 cause of death for American Indian and Alaska Native girls and women ages 10 to 24, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The federal government formed a task force on the issue in 2019 to pursue such cases. Haaland said the new unit will expand on that work and establish a unit chief position to develop policy for the unit. The unit will review unsolved cases and work with tribal, BIA and FBI investigators on active cases as well, according to the department.

“Violence against Indigenous peoples is a crisis that has been underfunded for decades. Far too often, murders and missing persons cases in Indian country go unsolved and unaddressed, leaving families and communities devastated,” Haaland said in a statement. “The new MMU unit will provide the resources and leadership to prioritize these cases and coordinate resources to hold people accountable, keep our communities safe, and provide closure for families.”



https://perfectunion.us Try duck duck go,




Fetterman wont be BS’ed by the 🐢


and a few min later…



Send it to Milw, where Hank Arron started and finished his career


Your legislature is known for voter suppression though.


For now Evers can veto any more crap like that for 2 more years but if a R gov would beat him its gonna get worse in WI



Good move. Biden better get with the program here.


The only thing is that the governors of NY, CA, and especially IL are all personally wealthy. But I think the conversation is important.