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Israel’s refusal to make a fair and lasting peace with the Palestinians is the single biggest impediment to a lasting peace in the Middle East. They look at Palestinians the way our ancestors looked at Native Americans. The problem is the world is watching this time. It’s time to end all “aid” to Israel and make them accountable for their actions.

Spring Texan

Likely story — not.

Don midwest
Don midwest

And the crimes against Palestinians continue ….

Gaza Strip: Blockade Causing an End to Fresh Water Resources


“People must understand that when there is no water you can not use the bathroom, you can not take a shower, you can not clean the dishes, the house, the clothes … And here the families have five, six, ten members … we are not just two or three people in each house”.

Our well water pump went kaput the other day. No water for two days. It’s amazing how quickly things degrade in a household with no running water! Dishes pile up, laundry piles up, every drop becomes so precious. If you’re lucky, showers at friends/relatives houses, but that takes time and travel expense. You have higher eating expenses as one must rely on more convenience food (it’s hard to rinse raw chicken properly when you’re saving fresh water for drinking).

In no time at all you feel like you’re camping out, you begin to worry about bacteria, and the house begins to feel unclean. And it’s hard to get to work on time because of how everything takes so much longer to do, so less income is generated.

I positioned one hand under my friend’s faucet last night, then moved my other hand to pull the lever, but hesitated. Would any water come out? I pulled the lever, water flowed, and I realized I’d been holding my breath. Ahhhhh, clean, cool water. I felt blessed.


This is the same story (pretty much) that Don posted, but at a different site-it includes some good pictures. I find pics humanize stories. You can see that they’re ‘just like us’.



A “bug”? Oh my! How EVER did that get in there???? We’re shocked, shocked, I tell you! /sn


Not really relevant… actually I guess it really is now that I think about it:


I am surprised that they didn’t, blame the Russians. That seems to be the excuse de jour!