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Hear, Hear!!
T and R, la58! 🙂


TPW and all who post- comment here!!!


woohoo! ????❤️

Don midwest
Don midwest

start with a tweet

and here is Jennifer Rubin’s article today

One Democrat has the nerve to take on Bernie Sanders

Wow! This is a big shift! It now takes nerve to be a stooge for money and power!

This applies both to Jennifer Rubin and Michael Bennet

I looked up “fetish” (what us Bernie supporters have for single payer)

This is right off the web but don’t have formatting options in the text

1. An object thought to have magical, especially magically sexual, powers

2. A sexual fixation or obsession with a usually non-sexual object. EX. socks, horses, monkeys, pain, bondage
Holy shit those socks really get me turned on because of this sock fetish of mine. *Rubs socks on body*”

I went to the definition because, guess what, it reminded me of Bruno Latour and his book “The Modern Cult of the Factish Gods. Here is the info on the book.

“On the Modern Cult of the Factish Gods continues the project that the influential anthropologist, philosopher, and science studies theorist Bruno Latour advanced in his book We Have Never Been Modern. There he redescribed the Enlightenment idea of universal scientific truth, arguing that there are no facts separable from their fabrication. In this concise work, Latour delves into the “belief in naive belief,” the suggestion that fetishes—objects invested with mythical powers—are fabricated and that facts are not. Mobilizing his work in the anthropology of science, he uses the notion of “factishes” to explore a way of respecting the objectivity of facts and the power of fetishes without forgetting that both are fabricated. While the fetish-worshipper knows perfectly well that fetishes are man-made, the Modern icon-breaker inevitably erects new icons. Yet Moderns sense no contradiction at the core of their work. Latour pursues his critique of critique, or the possibility of mediating between subject and object, or the fabricated and the real, through the notion of “iconoclash,” making productive comparisons between scientific practice and the worship of visual images and religious icons.”

To say a little more, Latour shows how a scientific fact is “constructed” to go beyond the faith in facts as transcendent from SCIENCE. He is not anti science and in another context he says “you have to love science with all your mind and all your heart” but science is but one of the 15 modes of being and thus has a more comprehensive treatment of rationality and being.


Thank you la58!

And, as always, thank you LD and JD and all of you reading this!!

This is my favorite place. No pie fights or silly stuff like that.
Lots of information. Lots of cool people.

Thank you all for being here.



I cant imagine being anywhere else. Lots of good people that agree that we have to improve the human and environmental condition and not enrich the corporations bottom line.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Here is an uplifting video. Steve Jobs commencement at Stanford in 2005

Lucky that this Syrian didn’t get sent into our gulag

Don midwest
Don midwest

Text of Chelsea Manning’s statement about her confinement from a Grand Jury. She has refused to testify because everything is already in her court record. They want to use her as a pawn for Assange


And in the mean time, Reality Winter, the woman who provided proof that Russians were interfering in our elections is in prison and forbidden to speak.

When you have something to protect you will do anything to keep down those who expose what you have done.

I have never been arrested. Meteor Blades who writes on DK/TOP has been arrested something like 60 times. Maybe I need to get out more …

Don midwest
Don midwest

When in doubt, change one molecule and sell your new drug for much more money!

Interesting photo essay at annual meeting of psychiatrists; 15,000 at the meeting.

Drug companies are major sponsors.

What is the difference between a street drug dealer and one of the 15,000? Insurance? Law?



Very interesting article Don!

The first time I heard about the ‘change one molecule and sell your new drug for much more money’ thing was when I learned that Adderall is one molecule away from meth.

That list of some of the presentations was wild!

Treating Muslim Patients After The Travel Ban: Best Practices In Using The APA Muslim Mental Health Toolkit

The Multiple Faces Of Deportation: Being A Solution To The Challenges Faced By Asylum Seekers, Mixed Status Families, And Dreamers

Working Clinically With Eco-Anxiety In The Age Of Climate Change: What Do We Know And What Can We Do?

Ecological Grief, Eco-Anxiety, And Transformational Resilience: A Public health Perspective On Addressing Mental Health Impacts Of Climate Change

Were there really more than twice as many sessions on global warming as on obsessive compulsive disorder? Three times as many on immigration as on ADHD? As best I can count, yes. I don’t want to exaggerate this. There was still a lot of really meaty scientific discussion if you sought it out. But overall the balance was pretty striking.

I confess to experiencing a lot of ‘Eco-Anxiety’ myself. I wonder how psychiatrists counsel people like me.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Interesting political activity in Israel

Interesting to see politics in action.

Warning: I posted a link from this publication in DK/TOP and got zapped because the officially won’t let any mention of it on their pristine publication

I found out about this place from Max Blumenthal who has written on the site

This is a fun read and maybe the bad guy will get zapped

Benjamin Netanyahu: The fugitive Crime Minister


yes it was DM 🙂 A comment their about the Natanyaboob( tip to Orl) fleeing the country for asylum in the US. Lets take that a step further, Where would Trumpcorp and Netanyaboob flee to if their both up on charges once their out of office. Some European countries would say Oh Hell No!!!!


D m: David Dayen (on his email list) linked the Netanyaboob NYT story. He reminds me of a dumber version of Trick the Dick. 🙂 Hope justice (finally) catches up to his crooked azz.

Don midwest
Don midwest

We are helpless?

How dare Greta point out that we are responsible.

Thank you for putting up with my strange comments here on this site.

I started with this article from the Onion

‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens

Thoughts and prayers for those slain, but helpless …

But wit my problems with spelling, I looked her up to find her last name. On my computer (google searches are tailored to your system as far as I know) I entered Greta and had to add the letter T to get to her and I found this

Swedish Teen Activist to Skip Year at School to Travel to US ‘For Climate Sake’

The youngest ever Nobel Prize nominee, Greta Thunberg from Sweden, has been attempting to prove with her own day-to-day example that sustainable life, much like sustainable tourism, is more than real. However, she has recently stirred a controversy after it came to light that an NGO allegedly recruited her and used her name to raise millions.

It will take her longer to get around because she refuses to fly because of the effect on the environment. She will be in the US and expected to travel to Chile.

There was a video posted here a couple of days ago when she told us that we were responsible, and it was pointed to the dignitaries in the audience.

I wonder if she will be denied a visa? Environmental terrorism is on the rise and this is an international terrorist who has been given too much media attention. She might even force the main stream media to give more coverage to environmental destruction, and even worse, she might get the topic covered in schools. We have already had too much activism with high school students about gun control which was the original starting of this comment.

so here goes

Bruno Latour spends a lot of time on time and space. One example is one person going from place X to Y in a car on a super highway. (notice the word “super” as in Superman, a hero). And another person going from X to Y fighting their way through jungles, over rivers, etc. Guess what, they have a different understanding of space and time.

Don midwest
Don midwest

there was a tweet that The Onion had used the headline at least 8 times

Well, found a link that shows 12 times



Happy Birthday!

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