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Thank you for the thread, polarbear, and Happy Mother’s Day to You! 💐


T and R, pb4!! 🙂 Enjoy your Mother’s and Grandmother’s (?) Day, too. 🙂


This article is from Friday.

The Amazon union vote is being appealed, and the hearing begins today

Earlier this year, after a months-long union busting campaign, workers voted 1,798 to 738 against forming a union. The decision was hailed as a crushing blow to the labor movement. But experts say the election was always going to be hotly contested. Even if RWDSU won, Amazon would almost certainly have fought the results, and the process would still have ended up in an appeal.

That wasn’t clear from the media coverage, which treated the election as the apex of the labor movement. “I think that it’s fair to say that very few people in labor actually thought that this was going to be a win,” Dubal says.

Witness testimony begins Monday, with RWDSU presenting evidence on each of its 23 objections. These range from Amazon installing a ballot collection box at the warehouse (allegedly giving the illusion that it controlled the vote) to threatening workers with pay cuts.

If RWDSU is successful, there would likely be another election, Bloomberg reports. But regardless of the outcome, Dubal says the campaign has already succeeded in spreading awareness. “The role that the Bessemer drive played was in part an attention getting campaign and a way to get America to look at the conditions in these warehouses,” she says. “It was still a very, very important drive, representing a cultural shift in people thinking about and talking about Amazon.”

The campaign also laid bare Amazon’s union busting tactics — typical for many companies

Many of the tactics Amazon used are legal under current labor law. While the National Labor Relations Act is supposed to protect workers’ rights to organize, companies rarely face significant consequences for union busting.

That could change if the Protecting the Right to Organize Act (also known as the PRO Act) passes. The legislation would ban companies from holding captive audiences and it would establish fines for those that violate workers’ rights.

(Veena Dubal, a law professor at the University of California) says that’s partly why the appeal hearing matters. “It’s imperative that we continue to pay attention to this,” she says. “It’s a learning moment. We are learning what is legal and illegal. We’re learning what companies do to suppress organizing. This needs to be public knowledge so that we understand why a law like the PRO Act is so important.



Instagram’s head apologizes for bug that deleted activists’ stories

Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri has tweeted an apology about a bug that deleted users’ story posts on Thursday. The timing was unfortunate for activists trying to raise awareness about missing Indigenous women, with organizations Red Dress and National Day of Awareness of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG, abbreviated by some as MMIWG2S to include two-spirit people) questioning whether their posts had somehow been erased deliberately. According to Instagram, however, the bug affected stories, archives, and highlights of Instagram users across the globe.

Mosseri and Instagram’s statement about the deletions say this isn’t the case and that the stories were not removed because of anything content-related. He specifically addressed the Indigenous people’s concerns. “This day is incredibly important to raise awareness of this critical issue and support our Indigenous community on Instagram,” Mosseri tweeted. “We apologize to all those who felt like they could not bring attention to these incredibly important causes, and many others around the world.”

Emily Henderson, an Inuk arts and culture writer, said that “[t]he digital space in general is really, really important right now just for maintaining community connections or connections.”



Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in the nest!

🔥 Mt. Fuji, Japan from NatureIsFuckingLit


Sorry polar bear! It seems to work for me, but who knows why, not me as I am tech-challenged.

But here’s a ss of it for you to click on- that should work..I hope 😉

Mt Fuji 5-9-21.jpg

Hopefully, that image is not enhanced. Simply awesome!😊👍


Nessel criticizes 3M’s legal bid to undo PFAS water rules

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel on Friday criticized a lawsuit filed by 3M Corp. against the state to challenge its strict drinking water standards related to PFAS chemicals.

The Minnesota-based company recently filed suit in Michigan Court of Claims against the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy and its drinking water standards adopted last year. 3M called them “the result of a rushed and invalid regulatory process, scientifically flawed, and reliant on speculative and unquantified purported benefits to justify the costly” rules.

Michigan’s attorney general has sued 3M, along with other PFAS manufacturers, to recover clean up costs, damages to the environment and natural resource damages caused by PFAS contamination.

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances are a collection of man-made “forever” chemicals used for decades in a various industries, making them persistent in the environment. Once in the body, they do not break down and been known to lead to serious health issues, even cancer.


I’m glad to see Nessel and Michigan fighting for this cause.