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Tribal leaders and public health advocates also worry that Medicaid work rules are just the start; President Donald Trump is eyeing similar changes across the nation’s welfare programs, which many of the nearly 3 million Native Americans rely on.

“It’s very troublesome,” said Caitrin McCarron Shuy of the National Indian Health Board, noting that Native Americans suffer from the nation’s highest drug overdose death rates, among other health concerns. “There’s high unemployment in Indian country, and it’s going to create a barrier to accessing necessary Medicaid services.”

Native Americans’ unemployment rate of 12 percent in 2016 was nearly three times the U.S. average, partly because jobs are scarce on reservations. Low federal spending on the Indian Health Service has also left tribes dependent on Medicaid to fill coverage gaps.

“Without supplemental Medicaid resources, the Indian health system will not survive,” W. Ron Allen — a tribal leader who chairs CMS’ Tribal Technical Advisory Group — warned Verma in a Feb. 14 letter.


Bernie on Van Jones’ show last night. About 20 minutes long, half of it was more personal, Van is good about phrasing in order not to be too pointed on certain issues.


The one above is gone already. I hope this one works!


Great news, polarbear4!
I’m thinking – I’d like to think – that all this energy from our young people spreading around the globe was inspired in part by dear Bernie Sanders who encouraged us all to stand up and speak out.


A Bernie supporter and I follow each other on twitter – not so unusual 😉 except that he lives in New Zealand and uses twitter almost exclusively to keep up on Bernie.

Bernie even influenced Jeremy Corbyn!

But I agree, Eve, Bernie made, and is still making, a big impact around the world.

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