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HomeBernie SandersHow Bernie Sanders Uses Social Media To Reach A Larger Audience
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I am sure is due to the MSM’s coverage that was lacking during the primary. I hope that this is in preparation for BERNIE 2020!




I want one! πŸ™‚ T and R, LD!!


Bernie’s videos are about policy. They’re “not really news, because they don’t give the other side a chance to talk,” say the two news presenters on CBSN. Oh sure! We all know that MSM “news” gives the other side a chance to talk, don’t we? Like every business-booster report on the economy, oil, Wall Street, etc., gives the business-critical side a chance to express its views. I’ll take “policy” videos any day, especially when they are about good policies and telling what’s true. These news presenters looked nervous, like they can see the writing on the wall: the internet’s coming on strong in the political arena, it’s interested in policy, not “fair and balanced” (always disliked that phrase for news) FOX-type news reporting. And Bernie’s forging the path, bigly!