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Kamala is being foisted on us. Yes.

As much as I hate to say it, I think Biden is probably the best antidote to Trump. Dems will hold their noses and vote for ANY Dem this time. But to win back the Trumpers, who are somewhat disenchanted by now, Biden is probably going to be able to speak to them. IF he would take on a young progressive Latino, like Julian Castro, I think he would win, and Castro would be in a position to run in 2024.

Biden has baggage, but so has Harris. And she does NOT have Biden’s charm and recognition. They are both neoliberals, but a progressive veep could temper Joe’s worst impulses. At this point, I think the Latinx vote is becoming more relevant than the black vote, if we want to talk identity politics. There is a larger Latinx population right now than black. How many are eligible to vote I’m not sure.

You would think that after Obama, blacks wouldn’t look to a black POTUS for much relief of their absolutely real problems/issues. Harris will be even worse for them.

I still love Bernie best, but he seems to turn an awful lot of people off. Including a lot of new voters. I read Splinter, and they HATE Bernie. They blame him for Hill’s loss; wrongly, but there you are.

Ugh. Politics.


I don’t see Biden (or Harris!) appealing to heartland farmers at least (as far as winning back Trumpers I mean).

First came the trade war, then the shutdown, but Iowa farmers still back Trump

“As soon as the tariffs were put on steel, the cost of a new grain bin went up 15-25%,” he says, pointing toward a massive steel container of corn. “So things are already tight and if you’re thinking about buying a grain bin, you’re probably not going to do it now.”

Yet he refuses to criticize the policies of a President who flipped Iowa from blue to red with the help of farmers.

“I think there’s some growing uneasiness, but I think generally we’re just going to let things play out,” he says with stoic resolve.

With Trump in office another two years, he says, “We’re going to see where this takes us. And trade with China in particular, something needed to be addressed there. The intellectual property rights damage has been done — I’m not just talking about iPhones and iPads — they’re stealing seed genetics.”

To teach China a lesson, Walton says he is willing to suffer short-term pain in exchange for the long-term gain. “We can probably stand a couple of years of this at the most. We get into 2020, and it’ll start to get really difficult to stay in business.”

Trump is betting that the patience and patriotism that comes naturally in farm country will keep this part of his base on his side. And to hedge that bet, there is $12 billion in emergency subsidies. In an age of spiraling national debt, the money is all borrowed from China and the second round of checks is scheduled to go out to farmers when the government reopens.



There is no way Biden will beat the obnoxious orange stupidazzed moran. I hope Bernie will run if this financially-bought-and-paid-for yahoo starts becoming a real Democraptic threat. T and R, humphrey!!


Hi humphrey. I’m getting so bummed out watching this presidential cycle develop, and yes, I think that the party power people ($$$$$$) will be pushing hard for probably a Biden/Harris duo….an administration that most likely would be filled with Clinton people, some Obama people, and completely directed by donors, neocons, and other corrupt people and agendas that would not result in the change we need.

I’ll tell you one more thing. None of the conservatives that I know would EVER vote for Biden or Harris. None.


Or any Democrat, for that matter. I am referring to the former Democrats/union people who defected to Trump. Biden could win them back, I believe. I think Bernie could, too. But Bernie will never be allowed another chance by the DNC. Hell, he wasn’t allowed the first one.

I live in a state that produces the majority of the nation’s rice. We even export it to – gasp! – China. Even our Trump supporting congressman is not happy with the tariffs, and not with the debt-expanding subsidies, either. (He’s a teabagger.)

At this point, Trump’s support is largely confined to the crazy theocratic crowd, and I expect they are not enough, despite their outsized influence.

As I’ve said before, all politics is local. Until we can influence lower levels of government it a meaningful way, having the most progressive POTUS in the world – no matter how much I personally want to see it!! – is not going to change much. ANY Dem will give us 4 years to build up a more local constituency.


mags, do yourself a favor and take a timeout from politics. I’m a fellow political junkie, and I do it. This whole campaign hysteria is bullshite. The election is 1 year and 8 months away. No telling what will happen between now and then.


Thanks orlbucfan! That’s probably good advice. Plus, I have much bigger fish to fry these days quite frankly. I appreciate your big sister advice. 😉

(I’ve always wanted a big sister!)


BTW, the latest senseless gun massacre in Sebring is not in central FL. Sebring is on the Gulf coast, south of Tampa and Sarasota.

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