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HomeUncategorizedIndian government announces free health-insurance to cover 500 million people.
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Very interesting indeed. One could argue that CHIP filled in a small gap, but now Congress won’t even fight for it.


So shameful.


Yay! A big start on a good road.


T and R, Subir! Thanks!


All that said, this does pose a question for us in the US. India has a far larger population, and is far, far poorer. If the decidedly right-wing government in India can propose such an ambitious health-care program, why do only half of our Democratic representatives and only a third of Democratic senators support Medicare For All?

Great points Subir!

Thanks for the good news.

I wonder if this will impact medical tourism. My understanding is that some fly to India for their medical procedures to save money.

This piece tells of an Indian heart surgeon who runs 20 hospitals in India and who is now looking to take advantage of the ridiculous situation here in the U.S.:

Most American doctors and hospitals see India as far away, and as a result, underestimate the dangers they face from global disruption. They assume that people won’t be willing to travel halfway around the world for surgery. And they may be right. But before they become too complacent, they should look to the Grand Cayman Island, with its seven-mile white sand beach and tourist culture. There Shetty is building a 2,000 bed hospital for a population of more than 50,000 citizens. Maybe it’s just a coincidence that by airplane Florida is less than an hour away.

(Is that how Bezos/Buffet/Dimon plan to lower healthcare costs? Still waiting for more details on that one.)