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Oh, a nice and long ‘meaty’ video. 😉

I’ll have to listen it later though.

Here are the candidates as listed at the Gotham Gazette:

City Council District 35
Laurie Cumbo, Democrat, incumbent
Jabari Brisport, Green & Socialist
Christine Parker, Republican

I like that Jabari considers himself both a Green and a Socialist. Not sure I like the sound of Laurie Cumbo.

Here’s a good piece on Brisport, sorry in advance if you’d already posted this somewhere LD!

A Green Grows in Brooklyn

the district is a mosaic of wealthier recent arrivals among a long-established community, who are together navigating the complexities of gentrification.

Brisport, 30, is counting on the thousands who voted against Cumbo in the primary. He has the endorsement of the New York chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. And thanks to the city’s public campaign financing, his campaign has more cash on hand than Cumbo’s, which spent heavily in the primary.

Like another Brooklyn native, he describes himself as a socialist underdog against an establishment Democrat. “I consider myself part of Bernie Sanders’ movement,” he says. “He made me believe in electoral politics again.”

So he’s shaking hands and knocking doors, raising his profile in the constituency he hopes to represent. At the Greenmarket, he asks people what issues are most important to them.

“The rent is too damn high,” says Alex Asher, 36, a musician visiting the market with Gabriella Agranat-Getz, 35, a lawyer with the Legal Aid Society.

Without fail, everyone Brisport speaks with mentions affordable housing as one of their primary concerns.

“Capitalism is putting a price on things that shouldn’t have a price on them,” he says over vegan food after canvassing. “Gentrification isn’t caused by white people, it’s caused by capitalism.”

He hopes that message proves a winner in this diverse district. “I say that to a room of white progressives and they stand and clap. I say it to a black crowd and they do the same.”