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As far as “IS IT OK TO CRITICIZE POLITICIANS FOR THINGS THEY HAVE DONE” The simple answer is of course. Their political history and previous comments carry far more weight than vague statements made in order to win over the voters. That is why Bernie has gained so much support. He has maintained his philosophy over many decades not like many of the potential presidential candidates.

Another way of putting this could be “Don’t believe what I say just check out what I have done”.


It is sad that their feelings might be hurt when confronted by FACTS. Just imagine how they would react to lies from the Republicans.


Trump supporters now have a new hero.


An Oregon woman was arrested on Friday night after she was caught on tape holding a knife and yelling racial slurs over a parking dispute.

Amber Rocco, 39, is facing two counts of intimidation in the first degree, two counts of unlawful use of a weapon, two counts of menacing and two counts of harassment in connection with the dispute, which took place Sunday, Fox 12 News reported Friday.

The McMinnville Police Department arrested Rocco after they were called to the parking lot of a strip mall over a dispute.

Emora Roberson was in the car with her aunt, boyfriend and 15-month-old baby when an agitated woman, later identified as Rocco, confronted them about how they were “parked crooked,” The Oregonian reported.


Maybe disappointing but not really surprising.


I remember that during her last interview on The Rachel Maddow Show, Rachel made a comment that she would be a good presidential candidate.?


Was Maddow talking about Claire or Alexandria making “a good presidential candidate”?



Gracefully handled (as per almost always) by Alexandria, it IS disappointing. McCaskill as coming across very badly vis-à-vis Alexandria, certainly sounds outright jealous. And bitter.

Besides, I thought we weren’t supposed to be criticizing fellow Democrats!

Meanwhile, the MSM has been hosting all the losing Dem candidates non-stop. It’s so very obvious whythough, of course.


Just because he can. It also helps that he is rotten to the core..


This is a learning moment. Too bad it is likely to go to waste.


MSM featuring yet another losing Dem, giving losing Dem a platform to actually give advice on how to not…lose? Surreal.



Sirota has been getting so hammered on twitter! When they piled on him recently he took a small break from twitter, but then he came back stronger than ever.

We all need to be super-resilient like that. Because they won’t stop until they crush us-if we let them!


He has the creds to back himself, he just needs to be above the BS, he isnt some random person making a claim, hes an award winning journalist whose work speaks for itself.


Don midwest

It has been mentioned on progressive blogs recently.


Not sure about the amount. Here is a bit more info.

Amy Sanders O’Rourke, Beto O’Rourke’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

2. Her Father Sold a Real Estate Business to GE for at Least $2 Billion

Amy’s father, William “Bill” Sanders, is known as a real estate mogul, according to El Paso Inc. He owns Verde Realty and has been highly successful in all his businesses. The book “The Richest Man in Town” noted that Bill Sanders began Verde after building a fortune in the real estate investment trust business. He founded LaSalle Partners and then Security Capital, one of the most successful REITs in the country, and later sold it to GE. (Some sources say he sold it for $2 billion and others say $5.4 billion.) Security Capital was one of the most influential real estate companies in history. Forbes, however, has cautioned against assuming that Amy is a billionaire heiress. Forbes noted that her father’s net worth is likely currently closer to $500 million.


When he was campaigning for Senate, it was mentioned in the state media. LD posted some of the articles.

Don midwest
Don midwest

History question. Was the white race and colonization of Scotland of itself, was this a model of how Europeans colonized America?

I do know that Scotland had unruly tribes and they had many wars in the country, but does anyone know if this makes sense?

It is a tweet and have to follow the links of the tweet

Don midwest
Don midwest

click on the tweet above and follow the series of tweets


You’ve inspired me to look into that further, but I would have to say that Europeans certainly seem to have used that or a very similar model to colonize the Canadian & U.S. part of North America at least. (as well as Ireland)

I do know that Canada’s First Nations’ indigenous peoples were forced into English-speaking schools (or French).

When students returned to the reserve, they often found they didn’t belong. They didn’t have the skills to help their parents, and became ashamed of their native heritage. The skills taught at the schools were generally substandard; many found it hard to function in an urban setting. The aims of assimilation meant devastation for those who were subjected to years of abuse.

Very sad.

But the technique of using language as a tool by the more powerful faction is not new in and of itself:

Curiously enough, this imperialist approach to language was uncannily mirrored in the Americas before the Spanish arrived. The Aztec empire, stretching across much of modern day Mexico and Central America, espoused Nahuatl as its official language. The dominant tribe, Nahua, imposed it as a lingua franca and disregarded other native tongues as a strategy of control and domination. The several variants of Nahuatl continue to be spoken by an estimated 1.5 million people, mostly still living in central Mexico. “Avocado,” “chilli,” “chocolate,” “coyote,” “peyote” and “tomato” all derive from the language of the Aztecs, who saw their first Nahuatl-Spanish/Spanish-Nahuatl dictionary compiled by Alonso de Molina in the 16th century. The language is agglutinative, words can have prefixes and suffixes attached, and new words can be easily created.


Then came the Spanish, the French and the English.

And wasn’t there a certain amount of language repression during the Roman Empire days?

Don midwest
Don midwest

anyone have a link to Third Way board of directors?

this was tweeted but did not find a link

they are the wrong ones and show the neo liberal backing


I saw it yesterday, tried to find it, but this was the very first image I saw in doing that:


third way.jpg

Here’s the link to their board — it’s almost exclusively Wall Street executives (plus a private prison executive):


Their “board members” are also their individual donors. For the rest of their money they use a corporate lobbying firm that lobbies for Wall Street, Pharmaceutical & Insurance companies, and the US Chamber of Commerce:


“The two organizations complement each other well. Peck Madigan signs as a lobbyist for the government of New Zealand on the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade deal; Third Way aggressively promotes the deal. Peck Madigan clients push for entitlement cuts, and so does Third Way. Notice that Humana, a major health insurance company, lists its $50,000 donation to Third Way not as a donation to a think tank but as part of its yearly budget spent on lobbying activity.”

When they first launched they went after Elizabeth Warren. Now it looks like Bernie is their target.

Don midwest
Don midwest


went there

board of directors are listed and it looks like nothing more than their names

i looked up a couple of them and realized that I could double click and get their info. I first opened them up in a new tab, but later double click won

One of them is Rachel Pitzker, the billionaire developer, Chicago I think, who supported and who knows what else, Barack Obama.

Well, from her bio she claims to be a co author of The Ecomodernist Manifesto which is a tech solution to climate change and whatever else ails the world.

Here is her bio from Third Way. Note that concerned with energy, which means to block the Green New Deal

Rachel Pritzker

Rachel Pritzker is a Board member of Third Way and is President and Founder of the Pritzker Innovation Fund, whose mission is to support the development and advancement of paradigm-shifting ideas to address the world’s most wicked problems. The Fund is primarily focused on the ways in which energy can address climate change and lift people out of global poverty. Pritzker is Chair of the Advisory Board of the Breakthrough Institute, a pioneering research organization that is changing the way people think about energy and the environment. She also serves on the board of the Center for Global Development, a “think-and-do-tank” that works to reduce global poverty and inequality through rigorous research and active engagement with the policy community. Rachel is a co-author of An Ecomodernist Manifesto, which outlines a powerful alternative approach to climate mitigation and human development.

Rachel is a member of The Philanthropy Workshop and previously served as a founding board member of the Democracy Alliance, a partnership of business and philanthropic leaders committed to a stronger democracy through supporting progressive organizations. She attended Brown University, where she majored in Latin American studies.

Most of the board members are involved with finance and they are on the vanguard of the extremely wealthy who are taking over philanthropy.

Own media. Own good works in a country. Own the country.

Down with the upstart Bernie!!1

We know what is best for the country and the world ……


I saw a LOT of posts yesterday related to Wounded Knee.

Among all the potent images I saw, this was the image that hit home for me the most (for some reason):

The pain runs so deep.


I have to get back at my ‘list’, but I hope to check in later!!

Happy New Year’s Eve’s Eve everyone!

Stay strong and be as happy as you can. {{{HUG}}}


I wonder how many Clinton cronies will they try to stuff into the upcoming primary?


Former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) said Sunday that he is “obviously looking” at a potential presidential bid in 2020.

“I’m not going to announce right now. I’m obviously looking at it. I’ve got time. I’ve got a lot of great relationships. I have 40 years of working for this party. I have plenty of friends in many states, so I don’t have to rush into this,” he said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”


So sad! You have to view youtube to see information like this.

SHOCKER: Minimum Wage BOOSTS Employment In Seattle


The capitalist way. Greed is good!


Attention Neera! David Sirota isn’t just a one issue blogger.



Sirota is on fire right now. He’s so amazing with his steadfastness in the cause of transparency.



This is a good development.


This is a good one.??


Once again California leads the way.


A new California law will go into effect this week banning pet stores from selling dogs, cats and rabbits from mass-breeding operations.

The Pet Rescue and Adoption Act, signed in 2017 by Gov. Jerry Brown (D), is intended to crack down on “puppy mills” and “kitten factories.” Starting Jan. 1, pet stores will only be allowed to sell animals from shelters or rescue groups.

Pet store owners will now face a $500 penalty per animal if they do not provide records of origin, according to CNN. Californians can still purchase animals from private breeders.

State assembly member Patrick O’Donnell called the law, which is the first of its kind in the nation, a “big win for our four-legged friends,” according to CNN. O’Donnell introduced the bill.

The law was opposed by the American Kennel Club, who said that it would increase the chances of people buying pets that are not a good match.

The United Kingdom earlier this month banned third-party sales of puppies and kittens.

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