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HomeIssuesIsrael-PalestineBDSIsrael’s occupation has lasted 50 years, it’s on track to run for 50 more.
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It was interesting that Trump went back on his word of moving the embassy to Jerusalem.

I don’t think there will be a two state solution under Trump or someone who gives in to pushback by AIPAC,


Bernie recently was less critical of the Israelis on the settlements. Wonder he’s given it a bit more thought and changed his mind on a two state solution.


Israel is a mushy spot for Bernie. For I guess what some might say is obvious reasons.

I hope that someday we have the option of supporting a strong candidate who is brave and effective on the issue of Israel, and on peace and justice regarding Palestians (and everyone else who lives in the Middle East!).


This seems a positive sign:
Bernie Sanders in Video Message to Israelis: 50 Years of Occupation Must End


Thank you Subir!

Yes, there does not seem to be any advantage to Israel to do anything in the near term and it appears that it will be at least decades before any progress is made. It also appears that is by design.

Israel’s ‘slow’ plan for peace

The most prominent Israeli politician with a chance of replacing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes that peace with the Palestinians will take decades. Speaking at a rally in Netanya, north of Tel Aviv, on March 26, Yair Lapid, chairman of the center-right Yesh Atid, said “Any negotiations with Palestinians would need to be conducted in very slow stages.” By “slow” he meant 15-20 years.

While it is hard to say whether Israeli politicians’ expectations of calm for a decade or two will materialize, it is absolutely clear that one type of Palestinian protest will continue for years to come. Nonviolent protest, especially the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign, will certainly grow in strength and effectiveness as the world realizes that Israel in fact has little interest in resolving the conflict with the Palestinians despite its long-standing talk of peace.

The arrogance of Israeli politicians arguing for an almost indefinite continuation of illegal occupation and colonial settlement stems from one simple fact: The cost of occupation is so cheap that it gives them little incentive to tackle it, as the Israeli population has moved farther right and become more hawkish on the issue. The situation will only change once Palestinians, Arabs and the international community make Israel pay a serious price for its continued occupation and violations of human rights.

I hope that the writer’s optimism about BDS will be proven correct, but I, like the NYT writer, do not see BDS as having much effect or steam. 🙁


“…but I, like the NYT writer, do not see BDS as having much effect or steam.”

Especially when we are loading up the Saudis and the Israelis with weapons. Our policies are in direct contradiction and seem to be more about selling weapons than actually getting anywhere. It is inherently stupid to arm countries to the teeth and then attempt any kind of diplomatic leverage.


There are so many problems today that have their roots in the Israel/Palestine conflict. Until there is justice on this issue, the other problems will continue to grow and more will spring up.


Israel’s apartheid is the single largest impediment to a lasting peace in the Middle East. What is happening in Gaza is beyond belief. It’s the largest concentration camp outside of North Korea. Shame on our lazy press for refusing to report on this slow moving genocide.

Don midwest
Don midwest

No way last 50 more years

One bigger force is capitalism

Juan Cole at this morning –title something like Trump will bring about end of capitalism. On phone and do not know how to copy links.

But even bigger force is Gaia.

The background has become the foreground. No longer humans in the foreground and earth in background. Earth in now an active agent and earthbounds will have to make do with the limited role.

Yesterday at Wright brothers national park. Around the base of huge monument on the hill we were told by an inscription on the base that they were persistent and “conquered the wind ”

Arrogance as humans are in the foreground.

Like the colonial powers who conquered the ingenious people and took their land, Israel colonial project will end.

And with Gaia in the foreground, we earthbounds are suffering the fate of ingenious people and non humans are also in the crosshairs


I can’t say that something like this surprises me.

THE EMAIL ACCOUNT of one of Washington’s most connected and influential foreign operatives has been hacked. A small tranche of those emails was sent this week to media outlets, including The Intercept, HuffPost and The Daily Beast, with the hacker promising to release a trove publicly.

The hotmail account belongs to the UAE’s ambassador to the United States, Yousef Al-Otaiba, and The Intercept can confirm it is the one he used for most Washington business. HuffPost confirmed at least one of the emails as authentic and the UAE has confirmed that Otaiba’s account was indeed hacked.

Otaiba’s influence derives largely from his pocketbook, as the ambassador is well known for throwing lavish dinner parties, galas, and hosting powerful figures on extravagant trips. Several Christmases ago, he sent out iPads as gifts to journalists and other Washington power players as gifts. There’s no telling what kind of messages might reside in that inbox.