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T and R, humphrey!! Glad to see your ornery self back here. 🙂


2nd that!



The MSM media is dead as far as freedom of the press goes IMHO, When 6 corporations control 90% of MSM they now spew out what they want you to hear and believe for the corporate bottom line what kind of freedom is that? If it wasn’t for the web their wouldn’t be any alternatives. Like Bernie said its the wild wild west out their and now more than ever the individual has to sort the news out. But when the alternative is the crap-rate Media i’ll take the sort it out on the web. Now with tweedy, doubt MSDNC will do anything to him, if anything he dumped more gasoline on the narrative that you cant trust the MSM. He has the right to say it, but I also have the right to tell him to shove it and not watch. I have to hold my nose just to watch the debates on the MSM. The only thing that the MSM is good for is disaster or major weather events. I have to admit that I do like watching Kornacki’s white board segments from time to time as it can help monitor outstanding votes from certain areas.

Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

So True.


Just a few tid bits
Williamson officially endorses Bernie
Clyburn expected to endorse Bydone sometime this week

NEW: We just got more results in from Nevada’s caucus. 71.58% of precincts reporting.

Sanders: 47.5%
Biden: 20.8%
Buttigieg: 13.7%
Warren: 9.4%
Steyer: 4.5%
Klobuchar 4%

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