HomePolicyJared Kushner uses lawfare to extort money from poor tenants in Baltimore
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Crooked family, crooked “leaders.” Thanks for the post.


Awful man and here’s an article about his wonderful wife


Are there still people out there who think that Ivanka Trump is a moderating influence on her father? If you believe that – that the Donald Trump currently Big-Wheeling all over the Middle East is the toned-down version – can I just ask, respectfully: what exactly do you think Donald would be doing to the country if he wasn’t under the supposedly soothing spell of Ivanka? Outlawing renewable energy in favour of whale oil? Replacing the constitution with the lyrics to Ted Nugent’s Free for All? Just straight-up cannibalism?

That’s like saying that fur is a moderating influence on a wolf. (It’s so soft!)

Ivanka is not simply tolerant of her father’s blathering radicalism, let alone nobly embattled by it; she is an active proponent and beneficiary of the outrageous robbery her family is perpetrating against those they purportedly serve. Come on. She loves it. You can tell because she continues to be a beaming member of the administration instead of an estranged daughter who cries every day in her nest of shame.


The term for JK is predatory slum lord