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I’m still creeped out by the fact Beals was a CIA analyst during W’s administration. It’s hard to believe he went from that to being this super progressive. I just can’t reconcile that. Obama said all the right things to, then became a Clinton once in office. Fool me once, etc.


I’m uncomfortable with how many ex-CIA are now running as Democrats. What’s more important to these candidates? Is improving the lives of their potential constituents number one on their list of what they would work on if they win?

Or are they trying to use the Democratic party to boost the intelligence community?

These former intel professionals are running for office to check Trump

In particular, they are taking aim at what they view as Trump’s attacks on the intelligence and national security community.

Jeff Beals, a former CIA intelligence officer who is running for Congress in the same New York district as Ryan, added, “I know what the manipulation of intelligence looks like because I’ve seen it. If I were in Congress, I’d be standing against that and standing up for diplomacy and sound decision making instead of fearmongering and saber rattling.”


Great comment. If you believe personnel = policy, then it makes Beals’s progressiveness seem like a smokescreen. He was mentored by abhorrent members of the Bush regime, and is having Clintonites help run his campaign. He needs to be pressed on this big time, the way he whitewashes his past is icky.

It’s clear the corporatist Democrats are trying to co-opt the progressive movement (see also: Kamala Harris and others, turning down PAC money, etc). Vote your conscience, but it’s important for us to keep track of who really are our friends vs progressives in name only.