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Great post, Tom. Thank you.

The framing of the Brexit vote as purely xenophobia/racism reminds me of the effort to paint Berniecrats/progressives and all Trump voters as racist/sexist/privileged in our presidential election. This election has really opened my eyes to the way identity politics is used to divide, instead of unite. Which isn’t to say that racism, sexism, heterosexism, etc… aren’t real and insidious, just that they can be used cynically. Maybe that’s new/more widespread or maybe it’s always existed and I’ve been blind to it.


The Hill camp used identity politics in a very dirty, divisive way during the primary. It was just despicable.


Well, that’s really all she’s got to work with.


Exactly. Attack the messenger because she certainly can’t refute the message. That was the Hill camp main strategy during the primary, as we well know!


She has no shame–she did it in 2008 and this year. It is one of the reasons I WILL NEVER vote for her. LOL, then you have the brass to say you’re all about breaking barriers?! Nah, this bridge called my back is just walking stones for you to be crowned. Ugh. I’m in a mean mood with all this ugly news.


The NeoLib Dems have been doing that (rather expertly I might add) for the last 2+ decades.


I think what we are seeing is the populous catching up with the new dichotomy the ruling class has created. Where in the past it was most often a rich/poor division the rich have made that more into The Global Economy or as some might say the NWO so instead of the push backing on the rich coming directly from the poor, it is the push back on the NWO being Nationalism.

In many ways this also explains Trump who is on the left of Hillary in many ways, because he isnt a more traditional republican representing the rich, socially conservative and anti-government types, but is a Nationalist fighting against the Neo-Liberal/NWO and just using the other issues as rallying cries more than as platforms.

Our choice this Nov looks like between the Neo Liberal moderate right and the Nationalist far right and its not any wonder people are looking for a 3rd option.


Yes he is–Trump was gay friendly well before HRC. And, he was more pro-abortion than she fo’eva. Ugh.


“The obvious solution is to understand and work with the angry populace, rather than stoking their anger with more “solutions” from above.”
Right. On.
But we don’t get the person who was made for the moment, at least not so far.
We do (many of us) get to keep working to make sure nominees from every Party get into office, as long as they believe in the populist message. Whether we will need to gather under another, bigger umbrella remains to be seen, imo.


I posted this in this am’s open thread already, so I hope you are ok with me posting it here too, Tom.

I walked from Liverpool to London. Brexit was no surprise

Thatcherism devastated communities throughout industrial England that have never recovered. Their pain explains why people voted to leave in the EU referendum

I walked through Widnes and Warrington, past huge out-of-town shopping centres and through the wastelands of industrial decay. In Salford, down streets where all the pubs were boarded up and local shops, if you could find them, had brick walls for windows and prison-like metal doors, I found an Airbnb. My host was selling her terraced house. I sat in her living room as the estate agent brought around potential buyers. They were all buy-to-let investors from the south of England, building property portfolios in the poverty, as if this was one giant fire sale.

“Is this a thing now?” I asked the agent.

“It is,” he replied.


Stafford, Cannock, Wolverhampton. Different towns, same message: “There’s no decent work”; “the politicians don’t care about us”; “we’ve been forgotten”; “betrayed”; “there’s too many immigrants, and we can’t compete with the wages they’ll work for”. Nobody used the word humiliation, but that’s the sense I got.



Ha ha ha That’s Puerto Rico–everything is CVD (se vende or for sale) or Se aquila (for rent). One big fire sale.


Tom P it is great to see you on this site. I admire Hightower and welcome him to any discussion. The labels thing is beginning to annoy me. We have enough language barriers. I don’t care if you are a populist, a democratic socialist, a progressive, a liberal or a neoliberal. We know Senator Sanders and Mr. Hightower by their actions. Have I seen this on a sig line from a meteor?(don’t tell me what you say, show me what you do.)

Word Press is not the most user friendly software, imo. Better late than never to the party, eh?


Had a long convo with my brother who voted Trump in the primary and will vote Trump in the GE. He is pretty clear he wants the whole system to topple. This is someone who has an MBA in Finance and was a forensic accountant. He is quite familiar with how folks hide the $$$. Left one of the big three to start a farm and become a carpenter…and, of course, he finds the whole racial thing ‘hilarious’. Some folks just don’t understand, people don’t just vote with their vaginas or ethnic pride.


Oh, my. I am sorry, and I do understand. My brother is “excited” about voting for Trump, because for the first time he gets to vote for someone who’s not a politician. He and his wife have been completely indoctrinated by years of watching Fox, and, while he’s nowhere near as well-educated as your brother, his primary criterion is that Trump is an outsider (and doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing). I think he would be happy if the whole system toppled, too.
I actually wrote a diary on it for TOP, because I thought he represented a lot of people, but never published it because of the increasing number of trolls and trollish comments.


Greenwald had very similar comments: https://theintercept.com/2016/06/25/brexit-is-only-the-latest-proof-of-the-insularity-and-failure-of-western-establishment-institutions/
Brexit Is Only the Latest Proof of the Insularity and Failure of Western Establishment Institutions

More importantly still — and directly contrary to what establishment liberals love to claim in order to demonize all who reject their authority — economic suffering and xenophobia/racism are not mutually exclusive. The opposite is true: The former fuels the latter, as sustained economic misery makes people more receptive to tribalistic scapegoating. That’s precisely why plutocratic policies that deprive huge portions of the population of basic opportunity and hope are so dangerous. Claiming that supporters of Brexit or Trump or Corbyn or Sanders or anti-establishment European parties on the left and right are motivated only by hatred but not genuine economic suffering and political oppression is a transparent tactic for exonerating status quo institutions and evading responsibility for doing anything about their core corruption.


Everyday I gain more respect for him!

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