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HomeBernie SandersJimmy Dore & Thomas Frank – “Hillary’s Attacks On Bernie: “Churlish & Mean Spirited” (Updated)
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This morning I read an article:

Dems fear lasting damage from Clinton-Sanders fight

(link is from The Hill – computer beware)

Democrats are worried that the fight between former presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is doing lasting damage to their party.

As the bickering between the former rivals grows more intense, Democrats say it needs to end.

“It reiterates that our party is still led by people with fatal flaws,” said one former senior Obama administration official.

Another former Obama official added, “It’s like watching two children bickering.”

The only winner from the infighting, they say, is the Republican president.

“Donald Trump must love the backbiting between Sanders and Clinton,” said Democratic strategist Brad Bannon.

Problem with all that is that almost all of the “backbiting” is exclusively coming from Hillary!!

Clinton has piled on during her book tour, which served as a reminder of the bitterness between the Clinton camp and her rival during the 2016 primary.

So the article, imo, totally mischaracterizes what is going on.

Sanders fired back on Sunday with a simple “wow” in an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“I worked as hard as I could after endorsing Hillary Clinton,” he said. “I went all over this country.”

I love that wording, Sanders “fired back”, give…me…a…break.

The Sanders ally pointed to the senator’s recent book, “Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution” and how it refrained from attacking Clinton.

“It was a guidebook on where Democrats go from here,” the ally said.

Still, the ally acknowledged the recent bickering isn’t helpful: “The last thing the Democratic Party needs right now is to be refighting the primary battle of 2016. It’s a tremendous disservice to the party.”

The title of the article SHOULD have been “Hillary’s Attacks on Bernie & His Supporters Are a Tremendous Disservice to the Party”

But a Clinton ally said the former Democratic nominee has “every right to air her grievances.”

“He did in fact contribute to her loss,” the ally said. “I think her comments are fair game.”

So she gets to attack away and even if Sanders just mildly defends himself he’s contributing to damage being inflicted on Dem party??


That’s why we’re leaving the Dems. In a way, I’m grateful for her honesty.

Although I welcome all the support for MFA, I don’t believe that most of them would really push it through once in office. They’re captured in their own mirrors (like the evil Queen).


Amen. Turd Wayers are nothing more than a bunch of backwards thinking, greedy yahoos. Who needs them? I sure don’t (and neither does my vote)! Hey LD: T and R!! 🙂


A by-product comment that was delicious was when DWS’ name escaped Frank’s memory when talking about the DNC Leaks of e-mails.

“What’s her name?”….of course, Dore knows that name and quotes it often. 🙂


It was posted a week ago, but for handy referral, Thomas Frank’s review of the book in The Guardian.


Thanks for these.


“maybe i should have been outraged.” ummm, yeah. maybe y’all should STILL be outraged.

neolibcons are not outraged because it doesn’t make them mad. they’re pretty much fine with the status quo.