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🙂 🙂 Yeay for our team!! You called it, LD! T and R!!



But Fetterman will take his signature black T-shirt and jeans off his 6-foot-8 frame and trade them for a suit and tie if he wins in November.

“I’m just coming at this in a low-key, overwhelmed, humbled place,” Fetterman said in his acceptance speech. “I just want to take our message of ‘All places matter,’ and I’m so honored by the people of Pennsylvania to be the nominee for lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania.”

Then, he asked his wife, Giselle: “Honey, what did we promise the kids?”

His children yelled in the background, “Disney World!”

Fetterman, pushing progressive ideals and a grassroots campaign, appealed to voters by promising to show Harrisburg elites what life is like in Pennsylvania’s “forgotten cities.” Fetterman focused especially on the opioid epidemic that ripped through his town.


He might just get elected if the Dems vote a straight party ticket. Which I hope is the case.