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HomeIssuesBlack Lives MatterKeisha Lance Bottoms makes building up Atlanta’s police force a priority
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Don midwest
Don midwest


Giants to the rescue.

Reading my favorite author, Bruno Latour, who talks about the real war, the war against Gaia, and uses the term which I had to look up, Gigantomachy

Giant, in folklore, huge mythical being, usually humanlike in form. The term derives (through Latin) from the Giants (Gigantes) of Greek mythology, who were monstrous, savage creatures often depicted with men’s bodies terminating in serpentine legs. According to the Greek poet Hesiod, they were sons of Ge (“Earth”) and Uranus (“Heaven”). The Gigantomachy was a desperate struggle between the Giants and the Olympians. The gods finally prevailed through the aid of Heracles the archer, and the Giants were slain. Many of them were believed to lie buried under mountains and to indicate their presence by volcanic fires and earthquakes. The Gigantomachy became a popular artistic theme (found, for example, on the frieze adorning the great altar at Pergamum), and it was interpreted as a symbol of the triumph of Hellenism over barbarism, of good over evil.

On book review section of NY Times, the front cover features 2 books on comics. One focuses on Prince Valiant, a suitable figure for Americans, and the second book focuses a lot on the super hero in comics and films.

Here in America a book we all read in school was “Giants In The Earth” about Norwegians battle on the Prairie

The giants of Norse mythology were primeval beings existing before the gods and overcome by them. Giants in folklore were mortals who inhabited the world in early times. Israelite spies in Canaan saw giants (Numbers 13:32–33), and such beings once, in legend, roamed Cornwall in Britain (see Corineus)


The short article finished up with a little bit more of Giants. Many were dumb. Sounds like out current president.

Giant Mythology

Is the build up in the domestic army the Giant to control the little people, or those who protest? And to protect the wealthy.


Unfortunately, Atlanta was faced with two poor choices in the final election. The best choice lost in the primary unlike in Birmingham, Jackson, and New Orleans.


T and R, mags! 🙂 Hope everyone is having a mellow Sunday. I’m doing my favorite Christmas activity: writing and mailing cards. I’ll turn on one of the boob tubes, kill the volume, and watch some football as I work.