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Home2020 ElectionsKeith Ellison Returns Politically to Birdieville; Did Kamala Harris Flip again on M4A? Bernie Gets a Little Bump Post-Debate & OT
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A former Wells Fargo executive who defended the bank during its massive fake accounts scandal is hosting a fundraiser for Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign on Saturday, according to an invitation obtained by HuffPost.

The former executive, Miguel Bustos, worked from 2013 to 2017 as Wells Fargo’s senior vice president of government and community relations, where he oversaw lobbying and community outreach efforts in six western states: California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Montana and Utah.

Bustos is hosting a fundraiser for Harris on Saturday night in San Francisco, timed to coincide with the city’s Pride Weekend celebrations and one day before the crucial second-quarter fundraising deadline.

The minimum donation for an attendee is $500, while “supporters” need to contribute $1,000 and “sponsors” who get a photo with Harris need to contribute the federal maximum donation of $2,800.

The fundraiser lends ammunition to progressives, many aligned with the rival presidential campaigns of Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who are skeptical of Harris’ willingness to take on Wall Street and the financial industry.


still looking into this, but the article is sourced. If so, pretty big.


Factcheck says the claim is untrue. Reading more deeply, it just seems confusing to me. Won’t get anywhere, IMO.


Almost all of the fact checkers I have looked at today contain incorrect or at best misleading information. Be careful out there.


yeah. i post too quickly sometimes. Because it was a voluntary program, it is different from what Biden opposed, technically. She’s probably trying to identify herself with an image in the voters mind that may not be accurate, but she did not lie that she was in a busing program.


I did and am still looking into this. Copied from earlier OT:

There is a clip in the linked article from the Harris-Biden moment. Here is a problem I see with Harris’ statement: She relates a story about a neighbor telling her children they couldn’t play with Harris and her sister because they were black. To spell it out: Harris did not live in a black neighborhood. Was she simply just riding a school bus to school or was she actually part of an integration plan?

I am glad that she exposed Biden’s record on this issue, but her claims regarding her personal experiences may not be accurate. As Tim Black has said Harris has not lived the black experience.

Added: It is also best to keep in mind that this was Berkeley which was so prominent in the late 60s and early 70s for forward thinking.


Harris tweet was wrong. See below.


Former Vice President Joe Biden lost the support of one of his top fundraisers amid controversies over Biden’s comments on working with segregationist senators and the Hyde Amendment.

Tom McInerney, a longtime San Francisco based lawyer, told CNBC that he informed Biden’s team on June 20 that he would no longer raise money for the campaign.

“I had actually let the campaign known I’d pulled back my support of Biden for now,” McInerney said, adding, “I would imagine I’m not alone.”

“I don’t think he did well last night,” he added, referring to Biden’s debate performance on Thursday night.


Harris: this is an old technique, but quite disreputable. Plainly, she knew this would be asked since it had been asked on night one, so she prepared an answer that allowed her to get credit on the spot, then walked it back later, after the retraction wouldn’t get the audience the debate did. From her perspective, it’s a win-win.

It reeks.



T and R, Benny!! I am getting sick of all the Harris swooning. She’s just a cheap plastic female version of PBO.


I’M thinking $hillary 2.0 the only thing that missing is the $225 k per speech. Either way a pair of Neolibcons beholden to the corporatist’s . Its just round one where Bernie can expect Harris to come at him next, But Harris has plenty of material Bernie can counterpunch with.


And they will come after Bernie for going after Kamala!