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I had not realized how right wing the protests in Hong Kong are. Must read more.


like the Beatles


He would not care for the Beatles’ comparison. The Bernster would be humbled by it. T and R, la58!!


So now will there be a white Liz sis attack? 😉


By January of this year, it had already become clear that enthusiasm for another Sanders run was remarkably inflected by race — with comparatively strong support coming from black voters. And Friday, a poll from Pew confirms the trend: only 49% of Sanders supporters are white, compared with 56% of Biden voters, 59% of Harris voters, and a remarkable 71% of Warren voters.

The explicit, constantly invoked basis for the 2016 critique of Sanders on race — his strong support among white voters and weak support among black voters — has completely vanished. All of the polling arguments made against him in 2016 now largely apply to his opponents, and the polling arguments made in favor of Hillary Clinton now overwhelmingly apply to Bernie Sanders.

From here, it seems like honest pundits have two options:

They can admit that preference polls are not actually a sound basis for evaluating a candidate’s credibility on the issues, and admit that their reliance on this to critique Sanders in 2016 was unfair and misleading; or

They can insist that Sanders and his politics are legitimized by the demographics of his coalition; that his opponents and their supporters are champions of privilege and white supremacy; and they can make these arguments as forcefully and persistently as they did in 2016.

Neither, of course, will actually happen. Presumably, some critics of Sanders will continue to live in denial, and pretend that the demographic coalitions of 2016 map directly onto 2019. More often, however, we can probably expect more of what we’ve already seen: conspicuous silence from critics who never really cared what the polls said either way.



Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are in Georgia making election appeals to thousands of black millennial Christians.

The senators are competing to be the leading progressive alternative in the 2020 contest to former Vice President Joe Biden, and younger black voters could offer an important source of support.

Biden remains atop primary polls partly because of his standing with older black votes. Younger African Americans are more divided on their opinions about the large field of candidates.

Sanders and Warren will have back-to-back question-and-answer sessions Saturday with black pastors at the Young Leaders Conference. The gathering includes about 5,000 black millennials of faith.



Along those same lines, those of us who believe that America’s one-sided support for Israel in every and all situations (including the killing of thousands of civilians in Gaza) is bad for the United States, catastrophic for the Palestinians, and ultimately suicidal for Israel should take some cheer out of Trump and Netanyahu’s latest folly, as ugly as it is. And that is because it weakens the forces that promote and sustain the deadly “pro-Israel” status quo.

Democrats across the board have denounced Netanyahu’s ban and, of course, Trump’s truly unprecedented call on a foreign government to ban US members of Congress. And not just the presidential candidates who, led by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, denounced the ban in strong terms. Even House enforcers of orthodoxy on Israel, led by majority leader Steny Hoyer and Foreign Affairs Committee chair Eliot Engel, opposed Trump’s move. Suddenly, those who can’t find their voices when Israel is killing kids in Gaza are all over the media criticizing Netanyahu. Even AIPAC put out a mild tweet criticizing the ban, one no doubt worked out with the embassy of Israel (like everything it does).

This is nothing for opponents of unconditional US support for Israel to be upset about. Without that unconditional support, neither the occupation nor Israel’s undemocratic and racist system at home can be sustained. It is now losing the support of America’s largest political party and of those American Jews (an average of nearly 75 percent in recent elections) who identify with it.

Let the Likudniks, the lobby, the bought members of Congress, and the neocons cry. For those of us who want to see Israelis and Palestinians living in peace, in one country or two, with full security and sovereignty for both, Netanyahu’s stupid move is good news. It’s time someone tore the mask off the Israeli government and its fellow travelers in Washington. Perhaps, after the 2020 elections, the United States will serve as an honest broker between Israelis and Palestinians. Perhaps it will recognize that Palestinians deserve the same rights as Israelis in the land both peoples call home. Perhaps it will condition US aid to Israel on its negotiating an end to the 52-year occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. After all, there’s a first time for everything.


When will they learn that they cant trust Trumpcorp. As far as prevailing wage goes Walker destroyed it in WI. before Trumpcorp did this. Lesson learned the hard way for trusting Trumpcorp

Trump-backing union workers turn on president over new labor rules as election nears

According to a report at Politico, workers who are a part of one of the nation’s largest unions are very unhappy with Donald Trump’s Labor Department after they had fallen in line behind the president following this election in 2016. The report states “a deal gone bad between Trump and North America’s Building Trades Unions over
a Labor Department apprenticeship initiative” is at the heart of the dispute that could cost Trump votes in the 2020 election. Politico reports that leadership of the union endorsed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, but the rank and file workers of the “NABTU has always been viewed as more conservative than other labor groups, and since Trump’s victory it has weathered criticism.Now the workers are faced with a new rule from the Labor Department that “will undermine their own job-training programs and create a supply of cheap labor for developers, undercutting high-skilled construction workers who rely on prevailing-wage jobs to make ends meet.” “It’s an existential threat to the Building Trades,” confessed one administration official who took part in the negotiations, with Politico adding that the union “that represents millions of construction workers across the U.S.” is “seeing early signs of a member-driven revolt against Trump in 2020.”According to Steve Rosenthal, an analyst and former political director for the AFL-CIO, “The Building Trades have the potential to be a significant force in the 2020 election particularly in some of the key swing states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Iowa.”He added, “The Building Trades know how to mobilize their members and move votes. And their opposition to Trump can have a ripple effect beyond their members and their families to other voters in the communities where their members live and work.”The report goes on to note, “The Labor Department’s proposal has received more than 160,000 comments, the vast majority of them from union members vouching for the strength of the unions’ existing training programs. Most of the comments implicitly rebuke officials in the White House who have sought to make the proposal less favorable to unions.”


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