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Thanks! It was an exciting night. I was glad to see that Labour finally captured that last seat in Kensington by 20 votes!!

Lab win Kensington with a 0.0% majority, 64% turnout (+7.0%)
candidates votes %
Emma Dent Coad 16,333 42.2 (+11.1)
Victoria Borwick16,313 42.2 (-10.1)
Annabel Mullin 4,724 12.2 (+6.6)
Jennifer Nadel 767 2.0 (-3.1)
James Torrance 393 1.0
Peter Marshall 98 0.3
John Lloyd 49 0.1 (-0.2)


Thanks for this excellent summation.

The difficulties that the true progressives or left wing of Labour and the Democrats face from within are both similar and saddening.


Anyone know how Bernie’s brother finished? I believe Bernie went over their to campaign with him.


I just had to throw the tweet in here. It seems appropriate!