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Im a bit upset that the Justice Democrats decided to go the SuperPac route but all in all their candidates are better than most.


Kyle Kulinski, one of the founders of Justice Dems, discusses this change to Justice Dems and why.

My understanding of the explanation is that they are a PAC and not a SuperPAC.


I’ll try and get a list in our menu bar for these types of orgs, as well as update the progressive media while Im sitting around the house concussed.


I’m printing out these lists and putting them in my politics folder. Will definitely be watching what goes down around here. T and R, jcb!!


In my view, Run for Something isn’t terribly progressive. Clinton solicits donations for that group, as well as for Swing State/Seat.

OnceAgain should be on the list for now since Nina and some others are affiliated with it.