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Update on Vaccines running out across the country:

They are. Period.Federal cupboard is empty.

Pfizer, for one company, sold its future production to other countries.

Nevertheless, the charade must go on.

Dr. Fauci, MIA for about 10 days, surfaced to promise that new vaccines would be coming in a few months.

NYC announced it is building out its vaccination sites and capacities because someday, probably, maybe, there will be more vaccine sent out to the country.

What I want is for Joe Biden to tell us clearly how it could happen that Trump could short-circuit vaccine supply and leave us stranded. Was it Trump alone? Did nobody see this coming?


My annual contribution.


Moms Mabley’s version


Great underrated comedienne, too.


heartrending. lovely beyond words.





A mural of Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was defaced near Navy Yard in Southeast D.C., and it’s being investigated as a hate crime, police said.

Between Dec. 15 and Jan. 14, police say someone painted an image of Pepe the Frog on the Sanders mural on a concrete wall under the Interstate 395 overpass in the 100 Block of H Street SE.

The Pepe the Frog meme, which started as an innocuous cartoon online, has been repurposed by white nationalists and anti-Semites.

The Anti-Defamation League declared the frog a hate symbol five years ago.

According to a police report, the vandalism was called in by the woman who painted the mural, and she was in the process of repairing when police contacted her.

The mural has since been fixed.


Yes indeed you have a fight Lindsey. A fight you are going to lose


Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., reacted to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders becoming the chairman of the Senate Budget Committee now that Democrats control the chamber, saying on Sunday, “I’ve got a fight on my hands.”

Speaking during an exclusive interview on “Sunday Morning Futures,” the senator also argued that Republicans need to “fight like hell” against raising taxes and “turning America into a socialized nation.”

Sanders, a self-described Democratic socialist, has been the ranking member of the budget committee since 2015, which means he was the most senior member of the minority party. Traditionally, the majority party member with the greatest seniority on a particular committee serves as chairman.

The budget committee’s current chair is Sen. Mike Enzi, R-Wyo. However, Democrats won both Senate runoffs in Georgia earlier this month, putting the party narrowly in control.

If Republicans held control of the Senate, Graham would have become the chairman of the Senate Budget Committee. Graham warned on Sunday that now that Sanders will become chairman, “the first thing they [Democrats] are going to do is use reconciliation, where you just need 50 votes, to increase your taxes.”

Graham was referring to the special process called “budget reconciliation,” which neutralizes filibusters.

It takes two rounds of 60 votes in the Senate to break most filibusters. However, the Democrat-controlled Senate would need only 51 votes to advance legislation under budget reconciliation.

Graham noted Democrat “priorities” on Sunday, saying, “They’re going to roll back border security at the border and you see the caravans beginning to form now.

“They’re going to raise your taxes, they’re going to impose regulations on the economy, they’re going to try to make D.C. a state, they’re going to try to implement parts of the Green New Deal and ‘Medicare-for-all’ through budget reconciliation,” Graham said. “I’ve got a fight on my hands.”




This past week, Representative Katie Porter (D-Calif.) lost her seat on the House Financial Services Committee. As Naked Capitalism’s Yves Smith observed, this brought “joy and gratitude to every crooked bankster on Wall Street.” According to The Hill, House Democratic leaders rejected Porter’s request to serve on the Financial Services panel and two other committees simultaneously. Porter apparently asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi about rejoining Financial Services on a waiver. She was denied, even while, as Porter tweeted, “others in same situ got waivers. I did not. I play by the rules.” Porter will hold onto her seat on the Oversight Committee and join the Natural Resources Committee; she is also deputy of the House Progressive Caucus.

But Porter’s straight-talking, take-no-prisoners stance apparently played against her with Democratic House leaders. Since joining Congress, she’s been praised for her fierce, relentless questioning—and the results she achieves—during Financial Services committee hearings. Using her signature whiteboards and basic math, she’s schooled everyone from Trump administration officials to Wall Street CEOs. “Because of my work as a lawyer and consumer advocate, I also have a rigorous understanding of the 2008 financial crisis, which decimated family finances and helped cause the economic inequality that we face today,” she told The Nation.

Porter has become a powerful advocate for rebuilding our institutions so that government actually works for working families. She stresses the importance of getting the right people running our government bodies—not those who would dismantle the very institutions they head, and not just at the top levels, but throughout. Porter has also been an important leader in the fight to fund and save the post office, which she calls a “civic treasure..”

Pushing Porter off the Financial Services Committee doesn’t exactly get House Democrats off to a promising start. So let’s do Pelosi a favor and let her and the other House leaders know they need to think again, stop the bankers from celebrating—and get Porter that waiver. Katie Porter is a politician progressives should be willing to make a fuss over.



While law enforcement officials in Washington ought to be held accountable for their alleged culpability in the deadly violence at the US Capitol earlier this month, and the off-duty cops and members of the military who participated in it ought to be disciplined, the attempted auto-coup cannot solely be understood through the lens of policing and security. At least as much responsibility lies with the billionaire donors and corporate interests – in other words, the capitalists – who made this moment possible.

Already a picture of the individuals, organizations, and institutions who lent their weight to the movement that stormed Congress has begun to emerge. Last year, the secretive and influential Center for National Policy (CNP), which author Anne Nelson describes as “connecting the manpower and media of the Christian right with the finances of western plutocrats and the strategy of right-wing Republican political operatives,” called for state legislators in six swing states to reject Joe Biden’s election victory. CNP leaders were scheduled to speak at the rally on the morning of 6 January, where Donald Trump encouraged his supporters to march on the Capitol.

The Capitol siege was just one battle in an ongoing, decades-long assault on democracy. Racist ideologues have served as the vanguard, but they have long been supported (sometimes openly, often tacitly) by a wide swathe of capitalists. The ultranationalist Maga diehards, Qanon cultists, and various fascists that stormed the Capitol are shock troops searching for a leader. Trump will likely prove too self-absorbed, too cowardly, and too lazy for the job. But no matter how many arrests are made or officials fired, the tide of history has returned us to the rocky shores of political violence and mass upheaval.


They pick the Wrong “Dear Leader” to lead them. They have no clue how bad Trumpcorp used them to try to advance his personal objectives. Their just figuring out now that Trumpcorp doesn’t give a shit about them and will not advocate for them unless it a profit for himself


Poor People’s Campaign is having a livestream at 10 PT/Noon CT/1 ET for Love and light celebration of Dr. King.

I had thought Dr Barber would be on later in the service, but it appears he is not.


I don’t know if Andrew Yang will win the Mayor’s seat but he is 100% winning the press and media attention contest.