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Hordes of cheering fans came to see Sen. Bernie Sanders and hear his message on his recent visit to Iowa. He gave fist bumps and posed for photographs. He told reporters he was “feeling really, really good” about the state of the race. “I think we’re going to win here in Iowa,” he said after delivering his stump speech. After a week of meeting with campaign volunteers and activists, holding town halls, and visiting with Iowans, he went to the state fair, quickly saw the butter cow, and ate a corn dog with a smile.

But the media narrative coming out of the state fair was that the senator ignored voters, skirting the all-important Iowa retail politics. “Somehow Bernie walked around the fairgrounds for 20 minutes without interacting with any human beings other than the guy who sells corn dogs,” the New York Times’s Reid Epstein tweeted. And that the crowd at the fair for Sanders was smaller than Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s, which, as a reporter who saw both crowds, was truly impossible to tell. Sanders fielded questions about how he was slipping in the state polls, where he’s now in fourth behind former Vice President Joe Biden, Warren, and Sen. Kamala Harris.

Sanders and his campaign are calling out media bias: The corporate media is specifically writing them off, they say.

He has some legitimate complaints. Media outlets do seem to be looking for signs of weakness — there’s more coverage of a sputtering campaign than one that is steadily chugging along in second place nationally (the latter is closer to the truth).




Cillizza failed to grade Bernie Sanders’ performance at the Iowa Fair, yet he slammed Bernie for being critical of the media?

CNN’s Chris Cillizza Wills Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris Out of Existence in Iowa Segment

On Wednesday morning’s edition of New Day, hosts John Berman and Alisyn Camerota bantered with Cillizza about the fried foods that take center stage at the Iowa State Fair every four years, then launched into a segment grading the performance of Democratic candidates at said fair.

First up was New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, whom Cillizza gave an “A” because Booker got the “best response” at the Wing Ding Dinner (“along with Pete Buttigieg“), and performed well at the last CNN debate. As Cillizza noted, Booker was polling at about one percent going into the fair.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren also earned an “A” because “she has by far the biggest and best organization on the ground and the most organic passion behind her candidacy.”

In the latest Monmouth University Iowa poll, Warren was in second place at 19 percent, trailing Joe Biden by 9 points.

Former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke — who got less than one percent in that Monmouth poll — got a “B” because of his “powerful, authentic” response to the mass shooting in El Paso, which Cillizza called “his best moment in the 2020 campaign.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden earned a “C” grade because of a pair of “gaffes” that are a “bad storyline.”

Even former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper made the cut, earning a “D” grade that Cillizza offered to change to an “A” if Hickenlooper drops out to run for the Senate against incumbent Republican Sen. Cory Gardner.

What was missing from Cillizza’s analysis — aside from depth and substance — was any mention of Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders, who were polling in third and fourth place in Iowa going into the fair.

Now, the world will never know what grade Cillizza would have given Harris, who launched a bus tour in Iowa, and who drew larger crowds than the frontrunner, according to The Hill. Ditto Sanders, who was definitely there, eating fair food and giving speeches about issues. Sanders has been struggling in Iowa polls, including the fair’s unscientific “Corn Kernel” poll.

It’s anyone’s guess why Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders didn’t exist to Chris Cillizza this week, but they were definitely in Iowa, and definitely worth mentioning.



UGH, “that kind of nicely sums up how some people are thinking of Bernie”, says morally bankrupt Brian Williams.


Consistently consistent!


Yeah Cillizza. We definitely trust a hack like you on this issue. 😞
Zero evidence 🤪


So, no, Sanders isn’t sorry. Not at all. In fact, he seems to believe deeply in the notion that the “corporate media” is purposely biased against him because of his long-standing skepticism of corporations and the world of big business. Sanders campaign manager Faiz Shakir took all of it even a step further in a recent interview with CNN’s Brian Stelter, when he suggested that the television ads run by pharmaceutical companies on cable TV influenced coverage.

The fact that Sanders — and Shakir — have zero evidence to back up these big claims is beside the point for many supporters of the independent senator from Vermont. They believe deeply in Sanders and see anyone who disagrees with them as a corporate shill or part of the Big Bad Establishment.

Which is their right. But it doesn’t make these claims true.


Spring Texan

Good but long article, I’ve excerpted the great list of biased headlines:
https://medium.com/@kevin_33184/the-washington-posts-well-documented-bias-against-bernie-sanders-be808aca8c94 (long, includes the WaPo’s bogus fact-checking)
A Review Of Headlines During The 2020 Primary
It is not like this animosity does not persist in headlines during the 2020 presidential primary.
Here is a list featuring several headlines at the Washington Post’s website:
“Bernie Sanders has a low ceiling but others have room to grow”
“Bernie Sanders is FDR’s unimaginative echo”
“Sanders likely can’t turn it around, but Biden can. Here’s how,”
“Yes, I want to pay off my student loans”
“Bernie Sanders has emerged as the Donald Trump of the left”
“Is Bernie Sanders serious?”
“The threat of Bernie Sanders”
“Dear Bernie Sanders: Welcome to the 1 percent”
“Bernie Sanders is now a millionaire. Can he still speak for working class Americans?”
“Revolution stalled? Bernie Sanders struggles against a double bind”
“For Bernie Sanders, 2016 gets in the way of 2020”
“Bernie Sanders’ week goes from bad to worse”
“Are Democrats going to let Bernie Sanders get away with this?”
“Democratic socialists can’t hide their shallowness”
“Online agitator. Leftist know-it-all. Is the Bernie Bro back?”

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