• Two Queenslanders have shared in last night’s $80 million Oz Lotto draw. There have been 88 Jackpot wins in total, so more than in the UK. Among the 626,133,932 winners since February 2004, there was one very lucky player who won the Jackpot of 169,837,010. Have fun – as well as the huge $70 million jackpot prize, there are lots of smaller prizes…[Read more]

  • Click here for full Rules. In Germany, for example, lottery wins are not subject to taxation, and prize claims differ from country to country. With no one hitting all six numbers on Tuesday, the top prize is an estimated $340 million for Friday night’s drawing. The National Lottery (United Kingdom), the New York Lotto (U.S), and the Illinois Lotto…[Read more]

  • En esta página encontrará toda la información sobre Eurojackpot, el popular juego pan-europeo que se juega todos los viernes alrededor de las 22:15h. Las probabilidades de ganar cualquier premio en el sorteo de EuroJackpot son aproximadamente de 1 entre 26. El Cupón Diario de la Once ofrece, por 1,5 euros, 55 premios de 35.000 euros a las cinco…[Read more]

  • View previous drawings in text format. The jackpot odds are under 1 in forty two million, which compares well with the larger lotteries at hundreds of millions to at least one, and your total odds of profitable any prize are about 1 in 23, which once more is just not unhealthy in comparison with other lotteries.

    Three of the five successful…[Read more]

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