• By Vyara Gylsen at Global Research: Centre for Research on Globalization ::
    A group of women from all over the world [embarked yesterday] on a dangerous journey on board the Women’s Boat to Gaza (WBG). Two v […]

    • It’s time America stopped coddling Israel.

    • Thanks LInda for this. Gosh what courageous women. I pray for their safety.

    • Obama just gave Israel another $38,000,000,000.00, so they ain’t gonna run outta bullets ‘n’ bombs to kill Palestinians anytime soon.

      • I suspect that almost all of that ‘aid’ is predicated on Israel buying our weaponry. Sometimes I get the impression that people who make those weapons and invest in those weapon manufacturing companies forget that those weapons are made to be used.

        • No kidding. Self imposed blindness b/c money is all that really counts to some. Like Wolf Blitzer worrying about the people employed making arms. It truly enrages me,

          Create an energy Marshall Plan, fer gawd’s sake. Build a high speed rail. So many other ways. Take back all the dam outsourcing. All the black arms and “intelligence” holes that our money goes swirling down.

        • Perhaps not. One of the main thing the “aid” funds is Israeli armament factories where they make drones and other types of bombs, labeled “tested on Palestinians.”

    • Thank you Linda.

      Members of the European Parliament show support to Women’s Boat to Gaza

      On September 14th at the plenary session in Strasbourg Members of the European Parliament from GUEN/NGL organised solidarity action with Women’s Boat to Gaza that left from Barcelona yesterday evening, aiming to arrive in Gaza by October 1.

      Swedish MEP, Malin Björk, will sail on the boat as one of 20 notable female politicians, activists, artists and media representatives from around the globe.

      The Women’s Boat to Gaza is part of the Freedom Flotilla, a peaceful civil society protest against the passivity and complicity of the international community, especially western governments, in the face of the inhumane situation in Gaza caused by the illegal blockade.

      Björk comments: « I am very proud to sail with the Women’s Boat to Gaza. This ship sails with the hope and a message that we urgently need a brighter future for the women and children of Palestine. And for that, we need to break the blockade of Gaza. »

      « I was in Gaza four years ago, when I worked as an advisor in the European Parliament. I met with women’s organisations and we visited schools and training centres. I saw with my own eyes how widespread the destruction is, and how difficult life is under the blockade and the Israeli attacks.

      « Women are central to the resilience of communities during conflict and hardship such as in Gaza. Women are also key in any peace and reconciliation process. The Israeli occupation and oppression must come to an end. Women will be central actors in achieving that, and in the not too distant future I am convinced that Palestinian women will show the way forward in building a democratic and free Palestinian state.

      « This Freedom Flotilla especially highlights the courage and strength of Palestinian women, particularly in Gaza. I am sailing to show my wholehearted solidarity with all of them, » Björk concludes.

      In support of the action, 55 MEPs from GUE/NGL, The Greens/EFA, S&D and ALDE have signed an open letter to Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy / Vice-President of the Commission, calling on the European Union to:

      – Act to ensure the safe passage of the flotilla to Gaza;

      – Pressure Israel to lift its illegal blockade of Gaza; and

      – Insist that Israel comply with international law as a step towards restarting the Middle East Peace Process.


    • Earlier Flotilla from Turkey that Israel attacked — governments of Turkey and Israel “made peace” – talked about it and on the surface, all is OK

      But, from June 2016

      Turkish humanitarian organization responsible for Gaza flotilla rejects reconciliation deal with Israel

    • Daniel Berrigan’s speech over 40 years ago

      Titled “Responses to Settler Regimes,” the speech was given to the Association of Arab University Graduates in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 19, 1973, shortly after Berrigan completed his parole in a federal sentence for acts of resistance against the Vietnam war. The speech was printed that month in American Report, a publication of Clergy and Laity Concerned, the anti-Vietnam War group. We dug up the original on microfilm, and Tamara Nassar transcribed it. –Editors. – See more at: http://mondoweiss.net/2016/09/berrigans-prophecy-becoming/#sthash.EFpYQzAp.dpuf

      The article that contains the speech published on Sept 2, 2016

      Daniel Berrigan’s 1973 prophecy: Israel is becoming ‘the tomb of the Jewish soul’ – See more at: http://mondoweiss.net/2016/09/berrigans-prophecy-becoming/#sthash.EFpYQzAp.dpuf

    • An update on the progress of The Woman’s Boat to Gaza.


      One of two boats carrying an international group of female activists sailing to the Gaza Strip to end the Israeli blockade arrived on Monday to the French island of Corsica.

      The Zaytouna-Oliva boat, part of the Women’s Boat to Gaza (WBG) mission, left Barcelona last Wednesday and reached Corsica’s capital, Ajaccio, early Monday morning, carrying women from nine countries across five continents.

      Meanwhile, its sister boat Amal-Hope was forced to sail back to Barcelona because of mechanical problems.

  • AMERICAN-PALESTINIAN COMEDIAN Amer Zahr performs at the Movenpick Hotel in Ramallah in the West Bank. (photo credit:UDI SHAHAM) ::
    Reprinted from the Jerusalem Post, by Adam Rasgon, Udi Shaham ::

    A nice, […]

  • James Zogby leads a panel discussion on what Americans and the Democratic Party can do regarding the fate of Occupied Palestine.  ::

    [Mondoweiss.net has] written about Obama’s November surprise before: The libe […]

    • Really like James Zogby. What a wonderful thing it would be if Obama did something for Palestine on his way out. I must admit that I am not hopeful, but would love to be prove wrong.

      • I agree with you. From all else we’ve seen since the DNC convention, I’d say Obama is a lost cause. But have you ever seen anyone who has such an amazing understanding of the situation as James Zogby? You can see details of what he says at the above link if you don’t have an hour and a half to listen to the full video.

      • I really like him, too. We can hope… he’ll be thinking about his legacy. ::wishing::

        • Ooops… that wasn’t clear. I really like Zogby too, and hope that Obama will decide to do something for Palestine, thinking about his legacy.

    • Palestinian envoy: Abbas agrees to meet Netanyahu

      The Palestinian ambassador also told Russian news agency Interfax that Bogdanov had met Abbas in Jordan three weeks ago and “received his agreement to participate in such a meeting”.

      The ambassador said the Palestinian side “had planned for the meeting to take place on September 9.”

      But he said the talks had been postponed indefinitely “after Israel’s decision to take a pause and have a think about agreeing.”

      Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said recently Putin wanted to host an Israeli-Palestinian summit to revive peace talks.


      As out of the loop that President Obama seems right now, it still would be wonderful if he could make any kind of progress towards peace before he leaves. Because neither of the top two running to replace him seem to be disposed towards anything helpful for the Palestinians!

  • Israeli army commander: I will make all the youth of Al-Duheisha camp disabled ::
    An Israeli army commander has repeatedly threatened to make “all youth in the [Al-Duheisha] camp disabled”, reports have said […]

  • From Mondoweiss.net, by Wilson Dizard :: 

    Bernie Sanders on Wednesday delivered a speech from Burlington, Vermont to his die-hard fans nationwide, calling on them to continue to support progressive p […]

    • Between a bloated military budget, outright govt waste and or fraud by companies on govt contracts, legalized tax evasion by corporate crooks ,their is more than enough money for infrastructure, Bernie care, re-fund social security the money that was stolen from the fund, take better care of our veterans and so on. Its just that the corpratistic control of the govt will not allow this to happen.

    • Valid points, but I might add that school board members and state senate folks are not likely to dwell into foreign policy, unless their state pension plan has decided to invoke BDS.

      I think we will continue to hear from Bernie on this issue, but it will be from his twitter account.

      The thing I keep thinking about is that Bernie at least is being heard. 15 months ago, he was the lone senator on C-SPAN. Now people pay more attention to what he says, even if it is just on twitter these days.

    • Thank you Linda T. for pointing this out. I hadn’t noticed this omission during Bernie’s live stream….not sure why because his positions on foreign military involvement, his “NO MORE WARS” , and specifically his fair stance on Palestine and Israel were some of the most important issues in my view. I also just checked out the issues listed on the web site “ourrevolution” and these were not mentioned. I don’t know what this means other than we, WE the people will need to let them know that these issues MUST be included and discussed. I didn’t see a place on the web site for any comments or input. Does any one here have advise?

      • I’d say, if we care about Palestine, we are on our own.

        • i wouldn’t think so. there will be a way to discuss things with OR in the future–i for one will be fighting for it, as I’m sure many others will.

          I imagine their stance on these things will figure into whether OR will support their candidacy.

          I’m off to canvas, but will check back in when i return.

          Still good to see you back, Linda, even if we disagree on this one. I hope I’m joined by tons of people in making sure that there is a way for US to communicate with OR.

          • I was gone for a WEEK, in blogless hell, because my computer was on the fritz. Well, I think those who care about Palestine will have to join forces and organize ourselves, which is what I meant. But I am certainly willing to hold out hope that somehow Bernie will see it through, eventually. We need to be too big to ignore, as usual.

    • Excellent point. Thanks for posting.

    • Really? This is what this author took away from Bernie’s address: he didn’t address I/P?

      There are a TON of things that Bernie didn’t cover in that address. That doesnt mean that Bernie isn’t taking them seriously; it just means that they aren’t his current highest priorities.

      And the past year+, I/P issues weren’t his highest priority. He’s enough out of the main stream on I/P that aipac wouldn’t let him stream his speech to their conference, but he is certainly not a leader on I/P issues, BDS etc.. Expecting Bernie to be shows that the author does not understand Bernie.

      • He’s enough out of the main stream on I/P that aipac wouldn’t let him stream his speech to their conference,

        which, imo, shows immense bravery as a contender for the Presidency.

      • I hope you are right. But for the Palestinians, who are generally invisible in the MSM, Bernie gave voice to their situation in a way that made a huge difference.

    • Really good to see you back, Linda!

      I’m starting to feel like a broken record, though, and here goes.

      Bernie stated his willingness to roll back the MIC and said, famously, “No more war!” at one point. He well knows that money should come out of the MIC to fund the programs he wants.

      I’m not sure why it didn’t make it into the Our Revolution speech. Perhaps by supporting the kind of candidates that we will support, it is understood that there will be less war. It’s one of the main reasons we all, including Bernie, fought Hill so hard and so long.

      Sure, it’s an omission, but I am honestly dumbfounded by the Bernie pile-on that is happening. I am so grateful to him, and I know that after a lifetime of fighting these fights, he still feels the same way, unlike the current and future residents of the White House.

      I don’t get it. Especially by Greens, who are benefitting immensely from Bernie’s campaign. I should probably just stay out of this kind of discussion because he seems like the best friend I have in Washington right now and I understand feeling betrayed by someone like Obama, who never meant a word he said, but I struggle to see it in this case, by a man who literally gave his life to the fight and

      was the only one in the debates to stand up for Palestine at all, much less say, “No more war!”

      I’m going to continue to support progressive candidates and causes (going out to caucus for a SoS in my state that might save one of our coastal forests in a little bit here, and give Bernie and Our Revolution some space and time to recover from the campaign and settle in and hope like hell that Hill gives him a powerful position–he sure deserves one.

      Oh, and this is from Politico staff–always really liked Bernie, right? /s

      • I still have the highest hope for Bernie, but I think it’s important not to ignore how Arabs and other pro-Palestine supporters are reacting to this.

        • You are right, of course. And I intend to make sure there is a way to communicate with him and OR. People are a little burned out from the election, right now, and concentrating on other progressive candidates and causes until next year, imo.

          But keep reminding us, we’ll get there! May our numbers grow in 2017!

    • Linda, one of the things I hoped for most in a genuine revolution was finally, finally eliminating some of the false distinctions made when people separate and label policy as either ‘domestic’ or ‘foreign.’

      As for your example alone: with the amount of money and lives we forfeit (not to mention how much of our political dialogue and policies are influenced) by our ties & interference in middle eastern policies and dynamics, it is most certainly an issue we ourselves have made ‘domestic.’

      On a human-earthly scale, I hardly think rising tides and global warming weather disasters are going to be restricting themselves, adhering to individual country borders and regional shores.

      These distinctions between domestic and foreign (vs. foreign interventionism and adventurism) are rapidly fading into denial and irrelevance, on so many levels; they are inextricably linked, and it would be truly revolutionary to hear politicians consistently weave them into their thinking and their messages and their behavior and their planning and their accountability.

      • I think you are right, belle de jour. As a humanist, what hurts my brothers and sisters hurts me. Things are so much worse now for the Palestinians that to place their plight on the back burner, as you said, letting them rapidly fade into denial and irrelevance and fall out of the attention of the media and the revolution, is a crime unto itself. Frankly, I cannot do that. If I did, I would not be able to live with myself. So, some disappointment in Bernie’s decision, I think, is natural. But I still hold out hope. But in the meantime, I am not going to shut up about the way the Palestinian people are being treated.

        • My sentiments exactly……keep speaking up! Even though I had some disappointment also, I will be eternally grateful to Bernie, for what he brought to the table/shed light on, what he has always fought for and the revolution he has started!

          • I agree. We owe a lot to Bernie. He has always said it is about us and our participation and not just him. I think he’s the one who started breaking down the anti-Palestine barrier in a huge way and I will be forever grateful. Maybe that is the role he was destined to fulfill.

    • While I don’t know why Bernie didn’t bring up foreign policy issues in his latest, truncated, speech, the impact he made while running, with his particular views on American foreign policy, is still being felt.

      I had literally just finished this piece by John Pilger before logging into The Progressive Wing this morning:

      Provoking nuclear war by media

      The CIA has demanded Trump is not elected. Pentagon generals have demanded he is not elected. The pro-war New York Times – taking a breather from its relentless low-rent Putin smears – demands that he is not elected. Something is up. These tribunes of “perpetual war” are terrified that the multi-billion-dollar business of war by which the United States maintains its dominance will be undermined if Trump does a deal with Putin, then with China’s Xi Jinping. Their panic at the possibility of the world’s great power talking peace – however unlikely – would be the blackest farce were the issues not so dire.

      “Trump would have loved Stalin!” bellowed Vice-President Joe Biden at a rally for Hillary Clinton. With Clinton nodding, he shouted, “We never bow. We never bend. We never kneel. We never yield. We own the finish line. That’s who we are. We are America!”

      In Britain, Jeremy Corbyn has also excited hysteria from the war-makers in the Labour Party and from a media devoted to trashing him. Lord West, a former admiral and Labour minister, put it well. Corbyn was taking an “outrageous” anti-war position “because it gets the unthinking masses to vote for him”.

      How I got to Pilger’s piece was a tweet from Rania Khalek:

      Which led me to look up John Pilger on Twitter, which led me to this, with the link to the article above:

      Corbyn is facing similar attacks as Bernie faced too, of course:

      It would be very difficult for Bernie, or for anyone, to campaign for less intervention, for less war, for a smaller MIC, with Hillary Clinton as ‘Commander in Chief’. I don’t see how anyone could dispute that.

      Btw, the entire Pilger piece is superb. When you hear the name Milosevic, what comes to mind? Yah, maybe you too, along with yours truly, swallowed too much of the propaganda? When you read Pilger’s piece, you’ll see what I mean.

      In the US, the anti-Russia campaign has been elevated to virtual reality. The New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, an economist with a Nobel Prize, has called Donald Trump the “Siberian Candidate” because Trump is Putin’s man, he says. Trump had dared to suggest, in a rare lucid moment, that war with Russia might be a bad idea. In fact, he has gone further and removed American arms shipments to Ukraine from the Republican platform. “Wouldn’t it be great if we got along with Russia,” he said.

      This is why America’s warmongering liberal establishment hates him. Trump’s racism and ranting demagoguery have nothing to do with it. Bill and Hillary Clinton’s record of racism and extremism can out-trump Trump’s any day. (This week is the 20th anniversary of the Clinton welfare “reform” that launched a war on African-Americans). As for Obama: while American police gun down his fellow African-Americans the great hope in the White House has done nothing to protect them, nothing to relieve their impoverishment, while running four rapacious wars and an assassination campaign without precedent.

      Keep those eyes open my friends!
      Thank you Linda,

      • Wow. Amazing post, Mags! Thank you for putting that up.

      • Wow! I second what Linda says. Illuminating….
        And, yes, the look on Bill Kristol’s face when Pilger tells him the U.S. has intervened in other countries 72 times since WW II (72 times! Holy s**t) says a lot, doesn’t it.

    • @lindathieman, has James Zogby had anything to say about it yet?

      • This is the recent article from James Zogby–fascinating. Came out yesterday, 8-27. But he makes no reference to Bernie’s decision.


        • Wow — what an interesting and insightful article. This part:

          They lived under a draconian and discriminatory legal system. They lost their lands to widespread confiscation. The Israeli educational system forced them to study Hebrew and Jewish history instead of their own language and history. And those who resisted, were imprisoned or forcibly expelled from the country.

          sounds just like what happened to indigenous people here.

          And this:

          …the “era of the two state solution [is drawing] to a close” and has been replaced by a de facto “bi-national state” in which the numbers of Jews and Arabs are roughly equal. In this new reality, Arabs are not a minority, they are half of the population.  
          If this is to remain the case, and I see no evidence that the Netanyahu government will change direction or that any outside power will compel them to do so, then the Palestinian struggle will inevitably be transformed from one demanding independence into a movement demanding equal rights.

          makes me wonder if this will ultimately be a better solution than the two state one.

          • I agree, it sounds just like what happened to our own indigenous people. They took the native children away from their parents, cut off their hair to “normalize” them, punished them when they spoke their native language, and made them study in Catholic schools while forcing them to convert to Christianity. The cutting off of the hair always bothered me the most. We just totally stripped our young native population of their identity.

            • Something similar happened in both Brittany and Wales, when France and England outlawed the Breton and Welsh language in order to crush the culture (and any separatist movements). From Wikipedia about the Breton language:

              From 1880 to the mid-20th century, Breton was banned from the French school system and children were punished for speaking it in a similar way to the application of the “Welsh Not in Wales” during the 19th and 20th centuries.

  • In the interest of full disclosure, I must say that I was raised as a Lutheran.  Because of that, I have been keeping a close eye on what the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has been doing up until now […]

    • Thanks for keeping up the dialog on this issue Linda.
      I received an email from codepink about a protest of Governor Cuomo at the New York State Fair.
      Full disclosure, Cuomo has a past history of failing to appear if protesters are around.

      Join us on Thursday, August 25th, at Governor’s Day at the Great New York State Fair in Syracuse to affirm our Freedom to Boycott! We expect that NY Governor Andrew Cuomo will attend the opening of the Fair along with tens of thousands of New York State residents and statewide media. CODEPINK and other human rights groups will be there as well. This is an opportunity to reach thousands with our message in support of Palestinian human rights and free speech as protected under the First Amendment.

      Freedom to Boycott Rally on Governor’s Day at the Great New York State Fair

      Where: Syracuse, NY State Fair Grounds

      When: Thursday, August 25, 11am-1pm

      Note: The “uprate” arrow thingy is missing from all articles this morning.
      @liepardestin it’s past time to leave wordpress behind. IMO, It just doesn’t work well enough.

      • Well, as it turns out, the green arrow uprate thingy does in no way reflect the number of hits, so LD decided to do away with it, for a while anyway, to see if it was slowing down the loading speed. (I mean a post can have, say 325 page views and only 6 green arrows.) And yes, we are certainly having a huge number of bugs with WP.

        Thank you for posting the info from CODEPINK and NY, @jbob!

        • Linda
          I made a web site for my small community association using WordPress. I used WordPress.com because I don’t know html coding and found that the widgets available on WordPress.com worked well for what we needed.
          Wordpress provided the service and tech support.
          It was free except for an annual $18.00 fee for the domain etc.
          That said, we only had 3 people who wrote diaries. We allowed no comments. So it was/is much much simpler than what y’all have created.
          But y’all have accomplished so much in such a short space of time.
          What I found for myself was an extremely steep learning curve. I tried doing it as a lark in order to save our little community the cost of having it done professionally. And I enjoyed the challenge.
          What I got out of it besides a bit of satisfaction was learning a few things about my Mac that came in very handy – like Preview for capturing images that I had not been aware of.
          I found WordPress tech support very helpful and had doubts rightly or wrongly about using third party servers.
          This is a huuuuge undertaking and I’m grateful to y’all for the open minded, non judgemental perspective here. Thanks!

          • Hey, thanks for the info, @eve. One thing LD did a few days ago was to upgrade us to WP Express, which should help with the slow-loading problems. I didn’t know about the Preview function for capturing images. Really appreciate your help!

    • Very encouraging to see the Lutheran action on this! They also join Presbyterians, and Quakers are holding strong on BDS despite a campaign against them for doing so.

    • Way. to. go.

    • Hillary trying to stop BDS

      How does that position go down with “liberals”

      Article by a man who wrote a book that was favorable to Palestinians and attacked up one side and down the other.

      The good news is in the last paragraph

      The truth is that in a real sense we have turned a corner. The daily injustices of the occupation are too grave and too widespread to conceal. Our government’s continued support for them is too hypocritical to be sustained. I feel quite safe in predicting that, like Trump’s crudely veiled threat, these efforts at intimidation—both official and freelance—will not be met with passivity. They will not work anymore. Too many of us refuse to be silent.

      threats and intimidation to those who speak out

      I learned this through the conventional method: by speaking out until the threats poured in. I spent most of June traveling the country and talking about my book, The Way To The Spring, which compiled my reporting from the West Bank, where I lived in 2013 and 2014, and where I had been working since 2011. I was encouraged: nearly every venue was full and my audience was enthusiastic. More than anything, I was heartened by the mood of the people I encountered. Despite a rash of recent attempts on American college campuses to shut down critical discussions of Israeli violations of human rights, and to tar a nonviolent boycott movement as antisemitic, it was abundantly clear that people all over the U.S. were ready—hungry even—for the kind of critical and honest conversation about Israel that has for too many years been absent


      When I Published My Book About Palestine This Year, I Learned How Death Threats and Abuse Became Normalized:
      These tactics must be exposed and the climate of fear they create must not be allowed to stand.

      • Wow. That is breathtaking. I’d been feeling that way, too. Was blocked from getting online for the last 4-5 days and only now am I beginning to pick up the pieces. Don’t know if it was deliberate, tho’. Just a suspicion.
        Thank you for posting this, Don Midwest

    • “Hello? I’d like to report a BDS activist.”
      Heeding Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan’s call, an Israeli settler organization establishes a hotline to report international BDS activists to the Israeli government.

      The hotline’s primary aim is to preemptively warn the Israeli authorities of such activists’ arrival to Israeli territory so that they can be deported.

      Erdan directly attempted to rouse Israeli citizens to report international BDS activists on his Facebook page on Sunday, writing “if you have information about someone pretending to be a tourist who is actually a BDS activist in the country – tell us and we will act to remove him.”

      Abdulrahman Abunahel, a spokesperson for the Palestinian BDS National Committee, criticized Erdan’s new taskforce in a statement last week:

      After failing to counter or even diminish the unmistakable impact of BDS in isolating its brutal regime of oppression, Israel is dropping the mask. It is revealing its true face to the world as a ruthless, warmongering pariah state, and it is resorting to the same repressive tools deployed by apartheid South Africa in its last chapter, before its eventual collapse.

      Harsh words, but reporting people for deportation is very harsh.

      Kudos to the Lutheran church and any other persons or organizations brave enough to come out on this issue!

      • My mom, a staunch Lutheran, was so thrilled to hear about this. She reminded me that the Reformed Church is also active in the BDS movement. What your article says is so true: the Israelis are so sure that they are in the right, that they are not even trying to conceal the truth anymore. This bodes well, ultimately, but is so gruesome to watch. Let’s keep fighting!

  • Reprinted from Mondoweiss.net :: by Jimmy Hutcheon and Chloe Rouveyrolles

    Last month we interviewed Mary al Atrash, a 22-year-old swimmer from Beit Sahour in the West Bank who was part of the largest d […]

    • Everything’s harder when you’re occupied. Good for them for getting into the Olympics.

    • Not having the correct sized pool to train in is a huge disadvantage!

      If you’ve ever been on a swim team you’d know what I mean about how when you do tons of laps your body goes into auto-pilot regarding turns, and if you’re training in a smaller pool you’ll have a totally different rhythm (I tried it but it was not my thing, I preferred diving – a future birdie I was 😉 )

      I used to go to school with kids that were training at the national training facility nearby and they swam every morning before school for hours. Having to endure daily lines at checkpoints on top of that would be a non-starter.

  • The Palestinian Olympic Team in Rio2016, from left to right: Simon Yacoub, Ahmed Jebreel, Mayada Sayyad, Mary Al-Atrash, Mohammed Abu Khousa, and Christian Zimmermann.
    Final Olympics Results
    (in reverse […]

  • In February, 2016, DJ Khaled, a Palestinian American music producer, performed a concert for Sabra Hummus in California. Sabra Hummus has been on the boycott list for several years now due to their support for the […]

    • I can’t boycott since I already make my own hummus. It is rather easy and one can adapt it to their own tastes.

      His is a list of hummus recipes for those who might be interested.


      ps I do support those who choose to boycott.

    • I knew about Soda Stream but didn’t know about Sabra. Ok, eff them. Watching our politicians pander to the Zionists makes me sick. The only reason they do that is to pander to the evangelical “Christians” who want to bring on their Armageddon so they can have their rapture to the Great America in the sky.

    • From Justice with Peace website that lists some of the reasons for the boycott:

      Why Boycott Sabra Hummus?

      Sabra Dipping Company is a joint venture of Pepsi and the Strauss Group. Strauss is the second largest Israeli food and beverage company. Strauss is known for supporting the Israeli army’s Golani Brigade, which has a long history of vicious human rights abuses against the Palestinian and Lebanese people.

      Golani Brigade in action: http://www.middleeasteye.net/in-depth/features/abuses-surge-israeli-army-unit-redeployed-hebron-2014745042

      Why Boycott Tribe Hummus?

      Tribe Mediterranean Foods is owned by an Israel-based organization, the Osem Group, which is the largest exporter of Israeli food products to the US. Osem is a key supporter and partner of the Jewish National Fund (JNF), an organization that controls 93 percent of the land within Israel and its illegal settlements, land by law that only Jews can rent or work. The JNF’s parks and forests were planted to hide the remains of hundreds of destroyed Palestinian villages whose occupants were driven out between 1948 and 1951.

      I used to buy..and thoroughly enjoy, Sabra Hummus..now I’ll start making my own thanks to Humphrey’s sharing of recipes..thankyou 🙂

      I don’t want to contribute to environmental terrorism and the expanding of Israeli settlements at the expense of Palestinian olive groves..I’m joining the boycott.

      Environmental Terrorism Cripples Palestinian Farmers

      • Thanks for the info, @grapevines, and thank you, @Humphrey, for the recipes. I used to eat Sabra hummus until I heard about the boycott, but I’m lucky enough that a local grocery chain here in Iowa make delicious hummus right here in their kitchens in West Des Moines. Otherwise, I’d be getting a new blender.

        • Who needs Sabra and Tribe? Make your own hummus. It is not difficult and you can tailor it to your own taste. (I like mine lemony and garlicky.) You can also make fabulous dips substituting other types of beans for the chickpeas–black beans with cumin and cilantro, cannelini with garlic and rosemary, the possibilities are endless. Make a political statement and do something healthier and more creative at the same time.

    • I’ve been thinking about this situation all day. DJ Khaled is very popular–he ranks #1 on the Billboard Top 200 this week. When I first heard dismay from the Palestinian population about his deal with Sabra before this blog existed, I didn’t get it. I didn’t know that he was so extremely popular and very outspoken in support of Palestine. In other words, a very visible voice for the Palestinian people. And so his supporting/promoting Sabra was seen as a huge betrayal of the Palestinian people, definitely part of the psychological warfare that Israel perpetrates against the Palestinian people. No one can understand why he sold out like that. And yet the video posted above in response was actually very respectful of Khaled.

      So, I’m thinking, what could have caused this? I can’t believe with how well off Khaled is that it was simply a sell-out for the money. There’s got to be more to it. It may be they offered him the contract to promote Sabra and when he said no, they threatened his family still in Palestine. In the quote in the video, Khaled told Larry King that he wanted his family to be good. Seems a subtle way to say he wants his family to be free from harm. So they offer him the Sabra contract and at the same time say that either they will make sure his family is safe and if he says no to the contract, they say they will harm his family. So the only way he can keep his family in Palestine safe if to promote Sabra.

      It makes sense. The Mafia has used these tactics, the SS used these tactics, why not the Israelis? The Israelis are experts at psychological torture. A study done on Palestinian children who were being imprisoned and physically tortured found that the children were not intimidated by physical brutality and would just completely shut down, and so the Israelis found that psychological torture was much more effective–threatening to bulldoze their home, threatening to take away their father’s work visa–and then they could get the information they wanted out of them.

  • by Wilson Dizard at Mondoweiss.net ::

    Google blames a malfunction for removing the terms “West Bank” and “Gaza Strip” from its map of Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory.
    “There has never been […]

  • Reprinted from Mondoweiss.net by Philip Weiss

    Last week the New York Times reported a shocking statement from the former University of California chancellor on the importance of stopping the Boycott, […]

    • I wish I knew more about the intersections and dissections thereof in BDS and Palestine, which why I seldom comment on these diaries. But what I glean for myself is that there needs to be a two state solution, Israel shouldn’t ration what available good, clean water there is from Gaza, and I don’t understand the refrain by AIPAC (among others) that they (Israel) are the sole democracy in the middle of the world is why we continue to supply them with more money than God. The situation has festered too long.

      Keep posting even if we don’t post many comments at this point in the infancy of TPW. We’re learning from your diaries. I also read Informed Comment on occasion, as Juan Cole has an interesting perspective about the ME.

      • Hi, Benny. There is not much of Palestine left anymore; the Israelis have demolished villages and houses and formed settlements, illegally, according to international law. They build on land they steal from Palestine and then they forbid Palestinians to enter.

        See: Israel has demolished more Palestinian homes in first half of 2016 than all of 2015

        Israel is not rationing water; in the West Bank, they are poisening water deliberately that Palestinians have access to and cutting off the clean water and rerouting it to the Jewish settlements. In other words, while the Palestinians suffer with little to no water, the swimming pools of the Zionist are full of fresh, clean water. The Israeli Occupation Force even goes into any area of Palestine, both the West Bank and Gaza and destroys any vessel used to collect rain water, says these vessels are illegal.

        Gaza is in worse shape. The Israelis block the only port and prevent help and aid from getting in. Gaza is only allowed by Israel to have electricity a few hours a day. This is not rationing; it is deliberate torture. After Israel bombed Gaza and destroyed Gaza’s only power generator, Turkey wanted to help Gaza and sent a ship which was actually a power generator, but the ship was not allowed to enter the port and sat outside for years.

        Israel’s goal is to rid the population of Palestinians; it is a genocide. Suicides amongst Palestinians is very high and keeps going up because the conditions have become so unbearable. This is exactly what the Israelis are hoping for.

        As for a two-state solution, this looks more and more unlikely because there is so little of Palestine left that the Israelis have not taken over by force.

        Thanks for caring, Benny.

        • Also, Israel makes a lot of claims that are complete propaganda designed to mask the truth. For one, Israel claims proudly that they have the most moral army in the world. The fact is that their military has complete authority to murder Palestinians in the street or at check points that Pals are trying to cross to get to their jobs or schools or mosques at any time and then the murderers are called heroes. It is a capital offense for any Palestinian to throw rocks at the Israeli Occupying Force, meaning that hundreds of innocent, angry, frustrated and hurt Palestinians–men, women, and especially children– are shot dead in the streets every year because they expressed themselves by throwing stones at heavily-armed and -shielded soldiers.

          Another propaganda trick is to call Israel a “Democracy.” Their style of government is not democracy; it is apartheid, wherein one entire group of people has less value and no rights whatsoever. This is largely hidden from the world by the fact that the US government and corporations run by Zionists do everything in their power to control the media in Israel’s favor. But it’s not only that. The US taxpayers have, up until this year, funded the Israeli military to the tune of $3 billion a year. That is scheduled to be increased to $5 billion a year for the next 10 years. So basically, the US taxpayers are funding the genocide of the Palestinian people.

          BDS, Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, was successful in ending apartheid in South Africa. So many US churches worth billions of dollars divested from SA that their economy could not take it and they caved in and ended apartheid. A group of Palestinians reactivated the now-worldwide movement to help Palestine find the freedom it deserves. And it’s working, but as it does the Israelis are retaliating in an even more brutal fashion. For example, some frustrated Palestinian kills a Jewish person, and the IOF demolishes a village.

          • What this really reminds me of is the Democratic Party dismissing the millennials for the same reason: you just want to feel good, you don’t know anything. It didn’t work for the Dems, either, and I have a feeling that it’s going to have the same non-effect on the young Jewish people who cannot bear to support the genocide of the Palestinian people…or maybe it will have an effect. I’m predicting that the young Jews will fight even harder when their Zionist parents tell them to shut up and get real.

          • So moral the military that a MEDIC shoots a wounded Palestinian in the head point blank. Yes, very, very moral.

        • Linda, what’s happening with the liberal political parties in Israel?

          I remember some years back they won a highest number of votes in the election for Prime Minister, but Netanyahu was able to form a coalition to win a majority before the liberals could, in order to retake the government.

          Where do they stand on this, and do they have any say at all?

          • I will check into it.

            • Thank you — I hope it isn’t too burdensome!

              • Not at all!

              • This is what I have found so far that addresses anything the left is doing, and a large number of things that Netanyahu is doing to suppress the left and how they are fighting back.

                Israel’s opposition parties plan to filibuster bill to expel Hanin Zoabi
                Allison Deger on July 19, 2016

                Members of Israel’s opposition coalition will filibuster overnight to stall a vote on a controversial bill to expand the Knesset’s power to oust one of their own. The expulsion bill, formerly called the suspension bill, grants parliamentarians the authority to permanently kick their peers out of office, without loose criteria for disqualification. It is aimed at one member: Hanin Zoabi of the Joint List.
                – See more at: http://mondoweiss.net/israel-palestine/page/2/#sthash.JNfE4MmA.dpuf
                And yet a new way to muzzle the left.
                Critics say Israel’s new ‘terrorism’ law criminalizes Palestinian political activism
                Emily Mulder on June 16, 2016

                The Israeli parliament on Wednesday passed a law expanding the power of the state to label individuals or groups as “terrorists,” in what critics said will be exploited to criminalize legitimate Palestinian political activity. Among its most controversial tenets is an expanded definition of “terrorism” as well as official procedure for declaring a group a “terrorist organization.” The law also enables the state to outlaw charity groups “indirectly” contributing to “terrorist organizations,” imprison its members by association and issue a life sentence to those who “support” but are not directly involved in “terrorist acts.” MK Hanin Zoabi of the Joint List said the new legislation is not intended to indict “real terrorists.” but has a different aim. “It aims to prevent citizens from being critical and express their views, from being involved in a popular political struggle against the [Israeli] occupation, to talk about the boycott, and in general to think outside the box,” Zoabi tells Mondoweiss.
                – See more at: http://mondoweiss.net/israel-palestine/israeli-government/#sthash.I2V9ECPa.dpuf

                • Is it just me, or does it sounds as though Israel is becoming a kind of police state? It sure doesn’t sound like a democracy anymore.

                  Thank you very much for the research, Linda. I kept wondering what was happening with the liberals, and whether they were opposed to all these things you’ve been making us aware of. It sounds as though they are under attack, too, and are struggling.

    • Good point on the “vaunted Jewish mind,” known far and wide for its engagement with the Torah. While many scoff at the abstract nature of such analytical musings, it often serves as a foundation for other, critical thought.

      They wouldn’t have to worry if Isreali leaders would treat Palestinians and others like human beings. Follow the actual Torah, I imagine.

    • Zionist getting more aggressive & the world figured out their game

      They continue to destroy Bedouin villages. The criminal behavior continues full speed ahead!

      Israeli forces demolish Bedouin village of al-Araqib for the 101st time

    • Got this email from Jewish Voice for Peace today. I signed. Follow the link and sign the petition!

      This morning I woke up to the terrible news that 27 people were made homeless for the second time when Israeli bulldozers demolished five structures in the South Hebron Hills village of Umm al Kheir. When I was there last month, a group of international Jewish activists and I helped rebuild a house demolished there in April. Now we need you to raise your voice to help prevent even more demolitions.

      Unfortunately, this isn’t the only village facing immediate demolition now. You may have heard about the village of Susiya previously: the village has been facing nearly constant demolitions in recent years, as well as settler harassment, crop destruction, and direct violence from Israeli soldiers.

      You can make a difference , but you must act now.

      Today, Susiya’s future lies in the hands of Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, the ultra-right wing Israeli Defense Minister.1

      We must say unequivocally that the destruction of Palestinian homes and lives do not represent our values or our Judaism. The ongoing campaigns of destruction and dislocation of Palestinian lives functions as one of the most heinous prongs of an entire system of discrimination, oppression, and colonialism.

      If you and 20,000 others sign this petition, we can mobilize Secretary Kerry to intervene in the demolition orders and make sure that Israel Defense Minister Lieberman does not allow the destrcution of Susiya and and further demolitions in Umm al Kheir.

      This is not an isolated instance of injustice. Demolitions are just one devastating example of an entire system of discrimination that Palestinians face on both sides of the Green Line.

      A settler leader in the settlement of Carmel that overlooks Umm al Kheir said in a statement today: “I hope this is the beginning of a new trend.”

      But we know the trend of demolitions is actually decades old. It’s our job to actually start a new trend of respect for Palestinian land and human rights. Especially because Susiya could be demolished as soon as August 15.

      Please join with thousands of others to tell Jon Kerry that the destruction of Palestinian homes and lives do not represent our values or our Judaism.

      Last month I spent time in both of these villages while I was leading a solidarity delegation with the Center for Jewish Nonviolence2 – planting fields, rebuilding demolished homes, eating and laughing together, talking and sharing our experiences with one another. My group and I were invited to observe Shabbat in Susiya – a courageous act of solidarity for the people of Susiya, for whom contact with Jews so often means being subject to settler and military violence.

      The thought of families – who had so graciously hosted me despite all they’ve been through – having their lives destroyed breaks my heart and boils my blood. If the thought of home demolitions, forced evictions, and military occupation committed in your name breaks your heart and boils your blood as well, please sign and share the petition.

      The good news is that we aren’t the only ones horrified by Israel’s plans. Rabbis for Human Rights, MoveOn, J Street, Rebuilding Alliance, and other advocacy groups are all joining forces to stand up for Susiya and against Israeli human rights abuses.

      Please join me in standing up for Palestinians in Susiya and Umm al-Kheir today.

      Ashley Bohrer
      Jewish Voice for Peace &
      the Center for Jewish Nonviolence

  • The first of six Palestinian athletes completed his qualifying heat on Sunday, August 7, 2016.  He was listed as Ahmed Gebrel, aged 25, and he swam in the Men’s 200m Freestyle Heats shortly after noon EDT. Ahmed […]

    • Good luck to you athletes!

    • “Hat’s off” to all athletes whether they win or lose as they are in that Olympic stadium because they were the best of the best from where they came from. It takes a lot just to be there, and that speaks volumes about any competitor.

      • I agree. I am very proud of them. And to think the Olympic Committee has invited them and is aware of their limited circumstances, and yet isn’t swayed by their corporate sponsors to ignore them. Does my heart good.

  • RIO DE JANEIRO/PNN/ (Palestinian News Network)

    Palestine is competing at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro from 6 to 21 August with six athletes. Three of the six […]

  • The Palestine Olympic Team (above) #Rio2016
    Well, I heard it from Matt Lauer’s own lips on the NBC coverage of the Parade of Nations on the first night of the Rio Olympics 2016.  Since there is such a media […]

  • The Opening Ceremonies at the Rio Olympics is this Friday, on August 5, 2016.  It is interesting to note that there will be some Palestinian participants who have qualified in spite of Israel’s desire to prevent […]

    • Goooo, Mary!

    • I’m totally going to cry when I see Mary proudly carrying the flag of Palestine. Bet the network cuts away at that moment and I’ll have to search for it on the web.

      Palestinain flag

    • Wonderful story Linda!

      I had just read this story yesterday:


      Yusra Mardini, an Olympic swimmer, was an hour and a half into her first training session of the day, butterfly-kicking down the length of a pool with a yellow rubber duck balanced on her head.

      Other young swimmers shared the lane, but Mardini, 18, kept her own pace, darting down the center, emerging at the edge of the pool from time to time to exchange the duck — used for balance training — for a snorkel or a kickboard.

      Mardini has been practicing since October at the training center for Wasserfreunde Spandau 04, one of the oldest swimming clubs in the city. The pool was built by the Nazis for the 1936 Olympics.

      Everything about Mardini’s route to the Rio Games has been unlikely. She will compete on the first refugee team at an Olympics, a feat that was unthinkable less than a year ago when she was neck-deep in the Mediterranean Sea swimming for her life.

      Last August, Mardini and her sister Sarah fled war-torn Syria and embarked on a harrowing, monthlong journey through Lebanon, Turkey and Greece, up through the Balkans and Central Europe, to Germany, narrowly dodging capture and death. When their crammed dinghy broke down between Turkey and Greece, she and her sister, also a swimmer, jumped into the water and helped guide the boat to safety.

      • Oh, wow. What a cool story. Thanks, LD. I had just heard about the Refugee Team the other day, too. It includes not only Syrian refugees but many from Africa who have been training in Kenya.

  • While we’ve been away, shocked, appalled and grief-stricken, Israel has been taking advantage of the lack of attention on them and has decided to recklessly set about breaking international law yet again.

    by […]

  • While we’ve been away, shocked, appalled and grief-stricken, Israel has been taking advantage of the lack of attention on them and has decided to recklessly set about breaking international law yet again.

    by […]

    • Thank you for posting. So much for the “peace process” and a two state solution. Human dignity and the rights of a people lose to more of the same old failed neocon/neoliberal approach.

    • We must get active to push the next administration for a major change in our M.E. policies and the constant act of not being an impartial player in the negotiations. It must involve getting active in the streets and voicing our concerns, as we cannot watch this slow genocide of a people and their culture continue.

      • I really think that Billary are too darn stupid to realize how destructive and destabilizing the Likud aggression is.
        I don’t care where they got their degrees or honors, they are clueless and unethical.
        They pander to the worst, least responsible, in industry and govt.
        How can we deprogram or decorrupt them?
        I’m all for pressuring them to do the right thing but they seem stuck in some imaginary Cold War paradigm.

        • Well, I can’t disagree with you, but they appear to think what they are doing is exactly the right thing since it is getting them the power and wealth they crave. Maybe we need to replace them rather than try to decorrupt them. Can a leopard ever change its spots?

          • I couldn’t agree more, Linda. And furthermore if one reads Hillary Clinton’s 1969 thesis, it foreshadows her modus operandi.
            If you google “there is only the fight” for the PDF file of her original thesis (along with the telling cartoon of her cynicism at the end) her conclusion is that Saul Alinski’s New Deal style public works program to help lift poor people especially people of color out of the extreme poverty of the Chicago stock yards might work in some other country but would not work in this country with its mass production mass consumption economy.
            The clear implication is that it’s a waste of time to fight for what’s right like Bernie Sanders has done his whole life. If instead one wants to climb to power one becomes an apparatchik for the system that’s already in place .

        • Clinton is many things, but stupid she is not. It must be benefiting her to have such an immoral outlook and political stand on the Palestinian/Israeli issue.

    • Geez, I wish Obama would respond and let them know they need to keep to their agreements. Much better use of his time than sending more drone strikes on civilians in Syria.

    • Neither of the presidential candidates will do anything to stop Israel’s theft of what little Palestinian land is left. It’s a very depressing situation. On this issue I am not sure what the most effective way to move forward is.

      This clip is from almost a year ago:

      Historian: 2016’s is ‘most Jewish’ race
      Ex-White House staffer tells fed major donors of Jews’ political rise

      A presidential historian and former White House staffer told an Aug. 11 gathering in Long Branch that the 2016 presidential race is shaping up to be the “most Jewish” in history.

      “Think about it,” said Dr. Tevi Troy. “Both leading candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, have machatunim,” Jewish in-laws of their daughters. (Chelsea Clinton is married to the Jewish Marc Mezvinsky, and Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, married the Orthodox Jared Kushner, originally of Livingston, after converting.)

      “It’s remarkable how little comment there is” on this phenomenon, Troy said. “The larger American society accepts this with nary a second thought. I can’t think of any other country where the leading candidates have machatunim — except Israel.”

      Troy served, in the administration of George W. Bush


      This article is from 10/30/13:

      Jeffrey Katzenberg’s Secret Call to Hillary Clinton: Hollywood’s 2016 Support Assured

      Hillary claims to want big money out of politics. But she won the primary using big money.

      p.s. It’s amazing that Bernie did as well he did when you consider that Hillary and those behind her have been setting this up for many years. And he didn’t use a super-pac AND was thwarted with electoral shenanigans AND was disparaged and/or ignored in the corporate media etc.

    • Very discouraging, but not at all surprising, and especially as Clinton will be the next president and is much worse on Israel than Obama.

  • by Philip Weiss, mondoweiss.net
    For  those who care about Palestine, the most exciting moment of the Democratic convention took place Monday when a young delegate jumped on to his chair on the convention floor […]

    • Brave kid! My hat is off to him. The Palestinians have been getting a rough deal for decades.

    • “surrounded by a crowd holding up Hillary Clinton signs”

      Ah, the irony of a cover up….using Hillary Clinton signs….

    • Encouraging to hear his optimism! Good for him for being so brave and caring.

      So weird to me how Palestinian support is viewed as something to keep under wraps, or behind American flags, as the case may be:

      I do agree with him that the wind seems to be slowly shifting. But there’s a long way to go.

      And this struggle just got more difficult:

      How Hillary Clinton Soothes Israel Backers at Convention — by Stressing Daylight With Barack Obama

      The convention managed to keep controversies over Israel under wraps and away from public eye. Moving forward, the Clinton campaign will continue stressing the language of the platform, not the internal battle that preceded it.

      Laura Rosenberger, the Clinton campaign’s foreign policy adviser in charge of Middle East affairs, said that if elected, Clinton will fulfill her promise of inviting Netanyahu to the White House in her first month in office.

      Thanks for bringing Ali Akın Kurnaz to my attention.

      • Clinton’s reflexive pro-Israel sentiment is like something from 20 years ago. No nuance, just the type of display of loyalty that Democrats all had to do in the 20th century. She doesn’t have to do that anymore. She could take an Obama/Kerry, more thoughtful tack. But she just doesn’t want to.

        This is just who she is, and it’s a heck of a thing to be stubborn about.

        • Neoliberals realize that they blend seamlessly with neocons at this point. They have an easy majority and machines to take care of the rest, so they have been acting more and more brazenly.

          • I’m not entirely clear why you’re writing about this as if Clinton’s sentiments express something novel, something brought about “at this point,” something becoming “more and more” anything. The view of American-Israeli relations laid out last night isn’t something new, either from her, or from the mainstream of the Democratic Party. It’s the standard line from about 1948 through the present, and the one she advocated for throughout the primary, and before it.

            What’s novel is that there is now room for someone in her position to back off a little. The external political forces are making it more possible to be more even-handed and progressive on Israel-Palestine issues, and the Israel lobby is less strong that it has been since Truman. Remember when they tried to spike Chuck Hegal’s appointment as Secretary of Defense and failed? Or when they, and Netanyahu himself, tried to get Congress to block the Iran nuke deal, and failed?

            I lean towards viewing political developments as consequences of objective forces, but I don’t think you can attribute Clinton’s Israel hawkishness to any larger political trends. I think this is Hillary herself, individually.

            • I was pointing out that she doesn’t feel the need to appease the pro-Palestinian part of her Party b/c her opponent is so unpopular.

              Perhaps you’re right and she would have taken just as hard a tack against, say, a Jeb Bush or Kasich.

        • You might be right and, if so, that intransigence suggests a person whose viewpoint is rigid, which I don’t find encouraging, and/or a lack of self-reflection, and/or an over-reliance on financial support (and others forms of support) from the Israeli hardliner groups, all discouraging.

          Obviously, there is nothing wrong with being a supporter of Israel. But it doesn’t have to be a this or that thing. One can support Israelis AND Palestinians and do one’s best to chart a fair course through the issues that divide them. But Hillary seems to be firmly on the riverbank of Israel with no intention of doing more than glancing over to the other side.

          But more specifically in reply to your comment, Joe, Democratic party PTB seem to be concerned about losing some Jewish support to Trump and may not agree with you on HC not needing “to do that anymore”.

          Jewish Democrats launch Super PAC to counter Republicans

          Jews for Progress has raised over $1 million over the last two months, one of its founders, Ron Klein, a former Florida congressman who consults with Democrats, confirmed to JTA on Monday.

          Also backing the Super PAC – a term that describes a political action committee that may raise unlimited funds – are Marc Stanley, a past chairman of the National Jewish Democratic Council; Michael Adler, a Miami lawyer who is a major fundraiser for Democratic candidates, and two longtime donors to Democratic and pro-Israel causes, Fran Katz Watson and Steve Paikowsky.

          • Republican attempts to find Jewish votes every four years are always dry wells. It seems especially unlikely they’d pick this year, with Trump attracting open antisemites to his cause, to be the year they started swinging to the Republicans.

      • Thanks for posting these, mags!

    • My first exposure to the horrors inflicted on Palestinians by Israel and its surrogates — particularly the U.S. — was in my conversations with a Palestinian refugee when we were both in engineering graduate school in the U.S. in the early 1980s. Before our always quite friendly conversations, I had no idea anything he educated me about even existed. My own subsequent readings not only confirmed everything he told me, but amplified on it. I’ve vocally supported Palestinian rights ever since. (The only political disagreement he and I ever had was about Nixon. He thought Nixon was great because of his internationalism, while I saw only Kissinger, the needlessly prolonged Viet Nam War, and Watergate.)

    • Awesome Ali!

    • What a good and brave young man!

    • For more on the situation in Palestine and Israel, see the excellent Walled, by Sylvain Cypel (New York : Other Press, 2006) — a detailed and balanced view on the ground from a veteran Le Monde correspondent.

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