HomeIssuesForeign PolicyMike Pompeo is a pro-torture racist. Why are Dems coaching him for Senate hearings?
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One of the senators from Hawaii has also stated that he is a ‘No’ vote. T and R, Subir!!


As you said in a comment to your DK version of this diary, Pompeo could care less about the advice but does care about the cover such reaching out provides. I can think of some Dems that will lap that up.

Don midwest
Don midwest

establishment hangs together

torture is so quaint

war is so quaint

what matters? the next tweet

killing a few thousand or hundred thousand isn’t so bad

a million or a couple million died in Vietnam

and we are still the greatest nation in the history of the universe

until the next financial collapse which shows that there is no solid foundation to economics

and the earth strikes back


Surely he will sail through with help from those “moderate” Dems like Manchin, Donnelly, and Heitkamp. After all he talked to Clinton and Kerry. I’m also so glad Kaine doesn’t regret his vote to confirm Pompeo as CIA director.


Two key Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee are signaling they won’t back CIA Director Mike Pompeo for secretary of state, a sign that his nomination as the top US diplomat is likely to face a rebuke by falling short of a majority on the panel.

In interviews with CNN, Democratic Sens. Tim Kaine and Jeanne Shaheen — who sit on the panel and backed Pompeo’s nomination to be CIA director — say they are harboring concerns with the nominee, a clear signal they may vote against him. In addition, Republican Rand Paul also told CNN that the hearing “really solidified” his opposition to Pompeo.
“I voted for him as CIA director and haven’t had cause to regret that vote,” Kaine told CNN. “But I have serious doubts about whether he’s the diplomat that we need right now.”

If all three members ultimately vote “no,” then Pompeo won’t have enough votes to be win a favorable recommendation from the committee.

But in an extraordinarily rare move, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell could still bring up the nomination on the floor of the Senate despite the negative vote in the committee. If that would occur, Pompeo would need the support of at least one Democratic senator, given Paul’s opposition and the continued absence of Sen. John McCain, who is recovering from brain cancer. And behind the scenes, Pompeo has been working to lock down support from moderate Democrats, including ones in tough races, to push him through on the floor.


Yes! Why are certain Dems “coaching” him? That is a very good question.


Thanks for this piece, Subir. You ask why Hillary Clinton and John Kerry would be willing to help Pompeo….It’s discouraging but not that surprising.
It’s a mind set that’s hard to comprehend.
Clinton of the two was the only one who Politico confirmed was offering advice.
It reminds me that Clinton says she admires Henry Kissinger and the Clintons hang out with that war criminal.
There’s no moral core apparently.
Sad and shocking, even now.