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By the time you understand thier is no room for you it will be to late




T and R x 2, pb4!!☮️😊👍



Interesting that Bernie is tweeting this in the face of reports of that $800 dental voucher.



The proposed new Medicare benefits have always been vulnerable, given their $350 billion price tag and a wave of lobbying against them from the health care industry. Those lobbying against the Sanders-backed expansion include private insurance companies and dentists whose profits would take a hit if more seniors enrolled in traditional Medicare and didn’t have to buy supplemental private plans to cover their dentures, hearing aids and glasses.

Many Democrats also saw the Medicare benefits as a threat to the effort to expand Medicaid to millions of uninsured low-income people in conservative states, given that the two provisions were competing for the same limited dollars.

In recent weeks, Biden had pitched lawmakers on converting the dental benefit — by far the most expensive and logistically challenging of the three Medicare expansions eyed for the bill — into an $800 annual voucher for care. Progressives, who have fought for decades against conservative efforts to convert Medicare into a voucher program, were critical of that idea but acknowledged it could be a way to get aid to seniors sooner, given that the original House legislation would not have rolled out the dental benefit until 2028.

Some lawmakers also floated ditching dental and focusing solely on vision and hearing care, while others argued for just a few years of all three, confident that the benefits would prove so popular that a future Congress would be forced to extend them.

Yet even those scaled-back versions have yet to garner enough support from centrist holdouts in the Senate, bolstering projections that the entire Medicare-expansion plank could get axed entirely.

Sanders insisted to POLITICO on Saturday that the benefits are “not coming out.”

“The expansion of Medicare to cover dental, hearing and vision is one of the most popular and important provisions in the entire bill,” he said. “It’s what the American people want.”

Sanders and other progressives already saw the benefits expansion as a significant concession, given they had originally pushed to lower the Medicare eligibility age from 65 to 60. Now, they say dropping the expansion entirely risks losing their votes for the broader bill.

“We obviously want vision, dental and hearing to be covered,” Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) told reporters Friday. “My biggest worry is that we’ve had our set of five priorities and we’ve always said we will support a package that has these five priorities. Once you start taking away some of the priorities, then things get a little dicey.”


These so-called ‘Dim-ocrats’ aren’t worth the time of day nor our votes. The Progressives might as well vote no. Naturally, the MICC will get its full allotment even with a catastrophic climate facing us and our country wrecked. On a more positive note, I walked over to the Veggie Fest yesterday. The weather was decent for here. No alcohol so no bozo cops. You wouldn’t believe the difference that made! The atmosphere was mellow. Checked in with the People’s Party at their booth, and then ran into Rep. Anna Eskamani and a couple of her staff. All of them were young folks. I talked about getting rid of closed primaries. That is desperately needed. Hope I planted some mental seeds. 🙂