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Don midwest
Don midwest

psychopathology is US or is it us?

What Trump was asking for was the murder of children. He was actually, if the report is true, scolding the CIA for leaving the children alive rather than burned and dismembered by a rocket.

This form of government has gripped the United States with increasing ferocity during the past, succeeding, year. Some informed observers have alleged that once Trump got in, he lightened the rules of engagement for aerial bombardment in campaigns against ISIL such as Mosul,leading to massive civilian casualties and extensive destruction of civilian buildings and infrastructure. Iraq may or may not recover from this brutality.

Juan Cole’s article today

Psychopathocracy Matures: Trump asks why CIA did not Massacre family of Militant with Drone


I didn’t read the headline correctly

A new word


Rule by the psychpath


It’s the FRightwingnut war junkie/crooked corpse U.S. mindset that’s feeding all this pollution. It is not US/WE The People. Folks around the world know it, too. T and R, Subir!!


It used to be that the Russians, Chinese, North Korea, Iran and the other 2 bit dictators were the bad guys? Are we any better as the US has a presence military wise in 172 countries out of the 180 + countries. Are we becoming the global bully that we used to accuse others of? Then theirs the post from subir yesterday and DM today would the US be charged with war crimes if Trumpcorp changed the rules of engagement to eliminate civilians? , Military technology today has the ability to limit civilian casualties and accomplish a objective, With Trumpcorps idea we mise well go back to WWII tech where civilian casualties were horrible. The way I see this now is its really down to corporate, oligarch and MIC control for the world and its resources. Some of what’s going on hasn’t changed since Star treks “A private little war” with a healthy dose of Profit’s thrown in. And you can add destroying the environment in their pursuit of profits. Why is the Human condition War?

Don midwest
Don midwest

Just what are you saying?

Russia Russia Russia

Rachel gets #1 rating by this strategy

Onion Skewers Rachel Maddow – Cable News’ #1 Host

there is no time to waste! Can ignore genocide in Gaza while protecting the establishment!!!!

Poor Jimmy Dore in the video above. He says he doesn’t want to be part of MSM. He wants to criticize the liberal hero Rachel


I’m very disappointed with Maddow. I figured her a woman of strong moral fiber. Wrong!


T & R, Subir!


Thank you Subir. I was so sad to hear that Yaser died. 🙁 🙁
I had seen a picture of him shortly after he was shot, he was on a stretcher and still alive at the time. He was clearly marked ‘PRESS’!! Just as the shot journalist in your pics up top was.

Palestinian journalist Yasser Murtaja was 100 metres from the border when he was killed.

I saw some ridiculous assertions on twitter about how maybe Yaser’s camera appeared to the Israeli snipers like a RPG launcher, but I think it’s more likely that Israel wanted to send a message to photographers and journalists that they will be targeted too. Especially, as you pointed out, since Israel claimed that they knew “where every bullet landed”.

But, of course, now Israel is saying:

The Israeli army has said in response: “The IDF does not intend to shoot at journalists, and the circumstances in which journalists were allegedly injured by IDF gunfire are unknown and are being investigated.”

What tore me up extra about Yaser (other than appearing like a sweet young man in pics I saw-he had a really lovely smile) is that a few weeks ago he’d expressed a desire to travel outside Gaza as he had not yet done so. It really does seem like Gaza is a big open-air prison!

Murtaja’s desire to travel was a recurrent theme in his social media posts. In February, his dream was fulfilled when he managed to leave the Gaza Strip through the southern Rafah border.

However, after spending hours in the Egyptian lounge on the other side of the crossing, he was forced back to the besieged enclave along with hundreds of other travellers.

In a Facebook post describing the events, Murtaja wrote: “The first time in my entire life I was successful in travelling was yesterday but I am back today. I stayed in the Egyptian lounge, and I wanted to get on the plane or even just to see one. Instead what I saw was the humiliation and oppression of the people from Gaza of which there is enough to fill a book with. The Egyptians turned back three passenger buses, citing security reasons in the Sinai.”

How awful for him! He finally gets out, only to be sent right back.

Under a picture of Gaza City’s port captured by his drone, journalist Yaser Murtaja wrote the following words: “I hope the day that I can take this image when I am in the sky instead of on the ground will come! My name is Yaser, I am 30 years old, live in Gaza City and I have never travelled before in my life!”

The attached pic is the one Yaser posted on March 24th, that he took via a drone.

Murtaja was the co-founder of Ain Media Production Company.[3] Ain Media has produced work for Al Jazeera, BBC, VICE, among several other media companies.[4] Murtaja was one of the first to bring a drone camera into Gaza, a territory with no airport or skyscrapers.

(If you want to see his wiki page you might want to do so soon because it has a message across the top that the page is “being considered for deletion” for some reason. My understanding is the Israel is really passionate about getting posts removed for telling too much truth.

Ohhhh, I just found this story, that also talks about his smile! 🙁

Yaser Murtaja, and his dreams of travelling

Described as a man with an infectious smile, the slain reporter dedicated his life to telling stories of Gaza residents.

Please watch/share this documentary that he was a cameraman for:

He was a respected cameraman for documentaries – most notably, Al Jazeera’s “Gaza: Surviving Shujayea”.

Known in Arabic as “Beesan”, the documentary was named after a little girl that was pulled from the rubble of her home during Israel’s offensive on the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2014.

Most of Beesan’s family were killed, and Murtaja, along with a medic called Alaa Abu Shu’eer, struck up a close relationship with the child to help her get through her trauma.

In the last sequence of the film, which was released in 2016, Murtaja and Abu Shu’eer are seen playing with Beesan, taking her on paddleboat rides and to a fun fair.

People who knew him, including Gaza residents and colleagues, describe Murtaja as the man with an infectious smile; his social media accounts are full of photographs of him with wounded beaming children.

I hope that more people learn about Yaser and all of the others targeted by Israel. It’s time to end this madness.

Murtaja embodied the story of a generation of Palestinians in Gaza whose hopes seem simple: they dream of living a normal life, just like everyone else.

They dream of being able to travel outside the Gaza Strip, the place representing to them all they know of this world.

How many more Palestinians must die before the world steps up to end Israeli murders?!

Yaser was married with one child. RIP Yaser! And may your wife, your child, your brother, and all others who knew and loved you, find peace.

His younger brother, Hamza, expressed his pain on social media with a few simple words.

“My beloved brother, my rock … oh my heartache,” he wrote on Facebook.

YM b.png

I hope you don’t mind my very long comment Subir! I want the world to know about Yaser. He was a good man.


Yaser Murtaja.

YM c.jpg