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HomeDemocratsNina TurnerNina Turner Speaks in Berkeley on April 28, 2018
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LD: I got and deleted a scammer email earlier. It came on as a personal message thru here. Already alerted the krewe on mag’s post. Thank god, I rarely get them. 🙂 T and R to the usual TPW suspects!! Nina has my vote. LOL.

Don midwest
Don midwest

What is going on here?

Nina Turner going to the heart of the 60’s student rebellion..

I was there from 1965 – 1967 and it was an exciting time. We felt that we could make a difference.

And now, Nina!!

The revolution continues.

The Bernie followers were out there even before the lead of the HS students in their campaign against guns

When will the establishment democratic party follow???

Don midwest
Don midwest

Novels an example of Bruno Latour’s thinking

2 weeks ago on the front page of the NYT book review there was a review of a book “The Overstory” by Richard Powers. It is a novel where trees are a primary character. I read the article and went to the web to look up this novelist and found an interview from about 2003 and knew that his work was a stepping stone to the way Bruno frames the world.

Here are 2 interviews of Richard Powers from this year and they focus on The Overstory.

Here’s to Unsuicide: An Interview with Richard Powers
Everett Hamner interviews Richard Powers

The one above is from London Review of Books and the second one from Sierra Mag, of the Sierra Club.

In His New Novel, Richard Powers Writes From a Tree’s Point of View
“The Overstory” turns the growing evidence of plant communication into literature

I follow Bruno Latour on twitter. I shook his hand one time but the rest has been through reading except for the philosopher Graham Harman who wrote a book that put Bruno on the map as a philosopher. Talked with Graham.

Later Bruno twitted about The Overstory.

He said that the philosopher Alfred North WHitehead would have been proud to have written that book. And he tweeted that it is Power’s greatest story



Apr 26
The beauty of Powers’ The Overstory is that it offers a whole cast of characters with different metaphysics and biography (each of them entangled in trees in a different way) thus providing political discourse about nature with new ways to articulate positions. No clichés there.

Among many other work, in Facing Gaia, Bruno brings in science, politics and religion to describe why us moderns have failed to properly come to terms with the greatest threat in the history of humans.

I had no idea that Bruno would have been reading Powers and had never heard of Powers. Am reading his 2006 winner of the National Book Award “The Echo Makers.” The title comes from cranes, the bird. A tribe related to Aztecs called cranes The Echo Makers. The book describes other tribes, ancient Greens and others who have made a big place for cranes.

Among other things, it is Power’s human and non human characters which are the strong link to Latour

Indigenous people had these kind of links and the challenge is to bring them back so we are accountable for the earth and for life