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T and R, pb4!! ☮️😊👍 A commenter on another blog just got one of those lying, hate flyers that Jewish group put out against Ms. Nina. They responded by sending her a donation. 😂😂😂 How are you doing in Eugene-ville? I talked to an old pal who lives about an hour outside of San Francisco a couple of days ago. He is safe and in no fire danger. But, it has been hot and very dry in his town. 🙄🔥💥



Joe Biden won the presidency. But Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., won the power to shape the Democratic agenda in Washington.

After a faint and apparently feint call to spend $6 trillion in a budget “reconciliation” bill that would vastly expand Medicare, public housing and federal efforts to combat climate change, Sanders declared unmitigated victory when he and fellow Democratic Party heavyweights came to agreement on a $3.5 trillion bottom line.

Moreover, Sanders faces challenges from centrists in both chambers, as well as some allies who are starting to make demands that might not be achievable under Congress’s arcane rules.

But progressives sounded ecstatic notes Wednesday.

“Bernie Sanders did a phenomenal job to have so many of our priorities on child care, education, infrastructure and health care included,” Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., said. “As long as the bill is not watered down and has strong climate provisions, I expect progressives to rally around it.”

Some House Democratic centrists hope that their counterparts in the Senate will balk at the size of the deal, along with the scope of tax hikes necessary to pay for the government programs. They’re looking to Sens. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., to force party leaders to reduce the bottom line.

“That proposal sent a lot of alarm bells to moderates in the House,” said one senior House Democratic aide who works with centrists. “We’re hoping that Manchin and Sinema will step up and bring this down to earth.”

For progressives who support Sanders, the trick is getting as many of their priorities into the reconciliation measure without killing both bills. If a single Democratic senator objects to the deal — or more than five House Democrats do — it can’t go forward. And progressives might try to sink a bipartisan infrastructure deal if they think moderates will stop the reconciliation measure.

“The question is how do we draw the line carefully but also be able to deliver,” said Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., the chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. “Any three or four people have a lot of power.”

It’s not clear yet which of the progressives’ priorities can survive a “Byrd bath” — the Senate’s term of art for cleaning a bill of provisions that don’t conform to reconciliation rules. Immigration policy changes and some of the climate provisions could be on the chopping block.

For now, though, progressives are excited by Sanders’s ability to frame the debate around a big dollar figure that could encompass much of his agenda.

“He’s got a tough job,” Jayapal said, “and we’ve got his back.”


It is past imperative that Bernie’s successor(s) either come out of hiding and/or get elected to the Senate next year. Sinema better watch her rear. She’s got a lot of unhappy activists in her home state.



Put that corporate lackey in her place


A CONGRESSIONAL PROGRESSIVE CAUCUS meeting on Tuesday broke out into a furious argument over the House’s package of antitrust legislation, pitting Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., whose district encompasses a large part of Silicon Valley, against the authors of the series of six bills moving through the chamber.

The argument began when Lofgren, one of the most senior Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee and an opponent of the legislation, noted that she had raised an extraordinary amount of money from Silicon Valley companies over the years, but because she ran in a safe blue district, she hadn’t spent any of it on her own campaign since 1996 and instead distributed it widely to other campaigns.

Raising corporate money and spreading it around the caucus is a common tactic deployed by members looking to grow their power. But it is highly unusual to talk openly about the practice on a legislative caucus call. “It’s a pretty shocking thing to say,” one Democrat on the call said.

The debate devolved into unusually personal terms, sources present for the members-only call said. Lofgren argued that the legislation wasn’t just wrongheaded, but also poorly written — considered a cardinal dig on Capitol Hill. Lofgren said that she hadn’t had enough time to review the legislation sufficiently and knocked the unnecessary dead-of-night committee votes, arguing that the approaches the bills take won’t accomplish what could be worthy goals, while doing collateral damage to the economy. Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., the chair of the CPC, eventually cut Lofgren off, and noted that despite representing Seattle, the home of Amazon, she has been willing to take on Big Tech.

Antitrust Subcommittee Chair David Cicilline of Rhode Island, the lead author of much of the legislation, was blunt in his response to Lofgren. “Cicilline lost it,” said one Democrat on the call and, according to multiple sources, he accused Lofgren of merely parroting “industry talking points.”

“You may disagree with the bills, you may have other interests you’re trying to protect, but to suggest members of the subcommittee of the Judiciary Committee don’t understand them, with all due respect, is deeply offensive,” Cicilline said, according to multiple sources.

Late last month, the Judiciary subcommittee that handles antitrust policy passed six bills in a marathon 29-hour session. They’re aimed at reining in and breaking up Big Tech, and Lofgren emerged as the bills’ most outspoken Democratic opponent.

That the arguments made by Lofgren against the legislation are the same as those made by Big Tech is not in dispute. But to question the motivation of those arguments, or the link between those positions and campaign funds, is considered wildly out of bounds on Capitol Hill — something that is not to be spoken out loud. One member said Lofgren was offended enough that she was considering organizing a letter of complaint from the California delegation to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Lofgren told The Intercept in a written statement, “My effort during the CPC meeting was to address the defects in the bills, as drafted. I was not given a real opportunity to do so. Nor were any of the critics permitted to speak. That’s disappointing and not the way to make good policy.”

Rep. Jerry Nadler of New York, the Judiciary Committee chair, also spoke up against Lofgren, though sources differ on how aggressive his rhetoric was: Some said he joined in the ad hominem attacks, while others said he merely stood up for the committee process and for the legislation, though he seemed to enjoy seeing his longtime rival shredded by other committee members.


OFF topic but I sent you a note.



New NASA Study Warns Of Increased High-Tide Flooding On Every U.S. Coast in the Mid-2030s
Abigail Adams

A new NASA study is warning of a significant increase in flooding on all United States coastlines beginning in the 2030s.

Rising sea levels and a specific lunar cycle will spark a decade of “dramatic increases in flood numbers” in coastal cities all across the country, according to the study, which was led by members of the NASA Sea Level Change Science Team from the University of Hawaii.

High tides are expected to “exceed known flooding thresholds” more often, with some potentially occurring in “clusters” of a month or longer based on how the moon, Earth, and the sun are positioned, per the study. The gravitational pull could leave those living on the coast “with floods every day or two.”

“Low-lying areas near sea level are increasingly at risk and suffering due to the increased flooding, and it will only get worse,” NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said in a statement. “The combination of the moon’s gravitational pull, rising sea levels, and climate change will continue to exacerbate coastal flooding on our coastlines and across the world.”

More at https://news.yahoo.com/nasa-study-warns-increased-high-162608395.html

With sea levels rising it will get worse by the time this lunar cycle ends



All 3 have legalized pot in their states. 🙂 Be a real frigid day in h3ll before Floridumb gets around to it. 🙁


I’m happy to point out Biden’s faults, but also recognize that if Trump were still president there would have been no 2 trillion $ Covid relief and no chance of of four trillion $ infrastructure spending with increased taxes on the wealthy and corps.


President Joe Biden still opposes marijuana legalization, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Wednesday, putting him at odds with Democratic leadership on Capitol Hill as it advances legislation to end the federal prohibition on pot.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer unveiled draft legislation Wednesday that would legalize marijuana as well as expunge non-violent criminal records related to marijuana. Schumer’s proposal, cosponsored by Sens. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) and Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) would allow states to decide whether or not to legalize the drug.

Asked about the majority leader’s proposal, Psaki told reporters at her Wednesday press briefing that Biden’s stance on marijuana legalization hasn’t changed. The president has previously supported marijuana decriminalization, but hasn’t gone so far as to support legalization.

“I have spoken in the past about the president’s views on marijuana,” Psaki told the White House press corps, adding, “nothing has changed. There’s no new endorsements of legislation to report today.”

Asked again about cannabis later in the briefing, Psaki said she hadn’t spoken with the president about this specific piece of legislation — but again reiterated that Biden’s position hasn’t changed.


Psaki sounds like she is literally putting words in Byedone’s mouth. He’s got some cognitive problems if that is the case. 🙄


It’s legal now in CT and I’ve gotta tell you that you wouldn’t even know! No fanfare of any kind, it’s almost like it hasn’t happened.

But regular people can’t grow inside until July 2023 and I don’t see any mention of growing outside.


The Delta variant of covid is on the rise in 42 states. polling has showed that vaccination rates are along party lines with blue states leading the way with people vaccinated and of course reds states the least. I dont have to say which state have higher and lower delta rates out of the 42– you already know.

So if your vaccinated and would catch the delta variant your symptoms should be mild say the experts.

Now for the unvaccinated GQP’s thier are 3 outcomes for them

1. you recover and its like a bad flu with no complications( you get lucky)

2 Your hospitalized for a few weeks or longer and with our great greed care system your forced into bankruptcy and possibly lose your job if your laid up to long

3. you win a non avoidable date with the grim reaper

I made the decision to try to avoid 2 and 3. GQP ers prefer to test Darwinism and hope god will protect them. Then again i’ve never seen a virus care if your an R ,D or Indy and check your religious beliefs before getting you sick.

I can remember when we had to get Polio,Small pox shots when i was young and the US virtually eliminated these diseases. Shots were mandatory to go to school and very few people rebelled back then. Today if a Dem said drinking water is good for you i’d swear you would find a news article about a GQPer in the hospital with dehydration symptoms


For sadly sure, my friend! Guess that’s one way to lower the human overpopulation numbers. 😖


The amount of misinformation is insane.




Miami Mayor Francis Suarez on Tuesday suggested that the US should explore the option of air strikes against Cuba.

“What should be contemplated right now is a coalition of potential military action in Cuba,” Suarez, a Republican, said in comments on Fox News. Suarez, whose father was born in Cuba and was formerly mayor of Miami, pointed to US interventions in Panama and Kosovo as potential models to follow.

When asked if he was calling for air strikes in Cuba, Suarez said, “What I’m suggesting is that option is one that has to be explored, and one that cannot be just simply discarded.”

Between the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion and CIA-supported assassination attempts on Fidel Castro, the US has a poor track record when it comes to mounting successful military or covert operations against Cuba’s Communist government.


These Hispanic Cuban privileged dimwit yahoos have been spouting this crap for as long as I’ve been here which was right before the Cuban Revolution. I watched them help wreck a beautiful city, Miami. The other Hispanics laugh at them. One Colombian matter-of-factly called them, “the Jews of the Caribbean.” It was meant as an insult.