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T and R, phatkhat!!☮️🎄😊👍 I guess these FRight yahoo idiots are going to do everything they can to defeat the 2 GOPukes in GA next month.


I never thought i would see the day where i would see people IN the USA supporting a Coup in the US. How far we have fallen. Trumpcorp did say he wanted to be president for life and his cult following are buying it.


What the hell do I know, but it seems that Flynn’s move is falling flat:

The ad calls on Trump to suspend the Constitution and impose “limited” martial law so that the Army could oversee a new election and, presumably, return the president to power. Flynn, in retweeting it, noted “Freedom never kneels except to God.”

None of this is going to happen, of course. The nation’s military leaders are not going to engage in an insurrection.

I’m more worried about the fact that a man who could retweet nonsense like that has been able to rise to the top levels of American government. Flynn was not only an Army general (and someone considered to be extraordinarily competent), he oversaw one of the country’s major intelligence operations. Trump previously named him National Security Advisor before firing him because Flynn lied to Vice President Pence.

Even more than that, I am concerned that, so far as I have been able to determine, not a single Republican leader has come forth to denounce the idea that the president should try to seize power by military coup.

Again, I don’t think this is going anywhere, but I would feel better if one of the nation’s two major political parties seemed to think calls to insurrection are a serious matter.


ty phatcat. good to know.