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I know i may be singing her praises a bit last couple days, though it really has to do with the fact she has been literally thrown into the front of the entire public eyes and put on the spot with a variety of serious legislative and politic questions and its hard not to be impressed with the way shes handled it.

Shes being thrown questions like a seated representative and I have not seen her make any mistakes in any of the videos and she has given solid responses to everything thrown at her, some I admit I was particularly curious to see how she handled and admittedly on a couple of them expecting some trouble, but she handled them all like pro.

Maybe the rest of you already realized what a dynamo she is, but for me its coming on kind of like an epiphany


And an asteroid was named after her when she was a high school science nerd!:
There is an asteroid named after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


And shes a science nerd, I think im in love 😛

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