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Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

I’m not voting for Biden. But the reasoning above to vote for Biden is so much more reasonable than the arguments and attacks I get from family and friends online who want to blame/shame me if tRump wins – causing me to drop a few f-bombs in our bi-weekly family zoom meeting to check on each other.


Hubster and everyone we know has been on my case to vote for Byedone. That essay Benny posted is the reason why especially the repetitive final sentence closing the paragraphs. I won’t do it tho I will vote cos it is that important! 🗽☮️👍


Seems more justification than reason.


including voting itself is already pretty much gone. the opposition needs to stop trump from doing those things, no matter what. they need the will.

voting itself will be politely hacked and control will be complete. big tech and big media and oligarchs and fixed elections will run smoothly while the well off go back to brunch.

i would never vote for trump, but i am nothing like the “millions” who the author thinks elected lyin biden

it was the hill/obama club, the dnc, the media and the machines. They were willing to kill people to get Bernie out of the race.

of course, i respect your vote, whomever it’s for. 🤗🙏💗