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Don midwest
Don midwest

Norm Finkelstein is a well known scholar and activist on the issues Israel/Palestine

He was stunned at the demonstrations in Brooklyn in support of Palestinians

Most of the people on the street were in their 20’s, a few in their 30’s. He had never seen anything like this. A festive demonstration. Police watched and let the demonstrators do what they wanted.

There were no pro Israel demonstrations around the world during the recent assault on Gaza.

Finkelstein thinks that Israel lost the war.

He makes the point that Gaza is roughly 5 miles wide by 25 miles long and 2 million live in an open air prison.

“Israel has right to defend itself” BS. See how he handles this.

This is a hard hitting interview about an ongoing war crime, actually a crime against humanity which is worse than a war crime. And the world is finally, sorta of, getting ready, maybe to not let this continue.

It will take the US to stop blocking the UN to finally act. Biden has been a decades long strong supporter of Israel, but things have changed.

Finkelstein: Gaza assault a disaster for Israel, while Palestine solidarity is revived

Don midwest
Don midwest

The youtube videos have suggestions of other videos on the right margin. The video below on Finkelstein had this video of Operation Paperclip.

This video has 4 million views! (if the counters are accurate)

I had sorta heard about operation paperclip when German scientists came to the US. When I was a professor, I attended 2 Summer Scholar programs which ran for 10 weeks at NSA facility in Alabama. The hero of that location was Werner VonBraun. The guy behind the V2 rocket.

The video below is a book presentation about the US embraced war criminals – inventor of Saran gas, chemical weapons experts, people who used slave labor, etc., really bad actors. Many very close to Hitler.

But, national security!!

There was the possible war with Russia after WWII and WE NEEDED GERMAN SCIENTISTS! Rockets. Chemical weapons. Bombs. Medical knowledge for pilots to fly at high altitudes, the results of human experiments that murdered people.

I apologize for two videos back to back, but this is truly shocking and the war empire of the US is alive and well.

Will humans lay down their war machines and return to earth?

The video is from 2014 but it says so much about who we are and putting scientists on the pedestal without raising the issue of morality.

Annie Jacobsen, “Operation Paperclip”



Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) says the U.S. federal government should get a “piece” of U.S.-based semiconductor manufacturers such as Intel Corporation in exchange for tens of billions of dollars in taxpayer assistance.

Sanders says he wants a vote on an amendment to the Endless Frontiers Act, which is now on the Senate floor, to give the federal government a share of the profits that U.S.-based semiconductor manufacturers reap if Congress agrees to invest more than $50 billion in the industry.

“The amendment is similar to what was in the CARES [Act] and what it basically says is we shouldn’t be giving out $53 billion to some very large profitable corporations and get nothing in return so we’re talking about warrants where we would get a piece of the action,” Sanders told The Hill on Tuesday.

The Vermont senator said it’s consistent “with what we’ve done previously.”

The $2.2. trillion CARES Act, which Congress passed in March of last year to help boost the economy in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, included billions of dollars in assistance to the airline industry. It included a provision that gave the federal government the ability to secure nonvoting equity shares, known as warrants, in airlines that accepted federal aid.

A stock warrant is a contract that allows an investor to purchase a share of a company at an agreed-to price.

Sanders said: “There has to be some negotiation and the taxpayers have got to get something in return.”

But Sanders doesn’t know whether his amendment will get a vote on the Senate floor.

“At this point, I don’t know. We’re working on it.


Interesting. This would change corporate charity into a vehicle that could facilitate nationalization of critical industries.


This is so long overdue and absolutely terrific! The Bernster is also calling out Senate GOPukes. The CARES Act passed cos quite a few of them voted for it. ✊👏