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Medicare Advantage Plans Found to Improperly Deny Many Claims

The private plans, which now cover more than 20 million people — more than one-third of all Medicare beneficiaries — have an incentive to deny claims “in an attempt to increase their profits,” the report says.

The findings, by the inspector general at the Department of Health and Human Services, come as policies in Washington are creating new incentives for older Americans to enroll in Medicare Advantage plans. Some experts predict that the share of Medicare patients in the private plans could grow to one-half in a few years.

“Because Medicare Advantage covers so many beneficiaries, even low rates of inappropriately denied services or payment can create significant problems for many Medicare beneficiaries and their providers,” said the report by the inspector general, Daniel R. Levinson.

This is among the reasons that I disagree with Brainwrap at TOP. Private insurers have to make a profit or else their shareholders won’t support the companies. I’d rather have the government as a nonprofit provide health care, not just insurance.


I have always considered Brainwrap, knowingly or unknowingly an insurance company stooge. I remember having discussions with him back when the AMA was being worked on and he showed no interest in anything that cut out the useless middlemen of insurance companies. I wont say hes a shill, but I would bet on it. 😉



The source of this tweet gets it.


The link (to the slate article) in this tweet is worth a read.

A small blockquote would not do it justice.


This is for the lurkers out there.


Unfortunately this will amp up the religious right.


Oy! The Dems have a plan to stimulate the base. SO SAD.


Nancy Pelosi: Getting Trump’s tax returns ‘one of the first things we’d do’ if Dems retake House.

Working to obtain President Trump’s tax returns will be one of the Democrats’ first orders of business if they retake the House in the midterm elections, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday.

It’s “one of the first things we’d do — that’s the easiest thing in the world. That’s nothing,” the California Democrat told The San Francisco Chronicle’s editorial board.

“We have to have the truth,” she said.

Mrs. Pelosi appeared confident that would happen less than four weeks from now, saying the Democrats would undoubtedly win “if the election was today.”

“I believe I will be speaker if we win,” she said as some Democrats have been reluctant to back her as speaker amid a deepening fracture within the party separating the leftists from moderates.

I can’t say that this gets my adrenaline flowing.


Talk about hypocritical phonies-two prime examples right there.


A brief pause from all the depressing stuff.


Trump just keeps pulling stuff out of his butt and his base just laps it up!


President Trump on Saturday, shortly after vowing to hand out a “severe punishment” to Saudi Arabia if it is found to have killed a missing dissident journalist, said he wants to preserve a $110 billion arms deal with the Saudi kingdom.

Trump said if the United States pulled out of the deal, Russia and China would rush in to sell their own armaments, potentially costing domestic jobs.

“It’s the best equipment in the world but if they don’t buy it from us, they’re going to buy it from Russia or they’re going to buy it from China or they’re going to buy it from other countries,” he said Saturday at an Oval Office event celebrating the release of an American pastor Andrew Brunson, who was imprisoned in Turkey on spying charges for almost two years.

“Russia and China wanted it very badly,” he added of the arms deal.

Trump called it “the largest order ever made” and said it would support 450,000 jobs domestically.

“That’s a tremendous order for our companies. It’s a tremendous order, really from an economic development standpoint,” he said, noting that Texas stands to reap big economic benefits.

“In terms of the order of $110 billion — think of that, $110 billion — all they’re going to do is give it to other countries and I think that would be very foolish of our country,” he added.


A fact check of the $110 billion deal gets 4 pinocchios.


The Facts
When Trump completed his visit May, 2017 trip to Saudi Arabia, claiming $270 billion in sales, we gave him Three Pinocchios after a review of the data. The $110 billion in military sales aroused great skepticism among experts, with Bruce Riedel of the Brookings Institution calling the claim “fake news.”

Most of the publicly announced items had been previously announced by the Obama administration and there appeared to be few, if any, signed contracts. Rather, many of the announcements were MOIs — memorandums of intent. There were six specific items, adding up to $28 billion, but all had been previously notified to Congress by the Obama administration.

After Trump’s remarks on Khashoggi, Reidel said the $110 billion figure was “still fake.”


Happy Birthday to an honorary member of the nest, AOC!

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