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T and R, pb4!! 🐋☮️😊👍 I got a MA in psycholinguistics over 40 years ago. You can bet I know propaganda the minute I read/hear it. 😡💩



Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is reassembling parts of his old playbook ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, hoping to garner more support for Democrats’ economic agenda in Republican states.

The Vermont senator is headed to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and West Lafayette, Ind., this week to promote his $3.5 trillion budget, a key part of President Biden’s Build Back Better initiative that would unlock spending on a host of progressive policies.

The Sanders itinerary reflects the liberal stalwart’s confidence that progressive policies can be sold to blue-collar workers, including working-class white voters, a demographic that former President Trump made serious inroads with in 2016 and 2020.

Sanders is targeting conservative, low-turnout areas that Trump easily won in both presidential elections.

“I want voters in red states, blue states and purple states to understand that Congress will soon be voting on the most significant piece of legislation to benefit working families since the New Deal and the Great Depression, and that not one Republican will vote for it,” Sanders said in a fundraising blast distributed to his email list.

The decision to wade into the two GOP strongholds was welcomed by the White House.

“The best way to right this ship is to find ways to serve the longstanding needs of the working class,” a source familiar with Sanders’s thinking told The Hill.

“The more people know it the better,” the source said. “We’ve been doing a pretty extensive level of outreach.”

In 2016 and 2020, Sanders stumped with much enthusiasm and some electoral success in Republican-heavy states and districts, often vigorously telling voters that the federal government can and should do more to meet the needs of low-income individuals.

To bolster that case, he frequented Fox News and local news outfits in right-wing pockets of the country, a media offensive that he has reinstated to help sell the new budget pitch. Sanders recently penned an op-ed for the Fox News website. In it, he outlined priorities that would be addressed through the reconciliation process, including more equitable access to child care, which Democrats see as generating immense bipartisan support outside of the Beltway.

“There will be a multi-year extension of the up to $300 a month Child Tax Credit for working families. If you have two kids under 18, that means up to $7,200 a year to help raise your kids,” he wrote, listing some figures behind key aspects of the proposed legislation.

The upcoming stops in Indiana and Iowa are modeled, in part, around the effectiveness of giving people an immediate economic incentive to vote Democrat. Campaigning explicitly around delivering $1,400 checks through the American Rescue Plan was a big success at the ballot box in Georgia. The twin special election victories by Sens. Jon Ossoff (D-Ga.) and Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) factored into Sanders’s decision to touch down in other traditionally Republican states, according to the source with knowledge of his thinking.

The budget is causing drama in Washington, D.C., where a group of moderates in the House say they will not vote for the blueprint unless the House first votes on a bipartisan infrastructure package backed by Biden and passed by the Senate. Progressives say the budget and budget reconciliation bill must move first, to ensure that centrists back it.

Some progressives believe that Sanders can help bridge a divide between independent, Republican and infrequent voters around the policies included in the budget plan. That thinking is based on the idea that the more people hear about Democrats’ ideas on issues that impact their everyday lives, the more they will be inspired to turn out.

For that argument to be effective in practice, some in the party say, it is incumbent on Sanders as chairman of the Senate’s influential Budget Committee to present it effectively in person.

“Red territories will always be tilted towards Republicans if Democrats don’t make the case for our own policies,” said Adam Green, a Democratic strategist who co-founded the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

“It’s smart for Bernie to take a very popular economic message that resonates with Republican and independent voters and prove it,” Green said.


Nearly 70,000 now


The press want to cover deaths blame the taliban and get the Rs wound up to pressure byedone to strike back and start all over again. Peace is bad for ratings


yes. it wasn’t clear, but looked like the usa troops were firing on afghans in the beginning.



Is he for real?



Wow. 🙂


its gonna get worse


Gottheimer is the worst of the worst Dems


As the Just-So-Crazy-It-Might-Work double-dip infrastructure creature groans its way through the House of Representatives, having hit its first serious roadblock Monday night, it’s helpful to keep our terms as clear and as accurate as possible. Here’s the first rule: Rep. Josh Gottheimer and his merry band of DLC nostalgics are not “moderate Democrats.” There is nothing “moderate” about attempting to derail your party’s best chance in 40 years to repair the economic and social damage that began with the first Reagan budget in 1981. There is nothing “moderate” about opposing measures that are popular not only with the most dependable Democratic voters, but also with the general public. Calling Gottheimer and his allies “moderate” is loading the dice in an unacceptable way. They are “conservative Democrats,” a designation that somehow has passed almost completely from use.

(And these people are even less “centrist” than they are “moderate.” The center of the Democratic Party is best represented by most of the provisions in the budget that these people are trying to monkey-wrench.)

There is nothing “moderate” about what Gottheimer is trying to do, nor is there anything “moderate” about the high-falutin’ rhetoric with which Gottheimer and the others are adorning what is clearly an attempt to stay in the good graces of the donor class. From the Washington Post:

Gottheimer, meanwhile, faulted progressives and the “far-left” portions of the Democratic Party for jeopardizing an infrastructure package that would improve the nation’s roads, bridges, pipes, ports and Internet connections. Waiting until after reconciliation, he said, could prevent the passage of widely backed public-works spending until late in the fall. While Gottheimer added that he supports a reconciliation package, he stressed moderates are “holding strong to our principled beliefs.”

Gottheimer at least is doing some constituent service; his “principled beliefs” undoubtedly include fending off tax increases for all the hedge-fund vultures in his district. But I wish someone would explain to me what the hell Rep. Stephanie Murphy, Democrat from Florida, is talking about here. From the Orlando Sentinel:

This week, the House will seek a path forward. My intention is to be constructive and make principled compromises. Despite misgivings, I would vote to pass the Senate-passed budget resolution, thereby allowing the reconciliation process to proceed, but only if the House is also given an opportunity to vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. I cannot in good conscience vote to start the reconciliation process unless we also finish our work on the infrastructure bill.

How in god’s name is this an issue of “conscience” one way or the other? This is essentially an argument about two legislative strategies, both of which are ethically and morally neutral. Is Murphy seriously telling us that her conscience would be offended if the House passed the budget resolution before the infrastructure bill, which is going to sail through the House whenever the House votes on it? That’s preposterous, and it’s 90 percent posturing. It also lends a bit of credence to the opinion of the mainstream progressive members of the House that the conservative Democrats will pass the infrastructure bill and then torpedo the budget resolution anyway. That’s the way I’d bet, anyway.

So there was no vote on anything as Monday became Tuesday. The administration, its progressive allies, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi are still trying to pull off an unprecedented two-rail shot while members of their own party are blocking the pockets. Democrats, boy, I dunno.


Murphy is an idiot. I did not vote for her in 2020 and I will do the same next year. She’s a RW Dimocrat.

Don midwest
Don midwest

propaganda against ivermectin continues

short video from India

India at country level not using it. But states in India are using it. Indian doctor on WHO led WHO to ding India for using it. Drs in India filed a legal case against that doctor. Head of India supported her. This shows the degree of push back on a low cost drug. And one of the states is handing out kits to kids with ivermectin

another from the man who found mRNA — on provisional OK of something, but not the vaccine that you get because approved a vaccine not yet in production. Card trick. EMA is key. Emergency use authorization which protects the drug company from litigation. Pfister puts this in all international contracts. If safe, why do this?

*** and heard CVS not dispense .. not sure how widespread

COVID Vaccine Approval by FDA: Battle is On

FDA Approves First COVID-19 Vaccine: Why Are they Rushing?

*** trial site news has an independent statement on ivermectin. I am more at the place that it is a miracle drug. But compared to main stream media and CDC, WHO, NIH, FDA, etc. this is very positive.

Ivermectin Fact Check—An Independent TrialSite Breakdown

I follow several people and orgs on twitter

Why take a booster of the vaccine for the Alpha version? Not the delta version.

Ivermectin is a general antiviral so it works for all of them, even for the gamma version now racing through Brazil

Don midwest
Don midwest

first time I have had to have comment moderated. Why?


Don’t know but I approved it


Don, don’t let it bother you. It’s probably some glitch in some program. You are one of our best informed stalwarts on here, and that’s saying something! 🙂


There are glitches. Even one time a comment of mine got caught in the moderator trap.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Israel prime minister calling for booster. Pfizer CEO is a zionist so he thought that a full on rollout in Israel would provide data about how wonderful their vaccine is. Well, back to their high levels with delta



Although vaccinated people can get delta they overwhelmingly don’t get severely sick, hospitalized, or die from it, unlike the unvaccinated.